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IEC60502-1 AL-XLPE 3kV Cables

The IEC60502-1 AL-XLPE cables with rated voltage 1.8/3kV are lightweight power distribution cables suitable for grid networks and connecting equipment. These are the higher voltage versions of the AL-XLPE 0.6/1kV cables

With the Cross-linked Polyethylene providing for a maximum conductor operating temperature of +90oC, these cables are suited to numerous industry applications, most notably solar farms and renewable energy projects, and with a choice of sheathing materials they are also well-suited to different environmental challenges and installation designs. 

The MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene) sheathed cable - AL/XLPE/MDPE - is best suited to external installation, whether buried, in containment, or open to the elements. The cable is UV-stable and the MDPE is both abrasion resistant and offers the best protection against water ingress.

The PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) and LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) sheathing - AL/XLPE/PVC and AL/XLPE/LSZH respectively - are suitable for both internal and external applications, although the LSZH in particular would be more commonly specified internally as it offers additional benefits in the event of fire, over above the fact both are flame retardant.

The PVC and LSZH cables will be CPR compliant - please speak to a member of the team if there is a specific CPR Euroclassification you need to achieve for your project. 


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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
AL-XLPE-LSZH 1.8-3kV CableA9OH3KV01016116Black
AL-XLPE-LSZH 1.8-3kV CableA9OH3KV01025125Black
AL-XLPE-LSZH 1.8-3kV CableA9OH3KV01035135Black
AL-XLPE-LSZH 1.8-3kV CableA9OH3KV01050150Black
AL-XLPE-LSZH 1.8-3kV CableA9OH3KV01070170Black
AL-XLPE-LSZH 1.8-3kV CableA9OH3KV01095195Black
AL-XLPE-LSZH 1.8-3kV CableA9OH3KV011201120Black
AL-XLPE-LSZH 1.8-3kV CableA9OH3KV011501150Black
AL-XLPE-LSZH 1.8-3kV CableA9OH3KV011851185Black
AL-XLPE-LSZH 1.8-3kV CableA9OH3KV012401240Black
AL-XLPE-LSZH 1.8-3kV CableA9OH3KV013001300Black
AL-XLPE-LSZH 1.8-3kV CableA9OH3KV014001400Black
AL-XLPE-LSZH 1.8-3kV CableA9OH3KV015001500Black
AL-XLPE-LSZH 1.8-3kV CableA9OH3KV016301630Black
AL-XLPE-LSZH 1.8-3kV CableA9OH3KV018001800Black
AL-XLPE-LSZH 1.8-3kV CableA9OH3KV01100011000Black
AL-XLPE-MDPE 1.8-3kV CableA9O2Y3KV01016116Black
AL-XLPE-MDPE 1.8-3kV CableA9O2Y3KV01025125Black
AL-XLPE-MDPE 1.8-3kV CableA9O2Y3KV01035135Black
AL-XLPE-MDPE 1.8-3kV CableA9O2Y3KV01050150Black
AL-XLPE-MDPE 1.8-3kV CableA9O2Y3KV01070170Black
AL-XLPE-MDPE 1.8-3kV CableA9O2Y3KV01095195Black
AL-XLPE-MDPE 1.8-3kV CableA9O2Y3KV011201120Black
AL-XLPE-MDPE 1.8-3kV CableA9O2Y3KV011501150Black
AL-XLPE-MDPE 1.8-3kV CableA9O2Y3KV011851185Black
AL-XLPE-MDPE 1.8-3kV CableA9O2Y3KV012401240Black
AL-XLPE-MDPE 1.8-3kV CableA9O2Y3KV013001300Black
AL-XLPE-MDPE 1.8-3kV CableA9O2Y3KV014001400Black
AL-XLPE-MDPE 1.8-3kV CableA9O2Y3KV015001500Black
AL-XLPE-MDPE 1.8-3kV CableA9O2Y3KV016301630Black
AL-XLPE-MDPE 1.8-3kV CableA9O2Y3KV018001800Black
AL-XLPE-MDPE 1.8-3kV CableA9O2Y3KV01100011000Black
AL-XLPE-PVC 1.8-3kV CableA9O3KV01016116Black
AL-XLPE-PVC 1.8-3kV CableA9O3KV01025125Black
AL-XLPE-PVC 1.8-3kV CableA9O3KV01035135Black
AL-XLPE-PVC 1.8-3kV CableA9O3KV01050150Black
AL-XLPE-PVC 1.8-3kV CableA9O3KV01070170Black
AL-XLPE-PVC 1.8-3kV CableA9O3KV01095195Black
AL-XLPE-PVC 1.8-3kV CableA9O3KV011201120Black
AL-XLPE-PVC 1.8-3kV CableA9O3KV011501150Black
AL-XLPE-PVC 1.8-3kV CableA9O3KV011851185Black
AL-XLPE-PVC 1.8-3kV CableA9O3KV012401240Black
AL-XLPE-PVC 1.8-3kV CableA9O3KV013001300Black
AL-XLPE-PVC 1.8-3kV CableA9O3KV014001400Black
AL-XLPE-PVC 1.8-3kV CableA9O3KV015001500Black
AL-XLPE-PVC 1.8-3kV CableA9O3KV016301630Black
AL-XLPE-PVC 1.8-3kV CableA9O3KV018001800Black
AL-XLPE-PVC 1.8-3kV CableA9O3KV01100011000Black