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AXQJ-F 12/20kV Cable

AXQJ-F medium voltage 12/20kV cables are specifically designed to comply with the requirements of Swedish electrical installations. As with many Nordics cables, the naming convention is representative of the cable construction.

AXQJ-F Cable Specification

For power distribution and transmission, the Aluminium conductor AXQJ-F cable has a sheathing material of low smoke zero halogen polyolefin compound making it suitable for internal installations where the safety of personnel and equipment is of importance. The AXQJ-F is also UV resistant so it can be installed externally. The cables are screened with metallic copper wires to limit the electromagnetic disturbance it create. 

It is most commonly requested in a voltage rating of 20kV however it is available in other voltages.

The stranded aluminium conductors mean these large power distribution cables remain comparatively lightweight. The stranded conductors have waterblocking yarns in the interstices to help prevent water ingress longitudinally through the cable length.

AXQJ-Cable Sizes and Datasheets

Our datasheets provide details for single core and three-core cables. The cross-sectional area size (in mm2) of both conductors and the metallic screen are provided. Where electrical characteristics are required to support cable selection, the team can provide that information. Any specification will need to match the performance demands and the environmental challenges the cable will be subject to during it's operational lifespan.

The AXQJ-F cable is also available with alternate sheathing materials - PE (Polyethylene) for the AXLJ-F and FXLJ-F (aluminium or copper), suitable for installation in cable ducts where water is present. Low voltage LSZH aluminium and copper conductor 1kV power cables are also available as part of the portfolio of Swedish standard cables.

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Construction Table

  AXQJ-F Cable CS AXQJ-F 12/20kV cable

12/20 (24)kV


Threaded, Round, Waterproof Aluminium


Semi-Conductive Solid-Capped XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene)


XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene)


Semi-Conductive Solid-Capped XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene)


Semi-Conductive Bands and Copper Wires with Counter-Spiral


Halogen Free Polyolefin, UV Resistant

AXQJ-F 12/20kV Cable

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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
AXQJ-F 12/20kV cableB1J20KV01050BK150/16mm²Black
AXQJ-F 12/20kV cableB1J20KV0195/25BK195/25mm²Black
AXQJ-F 12/20kV cableB1J20KV01150BK1150/25mm²Black
AXQJ-F 12/20kV cableB1J20KV01240/25BK1240/35mm²Black
AXQJ-F 12/20kV cableB1J20KV01400/35BK1400/35mm²Black
AXQJ-F 12/20kV cableB1J20KV01630/35BK1630/35mm²Black
AXQJ-F 12/20kV cableB1J20KV03050BK350/16mm²Black
AXQJ-F 12/20kV cableB1J20KV0395/25BK395/25mm²Black
AXQJ-F 12/20kV cableB1J20KV03150BK3150/25mm²Black
AXQJ-F 12/20kV cableB1J20KV03240/35BK3240/35mm²Black