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Supporting your project with specialist services

More than simply a supplier, we're focused on working with you to achieve your project goals. 

Electrical engineering design houses call on us for guidance on cable specifications and regulations, electrical engineering contractors make use of our services for a proactive, flexible approach to project delivery, and end users can rely on us as a responsible partner for reliable supply.

We're more than our extensive stockholding; more than our large fleet of delivery vehicles. We're delivering a solution tailored to you - wherever you are in the world.


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Specification and Approvals Support

There's rarely just a single option that fits an installation. Specification is a balance of performance demands, environmental challenges, and installation design. Then add on top the regulatory and compliance requirements.

  • Do you need to cross-reference and compare national standards?
  • Do you know the minimum CPR classifications for your project?
  • Where's the cable going to sit - Have you thought about additional waterblocking measures or enhanced UV resistance? 
  • Does the cable need to hold specific third-party approvals?

We take the time to understand the application, the installation environment, and the wider project requirements - and then discuss suitable solutions. 


Cable Design Consultancy

If specification identifies requirements that aren't currently available in an existing single cable, there is the option to create a customised design. Whether it's fully bespoke design, a composite cable, have additional component layers, or simple be resheathed, a cable that matches and meets the installation demands aids system efficiency and supports operational longevity.


Sample Production and Cable Testing

There are instances where confirming a cable's suitability may mean sample lengths will need to be produced, particularly if it's a custom designed solution. You want to see it and know it will meet the demands of your installation. 

Sample testing means time in The Cable Lab. It confirms how the cable performs here and now, but also throughout its lifespan with accelerated ageing for UV weathering, ozone resistance, and cold bend testing. For an additional layer of assurance, the full production run can be tested to an internationally recognised third-party accreditation under the BSI Cable Testing Verification Kitemark programme.


Cable Expertise and Industry Best Practice 

It might be a nuance that our cable experts can clarify; it might be guidance on best-practice from our industry experts. From ad-hoc technical support to helping give a broader understanding with CPD certified cable training, it's a valuable resource to be able to tap into when needed.


Other Services

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Cable Recycling

Recycling of legacy or surplus Copper or Aluminium cables and cable drums, including collection from site. Available to customers and third-parties.


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Cable Harness Cable Assembly Manufacture

Cable Harnessing 

Pre-terminated assemblies for time-saving, cost-effective installation where specific, repeated lengths of cable are needed for 'plug-and-play'.


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Tailored Logistics

A logistics service tailored to you where cables and accessories are packaged to arrive in optimum condition, when and where you require.


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Our Approach

Learn more about how we operate and how we work with our customers

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The Cable Lab

Cable testing is central to our commitment to quality, compliant products

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Cables across power, data, control and instrumentation as well as cable accessories to support installation