Cable Testing & Inspection

Cable Testing & Inspection

Quality Assurance testing and third-party cable analysis

Responding to a growing need among buyers and users of electrical cables for objective advice on the quality and regulatory compliance of their cables, the Cable Lab offers third-party cable testing and cable inspection services. Following years of investment in our laboratory and qualified personnel The Cable Lab can undertake over 25 different tests under our ISO/IEC 17025 UKAS accreditation, covering the full breadth of our portfolio. ISO/IEC 17025 confirms the competence and impartiality of the test results produced and is an internationally recognised gold standard for a testing facility. All cable tests are undertaken with the same degree of diligence and accuracy, meaning results are both verifiable and can be relied upon.



Our cable test reports are relied upon by some of the most quality-conscious cable users around the world including utilities such as Network Rail, leading oil & gas companies, and high profile electronic companies requiring full certainty of the compliance of their cables with the relevant approvals, standards and regulatory requirements. It provides valuable due diligence for cable procurement and purchasing decisions.


In addition to providing cable testing services in a controlled laboratory environment, our technical engineers are available for site visits to carry out field testing and onsite cable installation inspections to help you identify existing or potential issues, as well as to advise on possible solutions. For cable fault finding and diagnostics, where cable non-compliance can be proven we provide reporting that can be used in the event of cable fault dispute mediation.

We have vast experience in finding technical solutions for some challenging cable installations in some of the most demanding industries including rail, oil & gas, and mining, as well as with specific applications such as fire performance.


Our range of cable testing and inspection services covers British, European and international cable standards. We also test for compliance with RoHS, REACH and country-specific requirements such as SONCAP for deliveries to Nigeria.

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