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Scottish Power Energy Networks (SPEN) cable

The transmission, distribution and direct connect of electricity to home in over 3.5 million homes is the responsibility of Scottish Power Energy Networks (SPEN). They operate in three large rural areas across North Wales, the Scottish Borders and Dumfries & Galloway, as well as supplying homes in Liverpool, Edinburgh and Glasgow. Their network includes 30,000 substations, 40,000km of overhead line, and 65,000 of buried cable. As with all Distribution Network Operators, they have their own specification cables for connection to their part of the Grid, to be manufactured by G81-approved suppliers.  

SPEN Cable Voltages and Sizes

The Scottish Power Energy Networks SPEN cables are supplied as 6.35/11kV and 19/33kV voltages. The specifications are tightly controlled, being manufactured by G81 suppliers in approved facilities. Configurations, sizes and screen cross-sectional area sizes are dictated by SPEN specifications and BS7870-Part 4 standards.

SPEN 11kV single core cables, SPEN 11kV three core cables, and SPEN 33kV cables are available cut-to-length and with accompanying cable accessories for termination. 

SPEN cables in stock - next-day delivery

Our DNO-approved portfolio of cables is available for next-day delivery across the UK, including the Low Voltage Waveform cables and Medium Voltage cables for private grids. For full technical information, please refer to the PDF specification sheets, or contact the team for technical advice.

These SPEN cables are part of the wider DNO-approved portfolio of UK Power NetworksScottish & Sourthern, National Grid Energy DistributionElectricity NorthWest, and Northern Powergrids cables in 11kv and 33kV. 

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Construction Table

  DNO SPEN 11kV Single Core Cable CS SPEN 11kV single core cable DNO SPEN 11kV Three Core Cable CS SPEN 11kV three core cable DNO SPEN 33kV Copper Cable CS SPEN 33kV single core cable


19/33 (36)kV


Class 1 Solid Aluminium

Class 2 Stranded Aluminium


XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene)


Copper Wires and Equalising Copper Tape


Binding Tape


MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene)

Scottish Power Energy Networks (SPEN) cable

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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
SPEN 11kV single core cableD510113RD000195mm²Red
SPEN 11kV single core cableD510116RD0001185mm²Red
SPEN 11kV single core cableD510118RD0001300mm²Red
SPEN 11kV three core cableD500313RD000395mm²Red
SPEN 11kV three core cableD500316RD0003185mm²Red
SPEN 11kV three core cableD500318RD0003300mm²Red
SPEN 33kV single core cableD520115BK0001150mm²Black
SPEN 33kV single core cableD520117BK0001240mm²Black
SPEN 33kV single core cableD520119BK0001400mm²Black