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N2XSY Cable

N2XSY is a single core cable with a stranded copper conductor, XLPE insulation, and PVC oversheath. It forms an essential part of Eland Cables' international medium voltage cable portfolio where the N2XSY cable is suitable for indoor and outdoor static and fixed installation, directly in the ground or in cable ducts.

N2XSY cables are manufactured in accordance with IEC 60502-2 and DIN EN 60228 class 2. It is also is self-extinguishing and flame retardant to VDE 0482-332-1-2 and IEC 60332-1. 

N2XSY cable specification

Specified for power distribution networks, transformer stations, switching blocks and power plants, including in the renewable energy sector, the N2XSY offers a robust construction and low factor of dielectric loss for high operational reliability. It should not be subjected to heavy mechanical or tensile strain. N2XSY cable is red and should be protected against sunlight and UV radiation according to VDE 0276-603. It can be manipulated and installed in ambient temperatures ranging between -5oC and +70oC. 

Support with specification can be provided at any stage of the project consultation or procurement process by our technical experts.

This cable is similar in construction to NA2XSY cable, which has an aluminium conductor and which can sometimes be used as a cost-efficient alternative. 

N2XSY cable voltage rating

With the broad scope for applications and installations, the N2XSY cable is available with the following voltage ratings:

6/10 (12)kV – Test Voltage 21kV
12/20 (24)kV – Test Voltage 42kV
18/30 (36)kV – Test Voltage 63kV

For full technical specifications and for details of the 12/20kV cable and 18/30kV cable, please refer to the datasheets or speak to our technical team for more advice. 

Other international references for N2XSY cable

Finland: HXCMK
Austria: E-2XHCY

Eland Cables supplies a wide range of medium voltage cables, including N2XSY, to over 130 countries. Please speak to our international team about the geographic location and demands of your project for a tailored solution.

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Construction Table

  N2XSY Cable CS N2XSY XLPE PVC - 6/10 (12)kV Cable

Class 2 Stranded Copper


Semi-Conductive Material


XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene)


Semi-Conductive Material


Copper Wires


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)


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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
N2XSY XLPE PVC - 6/10 (12)kV CableA9X10KV1035135mm²Red
N2XSY XLPE PVC - 6/10 (12)kV CableA9X10KV1050150mm²Red
N2XSY XLPE PVC - 6/10 (12)kV CableA9X10KV1070170mm²Red
N2XSY XLPE PVC - 6/10 (12)kV CableA9X10KV1095195mm²Red
N2XSY XLPE PVC - 6/10 (12)kV CableA9X10KV11201120mm²Red
N2XSY XLPE PVC - 6/10 (12)kV CableA9X10KV11501150mm²Red
N2XSY XLPE PVC - 6/10 (12)kV CableA9X10KV11851185mm²Red
N2XSY XLPE PVC - 6/10 (12)kV CableA9X10KV12401240mm²Red
N2XSY XLPE PVC - 6/10 (12)kV CableA9X10KV13001300mm²Red
N2XSY XLPE PVC - 6/10 (12)kV CableA9X10KV14001400mm²Red
N2XSY XLPE PVC - 6/10 (12)kV CableA9X10KV15001500mm²Red
N2XSY XLPE PVC - 12/20 (24)kV CableA9X20KV1035135mm²Red
N2XSY XLPE PVC - 12/20 (24)kV CableA9X20KV1050150mm²Red
N2XSY XLPE PVC - 12/20 (24)kV CableA9X20KV1070170mm²Red
N2XSY XLPE PVC - 12/20 (24)kV CableA9X20KV1095195mm²Red
N2XSY XLPE PVC - 12/20 (24)kV CableA9X20KV11201120mm²Red
N2XSY XLPE PVC - 12/20 (24)kV CableA9X20KV11501150mm²Red
N2XSY XLPE PVC - 12/20 (24)kV CableA9X20KV11851185mm²Red
N2XSY XLPE PVC - 12/20 (24)kV CableA9X20KV12401240mm²Red
N2XSY XLPE PVC - 12/20 (24)kV CableA9X20KV13001300mm²Red
N2XSY XLPE PVC - 12/20 (24)kV CableA9X20KV14001400mm²Red
N2XSY XLPE PVC - 12/20 (24)kV CableA9X20KV15001500mm²Red
N2XSY XLPE PVC - 18/30 (36)kV CableA9X30KV1050150mm²Red
N2XSY XLPE PVC - 18/30 (36)kV CableA9X30KV1070170mm²Red
N2XSY XLPE PVC - 18/30 (36)kV CableA9X30KV1095195mm²Red
N2XSY XLPE PVC - 18/30 (36)kV CableA9X30KV11201120mm²Red
N2XSY XLPE PVC - 18/30 (36)kV CableA9X30KV11501150mm²Red
N2XSY XLPE PVC - 18/30 (36)kV CableA9X30KV11851185mm²Red
N2XSY XLPE PVC - 18/30 (36)kV CableA9X30KV12401240mm²Red
N2XSY XLPE PVC - 18/30 (36)kV CableA9X30KV13001300mm²Red
N2XSY XLPE PVC - 18/30 (36)kV CableA9X30KV14001400mm²Red
N2XSY XLPE PVC - 18/30 (36)kV CableA9X30KV15001500mm²Red
N2XSY HD620 PVC 18/30kV CableH8A30KV01050150mm²Red
N2XSY HD620 PVC 18/30kV CableH8A30KV01070170mm²Red
N2XSY HD620 PVC 18/30kV CableH8A30KV01095195mm²Red
N2XSY HD620 PVC 18/30kV CableH8A30KV011201120mm²Red
N2XSY HD620 PVC 18/30kV CableH8A30KV011501150mm²Red
N2XSY HD620 PVC 18/30kV CableH8A30KV011851185mm²Red
N2XSY HD620 PVC 18/30kV CableH8A30KV012401240mm²Red
N2XSY HD620 PVC 18/30kV CableH8A30KV013001300mm²Red
N2XSY HD620 PVC 18/30kV CableH8A30KV014001400mm²Red
N2XSY HD620 PVC 18/30kV CableH8A30KV015001500mm²Red
N2XSY HD620 PVC 12/20kV CableH8A20KV01035135mm²Red
N2XSY HD620 PVC 12/20kV CableH8A20KV01050150mm²Red
N2XSY HD620 PVC 12/20kV CableH8A20KV01070170mm²Red
N2XSY HD620 PVC 12/20kV CableH8A20KV01095195mm²Red
N2XSY HD620 PVC 12/20kV CableH8A20KV011201120mm²Red
N2XSY HD620 PVC 12/20kV CableH8A20KV011501150mm²Red
N2XSY HD620 PVC 12/20kV CableH8A20KV011851185mm²Red
N2XSY HD620 PVC 12/20kV CableH8A20KV012401240mm²Red
N2XSY HD620 PVC 12/20kV CableH8A20KV013001300mm²Red
N2XSY HD620 PVC 12/20kV CableH8A20KV014001400mm²Red
N2XSY HD620 PVC 12/20kV CableH8A20KV015001500mm²Red
N2XSY HD620 PVC 6/10kV CableH8A10KV01035135mm²Red
N2XSY HD620 PVC 6/10kV CableH8A10KV01050150mm²Red
N2XSY HD620 PVC 6/10kV CableH8A10KV01070170mm²Red
N2XSY HD620 PVC 6/10kV CableH8A10KV01095195mm²Red
N2XSY HD620 PVC 6/10kV CableH8A10KV011201120mm²Red
N2XSY HD620 PVC 6/10kV CableH8A10KV011501150mm²Red
N2XSY HD620 PVC 6/10kV CableH8A10KV011851185mm²Red
N2XSY HD620 PVC 6/10kV CableH8A10KV012401240mm²Red
N2XSY HD620 PVC 6/10kV CableH8A10KV013001300mm²Red
N2XSY HD620 PVC 6/10kV CableH8A10KV014001400mm²Red
N2XSY HD620 PVC 6/10kV CableH8A10KV015001500mm²Red