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Eland Cables' Cable Calculator can help you determine the most appropriate cable size for your installation against British and IEC standards. Complete the sections below to calculate your results.

The results for British standard cable are calculated from BS7671 (18th Edition) Requirements for Electrical Installation, IEE Wiring Regulations, and are based on 230V and 415V voltage drop. It covers Low Voltage armoured AWA and SWA cables, insulated cables including twin & earth and 6491X, and insulated and sheathed cables in both PVC and LSZH such as H07ZZ-F and SY cable.

  The cable size results for International standard cable are calculated from IEC 60364-5-52: Low Voltage Electrical Installations, selection and erection of electrical equipment – Wiring systems and are based on 230V and 415V voltage drop. In both BS and IEC calculations, the KW calculation is based on a power factor of 0.8.

You can click through to FastQuote, our online quotation tool, to select a cable that meets your size and specification requirements. For more assistance in sizing or selecting the most appropriate cable, or where no results are calculated for your application, contact our cable experts on +44 20 7241 8500 or email




The recommended calculated cable sizes are based upon information provided by the user and are intended as a guide only. In all cases, in providing this cable size calculation certain assumptions will have been made. It remains the responsibility of the user to ensure all data and assumptions are correct and that any cable used is suitable for its intended purpose.

 In relation to flexible cords, it should be noted that BS7671 does not include different installation methods in the current carrying capacity tables. The cable size calculator includes results for the whole range of installation methods. It remains the responsibility of the user to ascertain where flexible cords are suitable. Please refer to the Wiring Regulations for individual tables and any relevant correction factors.


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