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YMz1Krvasdlwd Cables

YMz1Krvasdlwd cables are Medium Voltage copper conductor cables designed for installation in the Netherlands, with compliance to NEN-3620. These cables are commonly specified for private grid connections for projects including data centreslife sciences facilities, and other large-scale construction with accompanying infrastructure.

YMz1Krvasdlwd Cable Voltages & Specification

The YMz1Krvasdlwd cables are available in voltage ratings of 8.7/15kV, 12/20kV and 18/30kV. Available as single or 3-core multicore variants, the YMz1Krvasdlwd cables are suitable for installation direct in the ground, or into cable ducting. Where the cable ducts risks being waterlogged, these cables are manufactured with both a radial and longitudinal waterblocking tape to give additional protection to the underlying insulation and conductors.

The YMz1Krvasdlwd cables are sheathed in a Low Smoke Zero Halogen compound, making them suitable for internal installation in public buildings and premises where there is risk to life or damage to sensitive equipment in the event of fire. The sheathing material is UV resistant so it can also be installed externally without the need for additional protection.

The YMz1Krvasdlwd cable range is suitable for an operating temperature range of 0oC to +90oC. 

YMz1Krvasdlwd datasheets

These single core cables, in sizes from 50mm to 630mm (depending on voltage), have the dimensional data, nominal weights, and electrical characteristics listed on the accompanying technical datasheets. The information should support cable selection. For support on specification of YMz1Krvasdlwd cables, other Dutch standard cables, or MV cables manufactured in compliance with regulations for other geographic locations, please speak to our sales team and MV technical experts who will be happy to help. 

The YMz1Krvasdlwd cable is also available with aluminium conductors, referenced as YMz1Krvasdlwd-AL, available in the same 8.7/15kV, 12/20kV and 18/30kV voltages. 

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Construction Table

  Ymz1krvasdlwd Copper Cable CS YMz1Krvasdlwd 8.7/15kV Ymz1krvasdlwd Copper Cable CS YMz1Krvasdlwd 12/20kV Ymz1krvasdlwd Copper Cable CS YMz1Krvasdlwd 18/30kV





Class 2 stranded Copper


XLPE (Cross-linked Polyethylene)


Copper wires and Tape


Radial and Longitudinal Waterblocking Tape


LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen)


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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
YMz1Krvasdlwd 8.7/15kVB9X15KV01050RD150mm²Red
YMz1Krvasdlwd 8.7/15kVB9X15KV01070RD170mm²Red
YMz1Krvasdlwd 8.7/15kVB9X15KV01095RD195mm²Red
YMz1Krvasdlwd 8.7/15kVB9X15KV01120RD1120mm²Red
YMz1Krvasdlwd 8.7/15kVB9X15KV01150RD1150mm²Red
YMz1Krvasdlwd 8.7/15kVB9X15KV01185RD1185mm²Red
YMz1Krvasdlwd 8.7/15kVB9X15KV01240RD1240mm²Red
YMz1Krvasdlwd 8.7/15kVB9X15KV01300RD1300mm²Red
YMz1Krvasdlwd 8.7/15kVB9X15KV01400RD1400mm²Red
YMz1Krvasdlwd 8.7/15kVB9X15KV01500RD1500mm²Red
YMz1Krvasdlwd 8.7/15kVB9X15KV01630RD1630mm²Red
YMz1Krvasdlwd 12/20kVB9X20KV01050RD150mm²Red
YMz1Krvasdlwd 12/20kVB9X20KV01070RD170mm²Red
YMz1Krvasdlwd 12/20kVB9X20KV01095RD195mm²Red
YMz1Krvasdlwd 12/20kVB9X20KV01120RD1120mm²Red
YMz1Krvasdlwd 12/20kVB9X20KV01150RD1150mm²Red
YMz1Krvasdlwd 12/20kVB9X20KV01185RD1185mm²Red
YMz1Krvasdlwd 12/20kVB9X20KV01240RD1240mm²Red
YMz1Krvasdlwd 12/20kVB9X20KV01300RD1300mm²Red
YMz1Krvasdlwd 12/20kVB9X20KV01400RD1400mm²Red
YMz1Krvasdlwd 12/20kVB9X20KV01500RD1500mm²Red
YMz1Krvasdlwd 12/20kVB9X20KV01630RD1630mm²Red
YMz1Krvasdlwd 18/30kVB9X30KV01050RD150mm²Red
YMz1Krvasdlwd 18/30kVB9X30KV01070RD170mm²Red
YMz1Krvasdlwd 18/30kVB9X30KV01095RD195mm²Red
YMz1Krvasdlwd 18/30kVB9X30KV01120RD1120mm²Red
YMz1Krvasdlwd 18/30kVB9X30KV01150RD1150mm²Red
YMz1Krvasdlwd 18/30kVB9X30KV01185RD1185mm²Red
YMz1Krvasdlwd 18/30kVB9X30KV01240RD1240mm²Red
YMz1Krvasdlwd 18/30kVB9X30KV01300RD1300mm²Red
YMz1Krvasdlwd 18/30kVB9X30KV01400RD1400mm²Red
YMz1Krvasdlwd 18/30kVB9X30KV01500RD1500mm²Red
YMz1Krvasdlwd 18/30kVB9X30KV01630RD1630mm²Red