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N2XS2Y / N2XS(F)2Y / N2XS(FL)2Y Cables

Cables manufactured to N2XS2Y are single core copper conductor XLPE-insulated medium voltage cables with a polyethylene (PE) oversheath. Very similar in construction to the N2XSY equivalent which have PVC oversheathing, the high durability of PE gives the N2XS2Y a much greater degree of resistance to mechanical stress and abrasion both during the installation and during operation.

These cables are manufactured in accordance with IEC 60502-2 and DIN EN 60228 Class 2. Their black oversheath is UV resistant and is suitable for direct exposure to sunlight. These cables are widely used in electrical power distribution networks and are suitable for fixed indoor or outdoor installations in cable ducts or in the ground. Where required, these cables can also be manufactured in accordance with VDE 0276-620  and HD620.

Where the external installation sees the cables in contact with water - in waterlogged ducts for example - we also supply N2XS(F)2Y and N2XS(FL)2Y, which have longitudinal and/or radial water-blocking tapes for increased protection from water ingress.

This range of cable can be installed in temperatures as low as -20oC.

N2XS2Y / N2XS(F)2Y / N2XS(FL)2Y voltage rating

The standard voltage rating for this range is as follows:
6/10 (12)kV – Test Voltage 21kV
12/20 (24)kV – Test Voltage 42kV
18/30 (36)kV – Test Voltage 63kV

N2XS2Y Cable specification

Meeting the system design alongside the demands of the installation and the environmental conditions. Support with specification can be sought from our technical team, whilst the datasheets will provide dimensional and electrical details to aid decision-making.

Consideration may also be given to the aluminium equivalent, NA2XS2Y, which is often used on installations without space restrictions, again with waterblocked variations also available.

Contact the team on by phone or by email to discuss your requirements further. 

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Construction Table

  N2XS2Y Cable CS N2XS2Y XLPE PE - 6/10 (12)kV Cable N2XSF2Y Cable CS N2XS(F)2Y XLPE PE - 6/10 (12)kV Cable N2XSF2Y Cable CS N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE PE - 6/10 (12)kV Cable

Class 2 Stranded Copper


Semi-Conductive Material


XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene)


Semi-Conductive Material



Swellable Tape - Longitudinal


Copper Wires and Tape



Swellable Tape - Longitudinal



Aluminium Foil Tape Tightly Bonded to Sheath - Radial


PE (Polyethylene)


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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
N2XS2Y XLPE PE - 6/10 (12)kV CableA9XY10KV1035135mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE PE - 6/10 (12)kV CableA9XY10KV1050150mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE PE - 6/10 (12)kV CableA9XY10KV1070170mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE PE - 6/10 (12)kV CableA9XY10KV1095195mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE PE - 6/10 (12)kV CableA9XY10KV11201120mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE PE - 6/10 (12)kV CableA9XY10KV11501150mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE PE - 6/10 (12)kV CableA9XY10KV11851185mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE PE - 6/10 (12)kV CableA9XY10KV12401240mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE PE - 6/10 (12)kV CableA9XY10KV13001300mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE PE - 6/10 (12)kV CableA9XY10KV14001400mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE PE - 6/10 (12)kV CableA9XY10KV15001500mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE MDPE 8.7/15kV CableA9XY15KV01035135mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE MDPE 8.7/15kV CableA9XY15KV01050150mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE MDPE 8.7/15kV CableA9XY15KV01070170mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE MDPE 8.7/15kV CableA9XY15KV01095195mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE MDPE 8.7/15kV CableA9XY15KV011201120mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE MDPE 8.7/15kV CableA9XY15KV011501150mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE MDPE 8.7/15kV CableA9XY15KV011851185mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE MDPE 8.7/15kV CableA9XY15KV012401240mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE MDPE 8.7/15kV CableA9XY15KV013001300mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE MDPE 8.7/15kV CableA9XY15KV014001400mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE MDPE 8.7/15kV CableA9XY15KV015001500mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE MDPE 8.7/15kV CableA9XY15KV016301630mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE MDPE 8.7/15kV CableA9XY15KV018001800mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE MDPE 8.7/15kV CableA9XY15KV01100011000mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE HDPE 8.7/15kV CableM9A15KV01035135mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE HDPE 8.7/15kV CableM9A15KV01050150mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE HDPE 8.7/15kV CableM9A15KV01070170mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE HDPE 8.7/15kV CableM9A15KV01095195mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE HDPE 8.7/15kV CableM9A15KV011201120mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE HDPE 8.7/15kV CableM9A15KV011501150mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE HDPE 8.7/15kV CableM9A15KV011851185mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE HDPE 8.7/15kV CableM9A15KV012401240mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE HDPE 8.7/15kV CableM9A15KV013001300mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE HDPE 8.7/15kV CableM9A15KV014001400mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE HDPE 8.7/15kV CableM9A15KV015001500mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE HDPE 8.7/15kV CableM9A15KV016301630mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE HDPE 8.7/15kV CableM9A15KV018001800mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE HDPE 8.7/15kV CableM9A15KV01100011000mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE PE - 12/20 (24)kV CableA9XY20KV1035135mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE PE - 12/20 (24)kV CableA9XY20KV1050150mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE PE - 12/20 (24)kV CableA9XY20KV1070170mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE PE - 12/20 (24)kV CableA9XY20KV1095195mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE PE - 12/20 (24)kV CableA9XY20KV11201120mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE PE - 12/20 (24)kV CableA9XY20KV11501150mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE PE - 12/20 (24)kV CableA9XY20KV11851185mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE PE - 12/20 (24)kV CableA9XY20KV12401240mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE PE - 12/20 (24)kV CableA9XY20KV13001300mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE PE - 12/20 (24)kV CableA9XY20KV14001400mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE PE - 12/20 (24)kV CableA9XY20KV15001500mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE PE - 18/30 (36)kV CableA9XY30KV1050150mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE PE - 18/30 (36)kV CableA9XY30KV1070170mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE PE - 18/30 (36)kV CableA9XY30KV1095195mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE PE - 18/30 (36)kV CableA9XY30KV11201120mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE PE - 18/30 (36)kV CableA9XY30KV11501150mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE PE - 18/30 (36)kV CableA9XY30KV11851185mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE PE - 18/30 (36)kV CableA9XY30KV12401240mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE PE - 18/30 (36)kV CableA9XY30KV13001300mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE PE - 18/30 (36)kV CableA9XY30KV14001400mm²Black
N2XS2Y XLPE PE - 18/30 (36)kV CableA9XY30KV15001500mm²Black
N2XS(F)2Y XLPE PE - 6/10 (12)kV CableA9XF10KV1035135mm²Black
N2XS(F)2Y XLPE PE - 6/10 (12)kV CableA9XF10KV1050150mm²Black
N2XS(F)2Y XLPE PE - 6/10 (12)kV CableA9XF10KV1070170mm²Black
N2XS(F)2Y XLPE PE - 6/10 (12)kV CableA9XF10KV1095195mm²Black
N2XS(F)2Y XLPE PE - 6/10 (12)kV CableA9XF10KV11201120mm²Black
N2XS(F)2Y XLPE PE - 6/10 (12)kV CableA9XF10KV11501150mm²Black
N2XS(F)2Y XLPE PE - 6/10 (12)kV CableA9XF10KV11851185mm²Black
N2XS(F)2Y XLPE PE - 6/10 (12)kV CableA9XF10KV12401240mm²Black
N2XS(F)2Y XLPE PE - 6/10 (12)kV CableA9XF10KV13001300mm²Black
N2XS(F)2Y XLPE PE - 6/10 (12)kV CableA9XF10KV14001400mm²Black
N2XS(F)2Y XLPE PE - 6/10 (12)kV CableA9XF10KV15001500mm²Black
N2XS(F)2Y XLPE PE - 6/10 (12)kV CableA9XF10KV16301630mm²Black
N2XS(F)2Y XLPE MDPE 8.7/15kV CableA9XF15KV1050150mm²Black
N2XS(F)2Y XLPE MDPE 8.7/15kV CableA9XF15KV1070170mm²Black
N2XS(F)2Y XLPE MDPE 8.7/15kV CableA9XF15KV1095195mm²Black
N2XS(F)2Y XLPE MDPE 8.7/15kV CableA9XF15KV11201120mm²Black
N2XS(F)2Y XLPE MDPE 8.7/15kV CableA9XF15KV11501150mm²Black
N2XS(F)2Y XLPE MDPE 8.7/15kV CableA9XF15KV11851185mm²Black
N2XS(F)2Y XLPE MDPE 8.7/15kV CableA9XF15KV12401240mm²Black
N2XS(F)2Y XLPE MDPE 8.7/15kV CableA9XF15KV13001300mm²Black
N2XS(F)2Y XLPE MDPE 8.7/15kV CableA9XF15KV14001400mm²Black
N2XS(F)2Y XLPE MDPE 8.7/15kV CableA9XF15KV15001500mm²Black
N2XS(F)2Y XLPE MDPE 8.7/15kV CableA9XF15KV16301630mm²Black
N2XS(F)2Y XLPE MDPE 8.7/15kV CableA9XF15KV18001800mm²Black
N2XS(F)2Y XLPE MDPE 8.7/15kV CableA9XF15KV1100011000mm²Black
N2XS(F)2Y XLPE HDPE 8.7/15kV CableM9E15KV01035135mm²Black
N2XS(F)2Y XLPE HDPE 8.7/15kV CableM9E15KV01050150mm²Black
N2XS(F)2Y XLPE HDPE 8.7/15kV CableM9E15KV01070170mm²Black
N2XS(F)2Y XLPE HDPE 8.7/15kV CableM9E15KV01095195mm²Black
N2XS(F)2Y XLPE HDPE 8.7/15kV CableM9E15KV011201120mm²Black
N2XS(F)2Y XLPE HDPE 8.7/15kV CableM9E15KV011501150mm²Black
N2XS(F)2Y XLPE HDPE 8.7/15kV CableM9E15KV011851185mm²Black
N2XS(F)2Y XLPE HDPE 8.7/15kV CableM9E15KV012401240mm²Black
N2XS(F)2Y XLPE HDPE 8.7/15kV CableM9E15KV013001300mm²Black
N2XS(F)2Y XLPE HDPE 8.7/15kV CableM9E15KV014001400mm²Black
N2XS(F)2Y XLPE HDPE 8.7/15kV CableM9E15KV015001500mm²Black
N2XS(F)2Y XLPE HDPE 8.7/15kV CableM9E15KV016301630mm²Black
N2XS(F)2Y XLPE HDPE 8.7/15kV CableM9E15KV018001800mm²Black
N2XS(F)2Y XLPE HDPE 8.7/15kV CableM9E15KV01100011000mm²Black
N2XS(F)2Y XLPE PE - 12/20 (24)kV CableA9XF20KV1035135mm²Black
N2XS(F)2Y XLPE PE - 12/20 (24)kV CableA9XF20KV1050150mm²Black
N2XS(F)2Y XLPE PE - 12/20 (24)kV CableA9XF20KV1070170mm²Black
N2XS(F)2Y XLPE PE - 12/20 (24)kV CableA9XF20KV1095195mm²Black
N2XS(F)2Y XLPE PE - 12/20 (24)kV CableA9XF20KV11201120mm²Black
N2XS(F)2Y XLPE PE - 12/20 (24)kV CableA9XF20KV11501150mm²Black
N2XS(F)2Y XLPE PE - 12/20 (24)kV CableA9XF20KV11851185mm²Black
N2XS(F)2Y XLPE PE - 12/20 (24)kV CableA9XF20KV12401240mm²Black
N2XS(F)2Y XLPE PE - 12/20 (24)kV CableA9XF20KV13001300mm²Black
N2XS(F)2Y XLPE PE - 12/20 (24)kV CableA9XF20KV14001400mm²Black
N2XS(F)2Y XLPE PE - 12/20 (24)kV CableA9XF20KV15001500mm²Black
N2XS(F)2Y XLPE PE - 18/30 (36)kV CableA9XF30KV1185/351185mm²Black
N2XS(F)2Y XLPE PE - 18/30 (36)kV CableA9XF30KV1240/701240mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE PE - 6/10 (12)kV CableA9XFL10KV1035135mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE PE - 6/10 (12)kV CableA9XFL10KV1050150mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE PE - 6/10 (12)kV CableA9XFL10KV1070170mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE PE - 6/10 (12)kV CableA9XFL10KV1095195mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE PE - 6/10 (12)kV CableA9XFL10KV11201120mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE PE - 6/10 (12)kV CableA9XFL10KV11501150mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE PE - 6/10 (12)kV CableA9XFL10KV12401240mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE PE - 6/10 (12)kV CableA9XFL10KV11851185mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE PE - 6/10 (12)kV CableA9XFL10KV13001300mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE PE - 6/10 (12)kV CableA9XFL10KV14001400mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE PE - 6/10 (12)kV CableA9XFL10KV15001500mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE MDPE 8.7/15kV CableA9XF15KV1035135mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE MDPE 8.7/15kV CableA9XFL15KV1050150mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE MDPE 8.7/15kV CableA9XFL15KV1070170mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE MDPE 8.7/15kV CableA9XFL15KV1095195mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE MDPE 8.7/15kV CableA9XFL15KV11201120mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE MDPE 8.7/15kV CableA9XFL15KV11501150mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE MDPE 8.7/15kV CableA9XFL15KV11851185mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE MDPE 8.7/15kV CableA9XFL15KV12401240mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE MDPE 8.7/15kV CableA9XFL15KV13001300mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE MDPE 8.7/15kV CableA9XFL15KV14001400mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE MDPE 8.7/15kV CableA9XFL15KV15001500mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE MDPE 8.7/15kV CableA9XFL15KV16301630mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE MDPE 8.7/15kV CableA9XFL15KV18001800mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE MDPE 8.7/15kV CableA9XFL15KV1100011000mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE HDPE 8.7/15kV CableM9F15KV01035135mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE HDPE 8.7/15kV CableM9F15KV01050150mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE HDPE 8.7/15kV CableM9F15KV01070170mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE HDPE 8.7/15kV CableM9F15KV01095195mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE HDPE 8.7/15kV CableM9F15KV011201120mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE HDPE 8.7/15kV CableM9F15KV011501150mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE HDPE 8.7/15kV CableM9F15KV011851185mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE HDPE 8.7/15kV CableM9F15KV012401240mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE HDPE 8.7/15kV CableM9F15KV013001300mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE HDPE 8.7/15kV CableM9F15KV014001400mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE HDPE 8.7/15kV CableM9F15KV015001500mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE HDPE 8.7/15kV CableM9F15KV016301630mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE HDPE 8.7/15kV CableM9F15KV018001800mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE HDPE 8.7/15kV CableM9F15KV01100011000mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE PE - 12/20 (24)kV CableA9XFL20KV1035135mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE PE - 12/20 (24)kV CableA9XFL20KV1050150mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE PE - 12/20 (24)kV CableA9XFL20KV1070170mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE PE - 12/20 (24)kV CableA9XFL20KV1095195mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE PE - 12/20 (24)kV CableA9XFL20KV11201120mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE PE - 12/20 (24)kV CableA9XFL20KV11501150mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE PE - 12/20 (24)kV CableA9XFL20KV11851185mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE PE - 12/20 (24)kV CableA9XFL20KV12401240mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE PE - 12/20 (24)kV CableA9XFL20KV13001300mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE PE - 12/20 (24)kV CableA9XFL20KV14001400mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE PE - 12/20 (24)kV CableA9XFL20KV15001500mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE PE - 18/30 (36)kV CableA9XFL30KV1035BK135mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE PE - 18/30 (36)kV CableA9XFL30KV1050BK150mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE PE - 18/30 (36)kV CableA9XFL30KV1070BK170mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE PE - 18/30 (36)kV CableA9XFL30KV1095BK195mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE PE - 18/30 (36)kV CableA9XFL30KV1120BK1120mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE PE - 18/30 (36)kV CableA9XFL30KV1150BK1150mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE PE - 18/30 (36)kV CableA9XFL30KV1185BK1185mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE PE - 18/30 (36)kV CableA9XFL30KV1240BK1240mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE PE - 18/30 (36)kV CableA9XFL30KV1300BK1300mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE PE - 18/30 (36)kV CableA9XFL30KV1400BK1400mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE PE - 18/30 (36)kV CableA9XFL30KV1500BK1500mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE PE - 18/30 (36)kV CableA9XFL30KV1630BK1630mm²Black
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE PE - 18/30 (36)kV CableA9XFL30KV1035RD135mm²Red
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE PE - 18/30 (36)kV CableA9XFL30KV1050RD150mm²Red
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE PE - 18/30 (36)kV CableA9XFL30KV1070RD170mm²Red
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE PE - 18/30 (36)kV CableA9XFL30KV1095RD195mm²Red
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE PE - 18/30 (36)kV CableA9XFL30KV1120RD1120mm²Red
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE PE - 18/30 (36)kV CableA9XFL30KV1150RD1150mm²Red
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE PE - 18/30 (36)kV CableA9XFL30KV1185RD1185mm²Red
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE PE - 18/30 (36)kV CableA9XFL30KV1240RD1240mm²Red
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE PE - 18/30 (36)kV CableA9XFL30KV1300RD1300mm²Red
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE PE - 18/30 (36)kV CableA9XFL30KV1400RD1400mm²Red
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE PE - 18/30 (36)kV CableA9XFL30KV1500RD1500mm²Red
N2XS(FL)2Y XLPE PE - 18/30 (36)kV CableA9XFL30KV1630RD1630mm²Red