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The cable lab

Eland Cables Lab LogoBorn out of a desire to deliver comprehensive technical support and superior service to our customers, The Cable Lab® is testament to our ongoing drive to consistently provide the highest levels of product quality and technical expertise.

Our independent cable laboratory is  accredited by UKAS to ISO 17025, making The Cable Lab® a centre of technical excellence in the industry. Eland Cables also holds the BSI RoHS Trusted Kitemark™, a distinction only available to organisations that can demonstrate their ability to comply with the RoHS Directive.


Our highly qualified technical and industry experts include members of European and International technical committees and consultants to regulatory bodies. This unrivalled wealth of knowledge and expertise is on hand to lead our in-house quality assurance and to deliver expert cable technical support and services.

UKAS accredited cable laboratory

As a centre of technical excellence for cables, our state-of-the-art cable laboratory is UKAS-accredited to ISO 17025, which certifies its impartial, accurate and verifiable evaluations. In addition to providing quality assurance on our own products, The Cable Lab® provides a range of third-party cable testing and fault investigation services.

The ISO 17025 accreditation certifies the competence of testing and calibration laboratories. It covers a range of testing and calibration methods, as well as our record management and systems.


Read more on our cable testing and fault inspection services


Testing in The Cable Lab


Specialist MV Cable testing Facility

Also located on the Denaby site is our Medium Voltage Cable Testing facility. Specialising in these large cross-sectional size cables of voltages 3.8/6.6kV to 26/45kV, the cables are wound onto wooden cable drums that can surpass 2m in height and so a standalone site was required to deliver effective testing at scale.

Medium Voltage cables require the same Quality and Compliance testing as other cables, including dimensional measurements and insulation tensile and elongation measurement tests, but additionally benefit from VLF testing on the completed cable drum to demonstrate sheath integrity. This testing can now be done under strictly controlled conditions to provide the assurances of a high performance MV cable. 



Eland Cables MV cable testing facility

Customised cable solutions

Sometimes, standard cables will not meet all of the requirements of a particular application and a customised cable solution is required. Whether a fully bespoke cable is specified or a composite cable will fulfil requirements, our technical experts will work with our customers' engineers to confirm the brief, design a solution, and manufacture the ideal cable.

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Regulatory compliance

UK and European Union laws require compliance to a number of legislative directives concerned principally with providing safe working conditions and protecting our environment. The cable industry is subject to the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) which identifies cables to harmonised fire classifications; to CE marking laws which denotes proven health, safety and environmental compliance, to the REACH directive regulating the volume of certain chemical substances imported into the EU; the directive on WEEE concerned with the end-of-product-lifecycle handling of materials; and to the RoHS directive which excludes certain chemicals entirely from our supply chain.

We work tirelessly to ensure our products, services and practices remain compliant with these, and other, regulations. We are the only organisation whose RoHS testing is UKAS-accredited to ISO 17025 and we hold the BSI RoHS Trusted Kitemark, internationally recognised and respected as the premier mark of regulatory compliance, and the BSI Cable Batch Verification Kitemark assessing the compliance and quality of cables on a more granular basis.

Click for more information on CPR, Low Voltage DirectiveCE Marking, REACH, WEEE and RoHS Compliance

Technical Hotline

We support our customers at every stage of their project, including providing a Technical Hotline for any cable-related query. With one phone call, questions ranging from cable specification, legislation or construction to installation and maintenance can be answered promptly by one of our experts. Access to our technical team can give our customers the confidence that the right cable is being used in the correct way, delivering the performance required. It’s a unique resource that helps us deliver on our commitment to customer service.

Contact our cable experts on +44 (0)20 7241 8500 or at

CPD-certified Cable Training

As the cable experts we provide CPD-certified training programmes and tailored courses giving industry professionals the specialist cable knowledge required in their roles. These training modules combine classroom-based learning with hands-on interaction to deliver specific learning goals. 

To book one of our training courses or for more information contact

Learn more about our training courses

Quality assurance

We subject our cables and cable accessories to rigorous QA protocols to ensure compliance with national, international and industry standards. The Cable Lab undertake cable routine testing on our inbound cable products as well as cable type testing on our customised cable designs. When you see the Eland Quality Assurance mark you know that the cable comes from a reliable source with a state-of-the-art cable laboratory.

View our quality accreditations

Quality Assurance with The Cable Lab

Frequently Asked Questions

Calls to our technical hotline are not limited to identifying the correct specification or installation environment for any given cable. They cover a broad spectrum of electrical engineering queries. 

Our cable experts have answered a number of those most commonly asked, ranging from general electrical questions to those about cable construction and the cable industry. 

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Case Studies

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Network Rail UK

Project Lead:

Network Rail



Project Scope:

Testing and assessment of third-party cables held in stock by Network Rail


Independent, objective and comprehensive cable testing and assessment

Eland Cables Solution:

Our ISO 17025 UKAS-accredited Cable Lab carried out a series of tests including insulation thickness, overall dimensions, tensile and elongation, conductor resistance, insulation resistance and RoHS compliance


The cables passed all aspects of the testing and evaluation process and were certified for use, resulting in a considerable cost efficiencies for Network Rail

Key Facts

UKAS accredited laboratory Expert technical advice Cable testing & inspection services Cost efficiencies

Saline Water Conversion Corporation Saudi Arabia

Project Lead:

Saline Water Conversion Corporation


Saudi Arabia

Project Scope:

Construction of the Yanbu desalination plant


Copper tape screened submersible power cable for installation in salt water environment.

Eland Cables Solution:

  • No standard cable met the requirement of the application. Eland Cables' technical team therefore designed a customised cable solution with the relevant characteristics
  • Once manufactured, the client witnessed the cable being subjected to a series of tests in The Cable Lab®, our in-house cable laboratory
  • The Cable Lab® compiled a detailed quality report which was submitted to and approved by the Saudi government water regulatory body
  • The client was able to rely on The Cable Lab® quality testing as part of its quality assurance process

Key Facts

Customised cable solution UKAS accredited laboratory Quality assurance

Eurotunnel France

Project Lead:




Project Scope:

System for isolation of live cables


Improved safety in a high risk environment

Eland Cables Solution:

  • Assessment of the project termination requirements through site visits
  • Bespoke cable design and manufacture for a 22kV bypass circuit
  • Onsite training for Eurotunnel's French contractors
  • Final pre-installation testing


Prevention of mortalities

Key Facts

High risk environment Expert technical support Bespoke cable design Cable training programme

Unipart Group The Cable Lab®

Project Lead:

Unipart Group


The Cable Lab®

Project Scope:

Tailored cable training for a wide group of people comprising procurement managers, project engineers and project managers


The objective was to help familiarise the attendees with aspects of cable specification, cable manufacturing, cable testing and cable logistics

Eland Cables Solution:

The classroom element was covered by two Technical Managers with over 20 years of cable manufacturing experience and 25 years of cable specification respectively. This was followed by a cable handling and testing session in the Cable Lab® with the Technical and Quality Assurance Manager


All attendees were able to apply this newly-acquired cable knowledge to their day-to-day work. They were provided with a detailed pack and continue to have direct access to our cable experts via the Technical Hotline

Key Facts

Tailored cable training Cable testing demonstration Access to Technical Hotline
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"Eland Cables are a long-standing and trusted supplier to Keltbray and the level of expertise within their organisation is second to none. Their responsive and innovative approach, technical expertise and in-house cable-testing laboratory sets them apart. Communication and competitive pricing is key to delivering our projects and this gives me the confidence in our choice of making Eland our preferred cable supplier."

"The Eland Cables technical team utilised the project design parameters to identify a product that met the project specification within extremely challenging timescales, to ensure that a critical project milestone was achieved."

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About Eland Cables

About Eland Cables

Established in 1975, Eland Cables is a supplier of power, data, instrumentation and control cables and cable accessories to the world's most demanding industries and to some of its most prestigious projects. Our reputation is built on an unswerving focus on quality, technical expertise and customer service.


Our focus on quality has resulted in our in-house specialist cable testing facility securing the ISO 17025 accreditation. This certifies the competence, impartiality and performance capability of our laboratory and its evaluations. In turn, it means peace of mind for our customers with regard to the quality of the cables they source from us.

Expert tecHnical support

Our highly-qualified technical team is on hand to provide technical support with all aspects of cable selection, technical specification, regulatory requirements, and bespoke cable design and manufacture.

Complete Cable Solutions

We are a key contributor to projects in over 100 countries every year, adding value through comprehensive technical support, reliable logistics, innovative solutions, and a customer-centric approach.