BSI Kitemark

BSI Kitemark Cable Testing

As the first company to achieve the BSI Cable Testing Verification Kitemark, Eland Cables is proud to be able to test its cables under this new programme from the British Standards Institution. (BSI).

Extensive testing in our UKAS accredited ISO 17025 laboratory under a rigorous BSI surveillance programme gives cables a valuable third-party approval that demonstrates quality and compliance. 

The value of the Kitemark

Globally recognised, the BSI Kitemark is a symbol that demands respect. Over 82% of UK adults recognise both the Kitemark and understand what it stands for:

Safety: 93% believe a Kitemark product is safer

Quality: 91% say the Kitemark gives the reassurance of quality

Trust: 88% have more trust in Kitemark products

Reputation: 88% believe a Kitemark product comes from a reputable company

*Statistics from BSI website


BSI Kitemark Tested Veriflex cable

Our Kitemark and the testing regime

For a particular cable to hold Kitemark approval it requires The Cable Lab® to test the individual components of every batch of cables made available for sale in our Denaby distribution centre. Every size and every core configuration within a cable range are tested prior to being released to our customers.

British and European standards for each cable layer, from the conductor resistance to the outer sheathing tensile and elongation measurements, are determined and measured, with the test methodology controlled by our UKAS accreditation. The test criteria depends on the individual cable construction. This in-depth testing allows our technical experts to assert that the cables meet the performance and safety criteria required of the product, and so can be marked as holding the BSI Cable Testing Verification Kitemark.

Example BSI Kitemark testing standards

Test British / European standard
Conductor Resistance BS EN 50395 Clause 5
Voltage Test on Completed Cable BS EN 50395 Clause 6
Insulation Resistance BS EN 50395 Clause 8
Ovality BS EN 50395 Clause 4.4
Tensile & Elongation Insulation BS EN 60811-501
Tensile & Elongation Sheath BS EN 60811-501
Test Under Fire Conditions BS EN 60332-1-2

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BSI Kitemark approved cables

Our BSI Cable Testing Verification Kitemark programme allows us to test a wide range of cables against the relevant British and European standards. Our Veriflex range all hold Kitemark approval, along with key cables from our range such as the H07ZZ-F, 6381Y PVC, 6381B LSZH, 309-Y PVC, 318-B LSZH, and N2XH Enhanced Class 5. They are cables that hold no other third-party approval and yet are frequently used in installations where quality and compliance is paramount.

We recognise the value the Kitemark holds, particularly in domestic and certain international markets, and are looking to support our customers with the quality and compliance assurances they seek. 

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Kitemark approved cables for Projects

The BSI Kitemark can provide valuable additional due diligence in the specification and selection of cables and their chosen supply chain. For large-scale or high-profile projects our Kitemark testing programme is designed so we can provide cables direct from our stockholding, tested to the same exacting and rigorous standards, across the breadth of a project's requirements. It demonstrates a clear and dedicated commitment to cable compliance and excellence.

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