IECEE CB Testing Laboratory

As one of only 542 laboratories worldwide who hold IECEE CBTL accreditation - and one of few anywhere in the world focused on cables - The Cable Lab's status as a centre of excellence is further enhanced by this coveted credential.

IECEE CBTL Accredited

What is IECEE CBTL? The International Electrotechnical Committee (IEC) operate the IEC System of Conformity Assessment Schemes for Electrotechical Equipment and Components (IECEE). Certification Bodies (CB) engage approved Testing Laboratories (TL) to provide conformity testing; testing which ultimately offers a valuable third-party certification mark of compliance that is recognised and accepted worldwide.

The IECEE CB Scheme covers a wide range of electrotechnical products. Working closely with BSI as the IECEE National Certification Body (NCB), The Cable Lab can, as an accredited Testing Laboratory, undertake the analysis of cables and provide the verifiable results required for CB certificates to be issued. It's a single product assessment accepted worldwide.

At it's core it's about establishing and maintaining high standards for quality and compliance. Holding IECEE CBTL status underlines our commitment to this and sees our undertaking globally recognised.



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Working in International Markets to IEC standards

For multi-national customers, specifying projects to IEC standards can support standardisation and harmonisation across a global installations - straddling national borders and trade barriers to provide the most appropriate cable for the project. It can ease procurement challenges in the event of future maintenance, expansion or upgrade, and international standards can open avenues for efficiencies, integrations and collaborations. In many regions, IEC is the predominant specification used, over that of national standards. For all customers, selecting cables certified to relevant IEC standards can be an important element of due diligence and compliance, providing assurances of performance and safety.

Learn more about CBTL Services

For more information on the CB Scheme and our CBTL services in particular, speak to one of our senior Cable Lab team. The process of seeking approval to IEC international standards requires testing in an IECEE CBTL, via a request from an IECEE National Certified Body. We are happy to make introductions where appropriate. Our team can be contacted on


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