Customised Cable Solutions

Cable Design Consultancy

Innovative R&D for applications and installations

There are times when your application will need something slightly different. Where an off-the-shelf cable just isn't quite right; where the environment makes demands; or where there's not the space to run the cables you need.

Our expert technical advice coupled with our experience in cable R&D can make the difference. A custom cable from our design consultancy service can be a cost-effective solution to your application conundrums.

Innovative R&D

It can range from designing a completely bespoke cable to meet a unique specification, to adapting an existing cable to improve efficiency or overcome the limitations.

We're always keen to work on innovative cable projects - cable design, cable lifecycle, material properties, and emissions declarations.

We've created custom solutions for quality conscious organisations such as Network Rail where we are a design stakeholder in cables such as the FGT Enhanced Class II Signalling Power Cable and Axle Counter Cable as well as cables for other highly regulated organisations and leading utilities. 


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Our Customised Cable Solutions

Custom designed cable
Fully bespoke design developed by our technical experts against an application's unique specification.

Composite cable
Multiple cables twisted together in a single overall sheath. Beneficial where there is a common and aggressive environment to protect the cable from, or to reduce installation time and complexity. An example of a composite cable is our Eland EV ProInstall cable that lays power cores alongside data cores without the need for separate containment.

Oversheathing and Resheathing
Extruding a new sheath over the top, or resheathing to maintain the original overall product dimensions, this customisation can offer protection against environmental damage and enhance product performance. Note: any such changes may affect any pre-existing compliance, such as CPR, and may require re-certification and retesting by appropriate regulatory bodies.

Cable harnessing
Cables pre-terminated with crimped lugs, plugs or glands and cut to precise lengths can save time and money when replicated for frequent installations. Single lengths or multiple cables running a complex design route. See our cable harnessing page for more information.



Bespoke Cable Testing

All customised cables designed by The Cable Lab are subject to testing to relevant standards and performance criteria under our UKAS accreditation. Where required by industry or application, we can submit for relevant third-party cable certification and cable approval processes, or can test against the internationally recognised BSI Cable Testing Verification Kitemark.

For more information please complete an enquiry form, contact our technical experts on the Technical Hotline +44 (0)20 7241 8500, or email


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