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Cable Training & CPD-Certified Courses

We believe that a little cable knowledge can often help you make more informed decisions in your everyday role. It gives you a better understanding of materials and compliance requirements, and indeed underlines when it's important to seek expert advice. As technical experts, sharing our knowledge is part of our commitment to improved electrical compliance in the wider marketplace. 

CPD - or the Continuing Professional Development certification service to give it its full name - is a global professional training body. As a CPD-certified cable training provider, Eland Cables has been formally recognised as offering electrical cable education of the highest standard.

We offer training to companies at our site or at client sites, delivered by our technical and industry experts, to combine technical know-how with a practical, commercial approach to the information to give attendees a rounded understanding of the subject. In addition to a personalised training pack, each attendee is presented with a certificate of attendance and a CPD log.


Our CPD certified courses include:

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Introduction to Construction Products Regulation (CPR) for cables

(certificate A010638)

Covering CPR legislation for cables used in fixed installations in construction projects: compliance across supply chains, applicable tests, and CPR classifications. It also looks at CE labelling, the Declaration of Performance (DoP), provides guidance on CPR classes for cable materials, and gives an overview of UK and European best practices and formal requirements. 

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Introduction to Medium Voltage Cables 

(certificate A003735)

Covers medium voltage cables from their construction to their application: manufacturing techniques, construction variations owing to electrical and mechanical requirements of the application, and commonly specified British and international MV cable standards. Option to look at UK’s DNOs and their requirements for MV power connections.

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Introduction to Cable Construction, Materials and Applications

(certificate A018371)

Covering the wide variety of cable constructions and the practical applications of their component parts. It looks at and provides examples of specific materials and their characteristics, and considers how the installation environment can impact the choice of materials and cable layers required.

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Green Cables - Looking at ESG and Electrical Cables

(certificate A035389)

What are the Greenhouse Gas emissions associated with electrical cables? Looks at cables from the raw materials and manufacturing processes upstream, to the implications of supply, and the positive actions the end user can take.

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Introduction to Cable Manufacturing 

(certificate A000022)

An overview of the cable manufacturing process, covering cable construction and the processes involved in producing each element across conductors, insulation, laying up, bedding, taping, braiding, armouring and sheathing.

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Introduction to Cable Testing

(certificate A000023)

Standard cable tests and their requirements, including routine, sample and type tests. It aims to provide an understanding of the various tests to assess cable construction, electrical characteristics, and mechanical properties and third-party certification tests.

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Introduction to Fire Resistant Cables 

(certificate A000020)

An overview of fire resistant cable technology - the difference between fire resistant and fire retardant,  Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) and Low Smoke and Fume (LSF). Explores the dangers of PVC in fire conditions, and the benefits of LSZH materials.

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Introduction to Fire Resistant Cable Standards 

(certificate A000021)

Fire resistant cable standards and the various fire resistance tests required to confirm compliance (related to fire conditions). It covers the difference between manufacturing standards and codes of practice, cable selection based on test criteria, and third-party approvals including LPCB.

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Introduction to Network Rail Cables 

(certificate A005617)

Looks at the four Network Rail cable groups - Signalling, Power, Telecoms and Overhead Line. It provides an understanding of the principles of electrified lines, and looks at the wide variety of cables used across the network

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CPR for Cables

Want to learn more about the Construction Products Regulation and how it applies to cables? Why not start with our interactive infographic.

Tailored Cable Training Programmes

Our tailored cable training programmes are prepared and delivered according to the audience's desired learning outcomes and takes into account the participants' existing cable knowledge and position. Usually, organisations send between 5 to 10 delegates to our training facilities for 1 to 3 days to acquire general knowledge about cable, however we can also run smaller classes for an individual or small group requiring expert knowledge on a specific topic.


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