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Mining, Drilling & Tunnelling Cable

Eland Cables is a leading supplier of heavy-duty power, control and instrumentation cables to mine operators and their contractors worldwide.

Mining Drilling and Tunneling Cables

Our comprehensive range of mining cables cover both static and dynamic equipment applications, and low and medium voltage infrastructure installations, manufactured in accordance with relevant international standards including BS EN/IEC 60332, BS EN/IEC 60811, BS EN/IEC 60754, IEC 60754-2 and VDE 0295. We can provide cables specifically designed for both opencast mining environments and sub-surface operations.

Mining cable installation

Our mining, drilling and tunnelling cable products are designed to operate in some of the harshest environments on earth. Equipment failure and the consequent downtime can be especially costly in an industry that relies on heavy-duty machinery to complete this labour-intensive work, and so can, in the worst-case scenario, be a risk to operational safety. In an industry pushing to become increasingly automated, it demands cables that can be relied upon to deliver consistent high performance. Our cables are designed to withstand mechanical stress, oils, greases, water, even submersion. We supply mining cables capable of safely working in enclosed spaces, providing protection to people and the high-value equipment in the event of fire by emitting reduced smoke and fumes.

Mining cable products

Some of the frequently supplied opencast mining cables from our portfolio include:

  Application overview
(N)3GHSSYCY cable Medium voltage mining cable designed with optimised outer diameter. This cable also contains a monitoring cable to help detect outer damage.
(N)SHÖU cable Heavy duty low voltage mining cable
(N)SSHÖU cable Heavy duty low voltage mining cable with additional inner sheath and optional control conductors and individual core screen
(N)SSCHÖU cable EMC screened heavy duty low voltage mining cable with TCWB
(N)TSCGEWÖU cable Medium voltage mining equipment cable with protective earth conductor and anti-torsion braid for augmented safety levels. Available in variants with additional ATB, ground check conductors, zero halogen, fibre optic, and submersible
FG7H1OAR cable Flexible braided mining cables for medium voltage underground power connections
Crane Cables Range of cables for festoons, hoists, cranes and conveyor equipment for high tensile and torsional stresses
Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Cable Motor connections cables to ensure electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

Additionally we supply a range of low voltage Type 61 and 63 cables, and medium voltage Type 611, 622, and 633 cables for portable equipment. Eland Cables is trusted by the major global mining companies and their contractors for their project and maintenance requirements, particularly where there is a need for technical support and logistical expertise. Our electrical cable products can be found connecting mining equipment in tunnels, underground mineshafts and surface (open pit) mines as part of the industry’s most prestigious projects and in some of the world's most remote locations. 

Please visit our mining, drilling and tunnelling industry page for more information about our solutions for the mining industry, along with case studies and testimonials.

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Mining, Drilling & Tunnelling Cable

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