Eland Cables Cable Information (1)


(N)TSCGECECWÖU is a specialist range of mining cables suitable for reeling drums of tunnel boring machines and for general tunnel applications.

(N)TSCGECECWÖU Cable specification

They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. These flexible power supply cables have 3 phase conductors each wrapped with copper wire screen acting as earth conductors and 3 smaller control conductors. 

The (N)TSCGECECWÖU cables also have a Control conductor and a monitoring conductor to support working operations. 

Applications for (N)TSCGECECWÖU cables are under a degree of torsional stress, with a maximum of 25o/m. The Rubber compound outer sheath provides a robust protection against the environmental conditions they face in operations. 

(N)TSCGECECWÖU Cable Voltages and Datasheets

They are available, depending on the requirements for the application, with Voltage Ratings of 3.6/6kv and 6/10kV or as 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV (classified as Medium voltage cables). They are in sizes from 25mm2 up to 150mm2. The technical information to support cable selections are contained within the attached datasheets.

The cables are also available with a Zero Halogen (ZH) Polyurethane (PUR) Sheath where the emission of toxic fumes in the event of fire would be hazardous to life and essential equipment.

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Construction Table

  NTSCGECECWOU Cable CS (N)TSCGECECWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV Cable NTSCGECECWOU ZH Cable CS (N)TSCGECECWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ZH Cable NTSCGECECWOU Cable CS (N)TSCGECECWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV Cable NTSCGECECWOU ZH Cable CS (N)TSCGECECWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ZH Cable

3.6/6kV, 6/10kV

8.7/15kV, 12/20kV


Class 5 Flexible Stranded Tinned Copper


Rubber Compound


Semi-Conductive Tape over the Conductor and Inner and Outer Semi-Conductive Rubber Layer on the Insulation


Individual Copper Wire Screen


Class 5 Flexible Stranded Tinned Copper


Semi-Conductive Compound on a Textile Polyester Support


Rubber Compound

Halogen-Free Compound

Rubber Compound

Halogen-Free Compound


Copper Wire Screen over the Inner Sheath



Halogen-Free PUR (Polyurethane)


Halogen-Free PUR (Polyurethane)


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Product name Part No Cores Phase Conductor Size Voltage Rating Sheath colour Length (m)  
(N)TSCGECECWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV CableA7H06KV1025RD3+3+3+UL25mm²3.6/6kVRed
(N)TSCGECECWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV CableA7H06KV1035RD3+3+3+UL35mm²3.6/6kVRed
(N)TSCGECECWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV CableA7H06KV1050RD3+3+3+UL50mm²3.6/6kVRed
(N)TSCGECECWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV CableA7H06KV1070RD3+3+3+UL70mm²3.6/6kVRed
(N)TSCGECECWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV CableA7H06KV1095RD3+3+3+UL95mm²3.6/6kVRed
(N)TSCGECECWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV CableA7H06KV1120RD3+3+3+UL120mm²3.6/6kVRed
(N)TSCGECECWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV CableA7H06KV1150RD3+3+3+UL150mm²3.6/6kVRed
(N)TSCGECECWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV CableA7H10KV1025RD3+3+3+UL25mm²6/10kVRed
(N)TSCGECECWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV CableA7H10KV1035RD3+3+3+UL35mm²6/10kVRed
(N)TSCGECECWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV CableA7H10KV1050RD3+3+3+UL50mm²6/10kVRed
(N)TSCGECECWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV CableA7H10KV1070RD3+3+3+UL70mm²6/10kVRed
(N)TSCGECECWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV CableA7H10KV1095RD3+3+3+UL95mm²6/10kVRed
(N)TSCGECECWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV CableA7H10KV1120RD3+3+3+UL120mm²6/10kVRed
(N)TSCGECECWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV CableA7H10KV1150RD3+3+3+UL150mm²6/10kVRed
(N)TSCGECECWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ZH CableA7HZ06KV1025BK3+3+3+UL25mm²3.6/6kVBlack
(N)TSCGECECWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ZH CableA7HZ06KV1035BK3+3+3+UL35mm²3.6/6kVBlack
(N)TSCGECECWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ZH CableA7HZ06KV1050BK3+3+3+UL50mm²3.6/6kVBlack
(N)TSCGECECWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ZH CableA7HZ06KV1070BK3+3+3+UL70mm²3.6/6kVBlack
(N)TSCGECECWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ZH CableA7HZ06KV1095BK3+3+3+UL95mm²3.6/6kVBlack
(N)TSCGECECWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ZH CableA7HZ06KV1120BK3+3+3+UL120mm²3.6/6kVBlack
(N)TSCGECECWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ZH CableA7HZ10KV1025BK3+3+3+UL25mm²6/10kVBlack
(N)TSCGECECWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ZH CableA7HZ10KV1035BK3+3+3+UL35mm²6/10kVBlack
(N)TSCGECECWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ZH CableA7HZ10KV1050BK3+3+3+UL50mm²6/10kVBlack
(N)TSCGECECWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ZH CableA7HZ10KV1070BK3+3+3+UL70mm²6/10kVBlack
(N)TSCGECECWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ZH CableA7HZ10KV1095BK3+3+3+UL95mm²6/10kVBlack
(N)TSCGECECWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ZH CableA7HZ10KV1120BK3+3+3+UL120mm²6/10kVBlack
(N)TSCGECECWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV CableA7H15KV1025RD3+3+3+UL25mm²8.7/15kVRed
(N)TSCGECECWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV CableA7H15KV1035RD3+3+3+UL35mm²8.7/15kVRed
(N)TSCGECECWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV CableA7H15KV1050RD3+3+3+UL50mm²8.7/15kVRed
(N)TSCGECECWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV CableA7H15KV1070RD3+3+3+UL70mm²8.7/15kVRed
(N)TSCGECECWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV CableA7H15KV1095RD3+3+3+UL95mm²8.7/15kVRed
(N)TSCGECECWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV CableA7H15KV1120RD3+3+3+UL120mm²8.7/15kVRed
(N)TSCGECECWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV CableA7H20KV1025RD3+3+3+UL25mm²12/20kVRed
(N)TSCGECECWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV CableA7H20KV1035RD3+3+3+UL35mm²12/20kVRed
(N)TSCGECECWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV CableA7H20KV1050RD3+3+3+UL50mm²12/20kVRed
(N)TSCGECECWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV CableA7H20KV1070RD3+3+3+UL70mm²12/20kVRed
(N)TSCGECECWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV CableA7H20KV1095RD3+3+3+UL95mm²12/20kVRed
(N)TSCGECECWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV CableA7H20KV1120RD3+3+3+UL120mm²12/20kVRed
(N)TSCGECECWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ZH CableA7HZ15KV1025BK3+3+3+UL25mm²8.7/15kVBlack
(N)TSCGECECWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ZH CableA7HZ15KV1035BK3+3+3+UL35mm²8.7/15kVBlack
(N)TSCGECECWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ZH CableA7HZ15KV1050BK3+3+3+UL50mm²8.7/15kVBlack
(N)TSCGECECWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ZH CableA7HZ15KV1070BK3+3+3+UL70mm²8.7/15kVBlack
(N)TSCGECECWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ZH CableA7HZ15KV1095BK3+3+3+UL95mm²8.7/15kVBlack
(N)TSCGECECWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ZH CableA7HZ20KV1025BK3+3+3+UL25mm²12/20kVBlack
(N)TSCGECECWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ZH CableA7HZ20KV1035BK3+3+3+UL35mm²12/20kVBlack
(N)TSCGECECWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ZH CableA7HZ20KV1050BK3+3+3+UL50mm²12/20kVBlack
(N)TSCGECECWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ZH CableA7HZ20KV1070BK3+3+3+UL70mm²12/20kVBlack
(N)TSCGECECWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ZH CableA7HZ20KV1095BK3+3+3+UL95mm²12/20kVBlack