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Type 240 Type 241 and Type 245 Flexible Rubber Mining Cables

The Type 240, Type 241 and Type 245 cable make up part of our portfolio of international Mining equipment cables for general and underground mining applications including as mine power feeder cables for continuous miners, connecting pump cables, longwall supply, and mine equipment power supply cables. These cables are manufactured to adhere to AS/NZS standards (Standards Australia / Standards New Zealand) including AS/NZS 1125:2001 and AS/NZS 2802:2003. They are water resistant, oil resistant, flame retardant and UV protected.

Type 240, Type 241 and Type 245 Cable Voltage Ratings

All three cables  - the Type 240, Type 241, and Type 275 cables - have variants across a range of voltages between 1.1kV and 11kV, and provide an operating temperature between -25C to 90C. They all have a flexible tinned copper conductor. Each has a layup of three insulated cores plus Pilot Core(s): the pilot core offering an element of reinforcement strength making it viable for longer distances without compromising connectivity. The pilot core can also be used for monitoring operations if a very low current is applied.

With EPR insulation (Ethylene Propylene Rubber) type R-EP-90 and, in the case of Type 240 and Type 241 a heavy-duty PCP outer sheath (Polychloroprene), and CSP sheathing (Chlorinated Polyethylene) in the case of Type 241, these are robust cables designed for challenging environments. Where additional reinforcement and protection is required, an open polyamide braid embedded under the sheathing layer is available as an optional extra.

Specifying Type 240, Type 241 and Type 245 Cables

For further advice on matching installation and application demands for Mining equipment, including the use of Type 240, Type 241 and Type 245 cables, please speak to our Mining industry specialists. Please also refer to our wider portfolio of AS/NZS standard Mining power cables including Type 275 and Type 440/Type 441 Cables to support your project requiements.


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Construction Table

  CS Type 245 Cable Type 245 Rubber Mining Cable CS Type 240 Cable Type 240 Rubber Mining Cable CS Type 241 Cable Type 241 Rubber Mining Cable

1.1kV (Type 245.1) 3.3kV (Type 245.3) 6.6kV (Type 245.6)

1.1kV (Type 240.1) 3.3kV (Type 240.3) 6.6kV (Type 240.6) 11kV (Type 240.11)

1.1kV (Type 241.1) 3.3kV (Type 241.3) 6.6kV (Type 241.6) 11kV (Type 241.11)


Tinned Copper


Paper Separator (1.1kV) Semi-conducting thermosetting material (3.3kV and above)


EPR (Ethylene Propylene Rubber)


Synthetic tape (1.1kV) Semi-conducting thermosetting material (3.3kV and above)


Semi-conductive PCP (Polychloroprene)

TCWB (Tinned Copper / Polyamide braid)


Semi-conductive PCP (Polychloroprene)

Semi-conducting thermosetting compound


Three screened power cores with earth and pilot core with cradle separator

Three screened cores with 3 pilot cores on cradle separator

Three screened power cores with three earth cores on cradle separator with central pilot core


Semi-conducting thermosetting compound


Polyamide yarns in open weave

Polyamide Yarns


HD-PCP (Heavy Duty Polychloroprene)

CSP (Chlorosulphonated Polyethylene) Heavy Duty

Type 240 Type 241 and Type 245 Flexible Rubber Mining Cables

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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Voltage Rating Sheath colour Length (m)  
Type 240 Rubber Mining CableC3C01030060BK3+361.1kVBlack
Type 240 Rubber Mining CableC3C0103010BK3+3101.1kVBlack
Type 240 Rubber Mining CableC3C0103016BK3+3161.1kVBlack
Type 240 Rubber Mining CableC3C0303016BK3+3163.3kVBlack
Type 240 Rubber Mining CableC3C0603016BK3+3166.6kVBlack
Type 240 Rubber Mining CableC3C0103025BK3+3251.1kVBlack
Type 240 Rubber Mining CableC3C0303025BK3+3253.3kVBlack
Type 240 Rubber Mining CableC3C0603025BK3+3256.6kVBlack
Type 240 Rubber Mining CableC3C1103025BK3+32511kVBlack
Type 240 Rubber Mining CableC3C0103035BK3+3351.1kVBlack
Type 240 Rubber Mining CableC3C0303035BK3+3353.3kVBlack
Type 240 Rubber Mining CableC3C0603035BK3+3356.6kVBlack
Type 240 Rubber Mining CableC3C1103035BK3+33511kVBlack
Type 240 Rubber Mining CableC3C0103050BK3+3501.1kVBlack
Type 240 Rubber Mining CableC3C0303050BK3+3503.3kVBlack
Type 240 Rubber Mining CableC3C0603050BK3+3506.6kVBlack
Type 240 Rubber Mining CableC3C1103050BK3+35011kVBlack
Type 240 Rubber Mining CableC3C0103070BK3+3701.1kVBlack
Type 240 Rubber Mining CableC3C0303070BK3+3703.3kVBlack
Type 240 Rubber Mining CableC3C0603070BK3+3706.6kVBlack
Type 240 Rubber Mining CableC3C1103070BK3+37011kVBlack
Type 240 Rubber Mining CableC3C0103095BK3+3951.1kVBlack
Type 240 Rubber Mining CableC3C0303095BK3+3953.3kVBlack
Type 240 Rubber Mining CableC3C0603095BK3+3956.6kVBlack
Type 240 Rubber Mining CableC3C1103095BK3+39511kVBlack
Type 240 Rubber Mining CableC3C0103120BK3+31201.1kVBlack
Type 240 Rubber Mining CableC3C0303120BK3+31203.3kVBlack
Type 240 Rubber Mining CableC3C0603120BK3+31206.6kVBlack
Type 240 Rubber Mining CableC3C1103120BK3+312011kVBlack
Type 240 Rubber Mining CableC3C0103150BK3+31501.1kVBlack
Type 240 Rubber Mining CableC3C0303150BK3+31503.3kVBlack
Type 240 Rubber Mining CableC3C0603150BK3+31506.6kVBlack
Type 240 Rubber Mining CableC3C1103150BK3+315011kVBlack
Type 240 Rubber Mining CableC3C0103185BK3+31851.1kVBlack
Type 240 Rubber Mining CableC3C0303185BK3+31853.3kVBlack
Type 240 Rubber Mining CableC3C0603185BK3+31856.6kVBlack
Type 240 Rubber Mining CableC3C0103240BK3+32401.1kVBlack
Type 240 Rubber Mining CableC3C0303240BK3+32403.3kVBlack
Type 240 Rubber Mining CableC3C0603240BK3+32406.6kVBlack
Type 240 Rubber Mining CableC3C0103300BK3+33301.1kVBlack
Type 241 Rubber Mining CableC3G0103016BK3161.1kVBlack
Type 241 Rubber Mining CableC3G0103025BK3251.1kVBlack
Type 241 Rubber Mining CableC3G0303025BK3253.3kVBlack
Type 241 Rubber Mining CableC3G0103035BK3351.1kVBlack
Type 241 Rubber Mining CableC3G0303035BK3353.3kVBlack
Type 241 Rubber Mining CableC3G0103050BK3501.1kVBlack
Type 241 Rubber Mining CableC3G0303050BK3503.3kVBlack
Type 241 Rubber Mining CableC3G0603050BK3506.6kVBlack
Type 241 Rubber Mining CableC3G0103070BK3701.1kVBlack
Type 241 Rubber Mining CableC3G0303070BK3703.3kVBlack
Type 241 Rubber Mining CableC3G0603070BK3706.6kVBlack
Type 241 Rubber Mining CableC3G0103095BK3951.1kVBlack
Type 241 Rubber Mining CableC3G0303095BK3953.3kVBlack
Type 241 Rubber Mining CableC3G0603095BK3956.6kVBlack
Type 241 Rubber Mining CableC3G0103120BK31201.1kVBlack
Type 241 Rubber Mining CableC3G0303120BK31203.3kVBlack
Type 241 Rubber Mining CableC3G0603120BK31206.6kVBlack
Type 241 Rubber Mining CableC3G0303150BK31501.1kVBlack
Type 241 Rubber Mining CableC3G0303150BK31503.3kVBlack
Type 241 Rubber Mining CableC3G0603150BK31506.6kVBlack