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Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Cables

Eland Cables supplies a comprehensive range of variable frequency drive (VFD) cables designed for the connection of motors to the control drives where there is an electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirement. Our VFD cables are used in a wide range of industries including automation, chemical, oil & gas, mining, & marine & offshore. Our range includes 2YSLCY and 2YSL(ST)CYv (PE insulation), 9YSLYCK-J (Polypropylene), 2XSLCYK-J (XLPE insulation), VFD UL-Tray Cables with special co-polymer insulation and sheathing, signalling and control cables, as well as Belden and Equivalent cables. We also supply medium voltage VFD cables.

VFD Cable specification

Variable frequency drive cables are often referred to as variable-speed drives or adjustable-speed drive cables. They are used to power 3-phase AC electric engines in applications requiring greater control and power efficiency.

Our VFD cables are generally available in 3+3 cores (3 cores plus 3 reduced sized earth conductors) or 4 cores.

A key advantage of VFD cables is their ability to withstand high voltage spikes, often in excess of the voltage rating of the cable, under the normal operating conditions of the high-frequency application, thereby improving the longevity of the cable and the system. Another advantage is that they prevent the generation of high levels of radiated and conducted noise during high-voltage spikes, which would otherwise interfere with the communications and with the low voltage cables in proximity to the VFD system.

Variable Frequency Drive - Technical support and cable selection

Selecting the right VFD cable is essential to reducing noise emissions, voltage reflection, and cable failure. This requires identifying the construction that provides the lowest impedance ground path for the application. For technical support with your cable selection or customised design for your application, please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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Construction Table

  VFD EMC 2YSLstCYv Cable CS Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) EMC 2YSLCY Cable CS VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) VFD Tray 1405 600V Cable CS VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) VFD 9YSLCYK-J Cable CS VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) VFD EMC 2XSLCYK-J 1kV Cable



Class 5 Flexible Stranded Copper

Class 5 flexible stranded Copper


PE (Polyethylene)

XLPE (Cross-linked Polyethylene)

PP (Polypropylene)

XLPE (Cross-linked Polyethylene)


Al/Foil (Aluminium Foil) Tape

Alu/Foil Tape (4 core with individual screen too)

Al/Foil (Aluminium Foil) Tape


TCWB (Tinned Copper Wire Braid)


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

Special UL Co-Polymer - Sunlight and oil resistant

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)


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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Size (AWG) Sheath colour Length (m)  
Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) EMC 2YSLCY CableA7H030153 + 3 earth1.5n/aBlack
Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) EMC 2YSLCY CableA7H030253 + 3 earth2.5n/aBlack
Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) EMC 2YSLCY CableA7H030403 + 3 earth4.5n/aBlack
Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) EMC 2YSLCY CableA7H030603 + 3 earth6n/aBlack
Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) EMC 2YSLCY CableA7H03103 + 3 earth10n/aBlack
Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) EMC 2YSLCY CableA7H03163 + 3 earth16n/aBlack
Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) EMC 2YSLCY CableA7H03253 + 3 earth25n/aBlack
Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) EMC 2YSLCY CableA7H03353 + 3 earth35n/aBlack
Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) EMC 2YSLCY CableA7H03503 + 3 earth50n/aBlack
Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) EMC 2YSLCY CableA7H03703 + 3 earth70n/aBlack
Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) EMC 2YSLCY CableA7H03953 + 3 earth95n/aBlack
Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) EMC 2YSLCY CableA7H031203 + 3 earth120n/aBlack
Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) EMC 2YSLCY CableA7H031503 + 3 earth150n/aBlack
Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) EMC 2YSLCY CableA7H031853 + 3 earth185n/aBlack
Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) EMC 2YSLCY CableA7H032403 + 3 earth240n/aBlack
Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) EMC 2YSLCY CableA7H0401541.5n/aBlack
Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) EMC 2YSLCY CableA7H0402542.5n/aBlack
Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) EMC 2YSLCY CableA7H0404044n/aBlack
Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) EMC 2YSLCY CableA7H0406046n/aBlack
Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) EMC 2YSLCY CableA7H0410410n/aBlack
Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) EMC 2YSLCY CableA7H0416416n/aBlack
Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) EMC 2YSLCY CableA7H0425425n/aBlack
Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) EMC 2YSLCY CableA7H0435435n/aBlack
Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) EMC 2YSLCY CableA7H0450450n/aBlack
Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) EMC 2YSLCY CableA7H0470470n/aBlack
Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) EMC 2YSLCY CableA7H0495495n/aBlack
Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) EMC 2YSLCY CableA7H041204120n/aBlack
Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) EMC 2YSLCY CableA7H041504150n/aBlack
Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) EMC 2YSLCY CableA7H041854185n/aBlack
Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) EMC 2YSLCY CableA7H042404240n/aBlack
VFD Tray 1405 600V CableC2A3+3010AWG3+3n/a10Black
VFD Tray 1405 600V CableC2A3+30080AWG3+3n/a8Black
VFD Tray 1405 600V CableC2A3+30060AWG3+3n/a6Black
VFD Tray 1405 600V CableC2A3+30040AWG3+3n/a4Black
VFD Tray 1405 600V CableC2A3+30020AWG3+3n/a2Black
VFD Tray 1405 600V CableC2A3+30010AWG3+3n/a1Black
VFD Tray 1405 600V CableC2A3+31/0AWG3+3n/a1/0Black
VFD Tray 1405 600V CableC2A3+32/0AWG3+3n/a2/0Black
VFD Tray 1405 600V CableC2A3+33/0AWG3+3n/a3/0Black
VFD Tray 1405 600V CableC2A3+34/0AWG3+3n/a4/0Black
VFD Tray 1405 600V CableC2A3+3250AWG3+3n/a250Black
VFD Tray 1405 600V CableC2A3+3350AWG3+3n/a350Black
VFD Tray 1405 600V CableC2A3+3500AWG3+3n/a500Black
VFD Tray 1405 600V CableC2A4G14AWG4n/a14Black
VFD Tray 1405 600V CableC2A4G012AWG4n/a12Black
VFD Tray 1405 600V CableC2A4G010AWG4n/a10Black
VFD Tray 1405 600V CableC2A4G0080AWG4n/a8Black
VFD Tray 1405 600V CableC2A4G0060AWG4n/a6Black
VFD Tray 1405 600V CableC2A4G0040AWG4n/a4Black
VFD Tray 1405 600V CableC2A4G0020AWG4n/a2Black
VFD Tray 1405 600V CableC2A4G0010AWG4n/a1Black
VFD Tray 1405 600V CableC2A4G2/0AWG4n/a2/0Black
VFD Tray 1405 600V CableC2A4G3/0AWG4n/a3/0Black
VFD Tray 1405 600V CableC2A4G4/0AWG4n/a4/0Black
VFD Tray 1405 600V CableC2A4G250AWG4n/a250Black
VFD Tray 1405 600V CableC2A4G350AWG4n/a350Black
VFD Tray 1405 600V CableC2A4G01420184+2n/a14+18Black
VFD Tray 1405 600V CableC2A4G01220184+2n/a12+18Black
VFD Tray 1405 600V CableC2A4G01420164+2n/a14+16Black
VFD Tray 1405 600V CableC2A4G01220164+2n/a12+16Black
VFD Tray 1405 600V CableC2A4G01020164+2n/a10+6Black
VFD Tray 1405 600V CableC2A4G008020164+2n/a8+16Black
VFD Tray 1405 600V CableC2A4G006020164+2n/a6+6Black
VFD Tray 1405 600V CableC2A4G01420144+2n/a14+14Black
VFD Tray 1405 600V CableC2A4G01220144+2n/a12+14Black
VFD Tray 1405 600V CableC2A4G01020144+2n/a10+14Black
VFD Tray 1405 600V CableC2A4G008020144+2n/a8+14Black
VFD Tray 1405 600V CableC2A4G006020144+2n/a6+14Black
VFD Tray 1405 600V CableC2A4G004020144+2n/a4+14Black
VFD Tray 1405 600V CableC2A4G002020144+2n/a2+14Black
VFD Tray 1405 600V CableC2A4G001020144+2n/a1+14Black
VFD Tray 1405 600V CableC2A4G2/020144+2n/a2/0+14Black
VFD 9YSLCYK-J CableC2C3+300153+31.5n/aBlack
VFD 9YSLCYK-J CableC2C3+300253+32.5n/aBlack
VFD 9YSLCYK-J CableC2C3+300403+34n/aBlack
VFD 9YSLCYK-J CableC2C3+300603+36n/aBlack
VFD 9YSLCYK-J CableC2C3+30103+310n/aBlack
VFD 9YSLCYK-J CableC2C3+30163+316n/aBlack
VFD 9YSLCYK-J CableC2C3+30253+325n/aBlack
VFD 9YSLCYK-J CableC2C3+30353+335n/aBlack
VFD 9YSLCYK-J CableC2C3+30503+350n/aBlack
VFD 9YSLCYK-J CableC2C3+30703+370n/aBlack
VFD 9YSLCYK-J CableC2C3+30953+395n/aBlack
VFD 9YSLCYK-J CableC2C3+31203+3120n/aBlack
VFD 9YSLCYK-J CableC2C3+31503+3150n/aBlack
VFD 9YSLCYK-J CableC2C3+31853+3185n/aBlack
VFD 9YSLCYK-J CableC2C4G001541.5n/aBlack
VFD 9YSLCYK-J CableC2C4G002542.5n/aBlack
VFD 9YSLCYK-J CableC2C4G004044n/aBlack
VFD 9YSLCYK-J CableC2C4G006046n/aBlack
VFD 9YSLCYK-J CableC2C4G010410n/aBlack
VFD 9YSLCYK-J CableC2C4G016416n/aBlack
VFD 9YSLCYK-J CableC2C4G025425n/aBlack
VFD 9YSLCYK-J CableC2C4G035435n/aBlack
VFD 9YSLCYK-J CableC2C4G050450n/aBlack
VFD 9YSLCYK-J CableC2C4G070470n/aBlack
VFD 9YSLCYK-J CableC2C4G095495n/aBlack
VFD 9YSLCYK-J CableC2C4G1204120n/aBlack
VFD 9YSLCYK-J CableC2C4G1504150n/aBlack
VFD 9YSLCYK-J CableC2C4G1854185n/aBlack
VFD 9YSLCYK-J CableC2C4G2404240n/aBlack
VFD EMC 2XSLCYK-J 1kV CableC2B3+300153+31.5n/aBlack
VFD EMC 2XSLCYK-J 1kV CableC2B3+300253+32.5n/aBlack
VFD EMC 2XSLCYK-J 1kV CableC2B3+300403+34n/aBlack
VFD EMC 2XSLCYK-J 1kV CableC2B3+300603+36n/aBlack
VFD EMC 2XSLCYK-J 1kV CableC2B3+30103+310n/aBlack
VFD EMC 2XSLCYK-J 1kV CableC2B3+30163+316n/aBlack
VFD EMC 2XSLCYK-J 1kV CableC2B3+30253+325n/aBlack
VFD EMC 2XSLCYK-J 1kV CableC2B3+30353+335n/aBlack
VFD EMC 2XSLCYK-J 1kV CableC2B3+30503+350n/aBlack
VFD EMC 2XSLCYK-J 1kV CableC2B3+30703+370n/aBlack
VFD EMC 2XSLCYK-J 1kV CableC2B3+30953+395n/aBlack
VFD EMC 2XSLCYK-J 1kV CableC2B3+31203+3120n/aBlack
VFD EMC 2XSLCYK-J 1kV CableC2B3+31503+3150n/aBlack
VFD EMC 2XSLCYK-J 1kV CableC2B3+31853+3185n/aBlack
VFD EMC 2XSLCYK-J 1kV CableC2B3+32403+3240n/aBlack
VFD EMC 2XSLCYK-J 1kV CableC2B3+33003+3300n/aBlack
VFD EMC 2XSLCYK-J 1kV CableC2B4G001541.5n/aBlack
VFD EMC 2XSLCYK-J 1kV CableC2B4G002542.5n/aBlack
VFD EMC 2XSLCYK-J 1kV CableC2B4G004044n/aBlack
VFD EMC 2XSLCYK-J 1kV CableC2B4G006046n/aBlack
VFD EMC 2XSLCYK-J 1kV CableC2B4G010410n/aBlack
VFD EMC 2XSLCYK-J 1kV CableC2B4G016416n/aBlack
VFD EMC 2XSLCYK-J 1kV CableC2B4G025425n/aBlack
VFD EMC 2XSLCYK-J 1kV CableC2B4G035435n/aBlack
VFD EMC 2XSLCYK-J 1kV CableC2B4G050450n/aBlack
VFD EMC 2XSLCYK-J 1kV CableC2B4G070470n/aBlack
VFD EMC 2XSLCYK-J 1kV CableC2B4G095495n/aBlack
VFD EMC 2XSLCYK-J 1kV CableC2B4G1204120n/aBlack
VFD EMC 2XSLCYK-J 1kV CableC2B4G1504150n/aBlack
VFD EMC 2XSLCYK-J 1kV CableC2B4G1854185n/aBlack
VFD EMC 2XSLCYK-J 1kV CableC2B4G2404240n/aBlack
VFD EMC 2XSLCYK-J 1kV CableC2B4G3004300n/aBlack