Crane Cable

Crane Cable

Crane cables is a term used to cover a range of specialist cables powering and controlling cranes, hoists, festoons, conveyors and gantries.

YSLTOE cable

Used across heavy industry including mining and marine, they must be robust and capable of handling both torsional and tensile stresses simultaneously. These mobile machines for lifting and handling are often manufactured with a robust rubber outer sheathing to protect against the constant reeling and movement as well as providing protection against oils and greases. Cables with Polyethylene (PUR) and PVC sheathing are also available.

The cables are UV resistant – applications such as tower cranes and port loading gantries are subject to the elements – as well as being resistant to oils and greases. These cables are EMC screened as the cables are carrying loads and need protection from nearby electromagnetic interference. The cables remain flexible between -20oC and +70oC. 

Crane Cable Product Range

Some of the crane cables most frequently specified within our portfolio include:

Crane Cable Product Application Overview
YSLTOE cable Spreader cable for gravity-fed collector buckets
NSHTOU cable Drum winding cable
(N)SHTOU cable Drum winding cable with increased tensile strength
(N)SHTOU PUR cable Drum winding cable with Polyurethane sheathing
(N)GRDGOU cable Festoon cable
PUR-HF Festoon cable Festoon cables including EMC protected cables

Crane Cable Specification

For assistance with specifying the correct cable for your crane, hoist or gantry please contact our technical hotline on +44 20 7241 8500 or by emailing Our technical experts will be able to determine the most appropriate cable for both the application and the installation environment, with recommendations made also tailored to the geographic location (IEC or national standard) and industry best-practice.

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