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The medium voltage (N)TSCGEWÖU flexible mining, drilling and tunnelling cables is for monospiral drum and trailing operations for use in surface or underground installations. It is suited to installations under both environmental and mechanical stresses generally associated with the mining industry.

(N)TSCGEWÖU Cable Specification & Applications

(N)TSCGEWÖU Flexible cable for fixed energy distribution in mines and alongside material handling equipment
fibre optics
Flexible reeling cable with integrated fibre optic wires for high and extreme mechanical stresses, including torsional stress, deflection into different planes, and high reeling speed. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
higher flexibility
Flexible cable for energy supply to heavy mobile equipment such as drag lines, shovels, dredges, drills, under extreme mechanical stresses and abrasions during trailing operations in opencast mines
zero halogen
Flexible cable for energy supply to heavy mobile equipment such as drag lines, shovels, dredges, drills, under extreme mechanical stresses and abrasions during trailing operations in opencast mines. Halogen-free polyurethane sheathed version
Flexible supply cable for permanent use in salty and brackish water immersion up to 300 metres under high mechanical stress. For applications such as pumps, dredges and floating docks. It is suitable for trailing operations of opencast mining equipment
R-(N)TSCGEWÖU FO Reduced dimension festoon reeling cable with integrated fibre optics.


(N)TSCGEWÖU Cable Voltages

These cables are used for power distribution to heavy-duty equipment and so are available in voltages of 3.6/6kV, 6/10kV, 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV. Maximum torsional stress and working speeds will differ according to cable type but not voltage. Cables are configurated as 3+3 - 3 power cores and 3 earth cores. 

(N)TSCGEWÖU Cable Variations

Depending on the individual application, the (N)TSCGEWÖU cable is available with an anti-torsion braid, a fibre optic core, and with sheathing that allows for permanent submersion in water or halogen free for use underground or in tunnels. 

The fibre optic cable - (N)TSCGEWOU FO – is available with data transmission speeds of 50/125 or 62.5/125 multimode and 9/125 single-mode. There is a rubber compound over this twisted core. The submersible cable has an inner sheath of Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR) and is sheathed in a Chlorinated Polyethylene Rubber (CM) making it suitable for depths of up to 300m. The ZH Halogen free (N)TSCGEWOU cable has a Polyurethane inner and outer sheathing material that doesn’t emit toxic gases in the event of fire. The outer sheathing colour of the variants may differ from the red sheath of the standard (N)TSCGEWOU cable.

Additionally, there is a reduced dimension festoon reeling cable with integrated fibre optics  - R-(N)TSCGEWÖU FO - should this be applicable to the installation.

(N)TSCGEWÖU Technical Support and Datasheets

Eland Cables is a leading international mining cable supplier and we have a comprehensive portfolio of (N)TSCGEWÖU cables. Extended dimensional data and electrical characteristics are provided on the attached datasheets but please contact us for technical support with cable selection, design, and for logistical support with your project.

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Construction Table

  NTSCGEWOU Cable CS (N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV, 6/10kV, 8.7/15kV, 12/20kV, 18/30kV Cable NTSCGEWOU FO Cable CS (N)TSCGEWÖU - FO Cable R (N)TSKCGEWÖU + FO KN Cable Cross Section R-(N)TSCGEWÖU + FO Cable 3.6/6kV to 12/20kV NTSCGEWOU ATB Cable CS (N)TSCGEWÖU - ATB Cable NTSCGEWOU ZH Cable CS (N)TSCGEWÖU - ZH Cable NTSCGEWOU Submersible Cable CS (N)TSCGEWÖU - Submersible Cable

3.6/6kV, 6/10kV, 8.7/15kV, 12/20kV, 18/30kV

3.6/6kV, 6/10kV, 8.7/15kV, 12/20kV


Class 5 Flexible Stranded Tinned Copper


Rubber Compound


Semi-Conductive Tape over the Conductor and Inner and Outer Semi-Conductive Rubber Layer on the Insulation


Class 5 Flexible Tinned Copper



Transmission Data Kind 50/125 Multimode, 62.5/125 Multimode, 9/125 Singlemode
Rubber Compound over the Twisted Cores

A-D(ZN)13Y 6, 12, 18 or 24 fibres G50/125, G62,5/125 or E9/125



Semi-Conductive Compound on a Textile Polyester Support

Semi-Conductive Compound on a Textile Polyester Support


Rubber Compound

Halogen-Free Polyurethane

EPR Rubber Compound Water Proofing


Polyester Braid between the Inner and Outer Sheath



Abrasion Resistant Rubber Compound

Halogen-Free PUR (Polyurethane)

CM Rubber Compound Water Proofing


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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Phase Conductor Size Voltage Rating Sheath colour Length (m)  
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV, 6/10kV, 8.7/15kV, 12/20kV, 18/30kV CableA7HB06KV1025RD3+3n/a25mm²3.6/6kVRed
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV, 6/10kV, 8.7/15kV, 12/20kV, 18/30kV CableA7HB06KV1035RD3+3n/a35mm²3.6/6kVRed
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV, 6/10kV, 8.7/15kV, 12/20kV, 18/30kV CableA7HB06KV1050RD3+3n/a50mm²3.6/6kVRed
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV, 6/10kV, 8.7/15kV, 12/20kV, 18/30kV CableA7HB06KV1070RD3+3n/a70mm²3.6/6kVRed
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV, 6/10kV, 8.7/15kV, 12/20kV, 18/30kV CableA7HB06KV1095RD3+3n/a95mm²3.6/6kVRed
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV, 6/10kV, 8.7/15kV, 12/20kV, 18/30kV CableA7HB06KV1120RD3+3n/a120mm²3.6/6kVRed
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV, 6/10kV, 8.7/15kV, 12/20kV, 18/30kV CableA7HB06KV1150RD3+3n/a150mm²3.6/6kVRed
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV, 6/10kV, 8.7/15kV, 12/20kV, 18/30kV CableA7HB06KV1185RD3+3n/a185mm²3.6/6kVRed
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV, 6/10kV, 8.7/15kV, 12/20kV, 18/30kV CableA7HB10KV1025RD3+3n/a25mm²6/10kVRed
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV, 6/10kV, 8.7/15kV, 12/20kV, 18/30kV CableA7HB10KV1035RD3+3n/a35mm²6/10kVRed
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV, 6/10kV, 8.7/15kV, 12/20kV, 18/30kV CableA7HB10KV1050RD3+3n/a50mm²6/10kVRed
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV, 6/10kV, 8.7/15kV, 12/20kV, 18/30kV CableA7HB10KV1070RD3+3n/a70mm²6/10kVRed
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV, 6/10kV, 8.7/15kV, 12/20kV, 18/30kV CableA7HB10KV1095RD3+3n/a95mm²6/10kVRed
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV, 6/10kV, 8.7/15kV, 12/20kV, 18/30kV CableA7HB10KV1120RD3+3n/a120mm²6/10kVRed
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV, 6/10kV, 8.7/15kV, 12/20kV, 18/30kV CableA7HB10KV1150RD3+3n/a150mm²6/10kVRed
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV, 6/10kV, 8.7/15kV, 12/20kV, 18/30kV CableA7HB10KV1185RD3+3n/a185mm²6/10kVRed
R-(N)TSCGEWÖU + FO Cable 3.6/6kV to 12/20kVF1C030253+2+FO25+25mm²n/an/aRed
R-(N)TSCGEWÖU + FO Cable 3.6/6kV to 12/20kVF1C030353+2+FO35+25mm²n/an/aRed
R-(N)TSCGEWÖU + FO Cable 3.6/6kV to 12/20kVF1C030503+2+FO50+25mm²n/an/aRed
R-(N)TSCGEWÖU + FO Cable 3.6/6kV to 12/20kVF1C030703+2+FO70+35mm²n/an/aRed
R-(N)TSCGEWÖU + FO Cable 3.6/6kV to 12/20kVF1C030953+2+FO95+50mm²n/an/aRed
R-(N)TSCGEWÖU + FO Cable 3.6/6kV to 12/20kVF1C031203+2+FO120+70mm²n/an/aRed
R-(N)TSCGEWÖU + FO Cable 3.6/6kV to 12/20kVF1C031503+2+FO150+70mm²n/an/aRed
R-(N)TSCGEWÖU + FO Cable 3.6/6kV to 12/20kVF1C031853+2+FO185+95mm²n/an/aRed
R-(N)TSCGEWÖU + FO Cable 3.6/6kV to 12/20kVF1D030253+2+FO25+25mm²n/an/aRed
R-(N)TSCGEWÖU + FO Cable 3.6/6kV to 12/20kVF1D030353+2+FO35+25mm²n/an/aRed
R-(N)TSCGEWÖU + FO Cable 3.6/6kV to 12/20kVF1D030503+2+FO50+25mm²n/an/aRed
R-(N)TSCGEWÖU + FO Cable 3.6/6kV to 12/20kVF1D030703+2+FO70+35mm²n/an/aRed
R-(N)TSCGEWÖU + FO Cable 3.6/6kV to 12/20kVF1D030953+2+FO95+50mm²n/an/aRed
R-(N)TSCGEWÖU + FO Cable 3.6/6kV to 12/20kVF1D031203+2+FO120+70mm²n/an/aRed
R-(N)TSCGEWÖU + FO Cable 3.6/6kV to 12/20kVF1D031503+2+FO150+70mm²n/an/aRed
R-(N)TSCGEWÖU + FO Cable 3.6/6kV to 12/20kVF1D031853+2+FO185+95mm²n/an/aRed
R-(N)TSCGEWÖU + FO Cable 3.6/6kV to 12/20kVF1E030253+2+FO25+25mm²n/an/aRed
R-(N)TSCGEWÖU + FO Cable 3.6/6kV to 12/20kVF1E030353+2+FO35+25mm²n/an/aRed
R-(N)TSCGEWÖU + FO Cable 3.6/6kV to 12/20kVF1E030503+2+FO50+25mm²n/an/aRed
R-(N)TSCGEWÖU + FO Cable 3.6/6kV to 12/20kVF1E030703+2+FO70+35mm²n/an/aRed
R-(N)TSCGEWÖU + FO Cable 3.6/6kV to 12/20kVF1E030953+2+FO95+50mm²n/an/aRed
R-(N)TSCGEWÖU + FO Cable 3.6/6kV to 12/20kVF1E031203+2+FO120+70mm²n/an/aRed
R-(N)TSCGEWÖU + FO Cable 3.6/6kV to 12/20kVF1E031503+2+FO150+70mm²n/an/aRed
R-(N)TSCGEWÖU + FO Cable 3.6/6kV to 12/20kVF1E031853+2+FO185+95mm²n/an/aRed
R-(N)TSCGEWÖU + FO Cable 3.6/6kV to 12/20kVF1G030253+2+FO25+25mm²n/an/aRed
R-(N)TSCGEWÖU + FO Cable 3.6/6kV to 12/20kVF1G030353+2+FO35+25mm²n/an/aRed
R-(N)TSCGEWÖU + FO Cable 3.6/6kV to 12/20kVF1G030503+2+FO50+25mm²n/an/aRed
R-(N)TSCGEWÖU + FO Cable 3.6/6kV to 12/20kVF1G030703+2+FO70+35mm²n/an/aRed
R-(N)TSCGEWÖU + FO Cable 3.6/6kV to 12/20kVF1G030953+2+FO95+50mm²n/an/aRed
R-(N)TSCGEWÖU + FO Cable 3.6/6kV to 12/20kVF1G031203+2+FO120+70mm²n/an/aRed
R-(N)TSCGEWÖU + FO Cable 3.6/6kV to 12/20kVF1G031503+2+FO150+70mm²n/an/aRed
R-(N)TSCGEWÖU + FO Cable 3.6/6kV to 12/20kVF1G031853+2+FO185+95mm²n/an/aRed
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV FO CableA7HF06KV1025RD3+2+FOn/a25mm²3.6/6kVRed
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV FO CableA7HF06KV1035RD3+2+FOn/a35mm²3.6/6kVRed
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV FO CableA7HF06KV1050RD3+2+FOn/a50mm²3.6/6kVRed
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV FO CableA7HF06KV1070RD3+2+FOn/a70mm²3.6/6kVRed
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV FO CableA7HF06KV1095RD3+2+FOn/a95mm²3.6/6kVRed
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV FO CableA7HF06KV1120RD3+2+FOn/a120mm²3.6/6kVRed
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV FO CableA7HF06KV1150RD3+2+FOn/a150mm²3.6/6kVRed
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV FO CableA7HF10KV1025RD3+2+FOn/a25mm²6/10kVRed
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV FO CableA7HF10KV1035RD3+2+FOn/a35mm²6/10kVRed
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV FO CableA7HF10KV1050RD3+2+FOn/a50mm²6/10kVRed
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV FO CableA7HF10KV1070RD3+2+FOn/a70mm²6/10kVRed
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV FO CableA7HF10KV1095RD3+2+FOn/a95mm²6/10kVRed
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV FO CableA7HF10KV1120RD3+2+FOn/a120mm²6/10kVRed
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV FO CableA7HF15KV1025RD3+2+FOn/a25mm²8.7/15kVRed
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV FO CableA7HF15KV1035RD3+2+FOn/a35mm²8.7/15kVRed
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV FO CableA7HF15KV1050RD3+2+FOn/a50mm²8.7/15kVRed
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV FO CableA7HF15KV1070RD3+2+FOn/a70mm²8.7/15kVRed
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV FO CableA7HF15KV1095RD3+2+FOn/a95mm²8.7/15kVRed
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV FO CableA7HF20KV1025RD3+2+FOn/a25mm²12/20kVRed
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV FO CableA7HF20KV1035RD3+2+FOn/a35mm²12/20kVRed
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV FO CableA7HF20KV1050RD3+2+FOn/a50mm²12/20kVRed
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV FO CableA7HF20KV1070RD3+2+FOn/a70mm²12/20kVRed
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ATB CableA7HC06KV1025YW3+3n/a25mm²3.6/6kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ATB CableA7HC06KV1035YW3+3n/a35mm²3.6/6kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ATB CableA7HC06KV1050YW3+3n/a50mm²3.6/6kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ATB CableA7HC06KV1070YW3+3n/a70mm²3.6/6kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ATB CableA7HC06KV1095YW3+3n/a95mm²3.6/6kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ATB CableA7HC06KV1120YW3+3n/a120mm²3.6/6kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ATB CableA7HC06KV1150YW3+3n/a150mm²3.6/6kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ATB CableA7HC06KV1185YW3+3n/a185mm²3.6/6kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ATB CableA7HC10KV1025YW3+3n/a25mm²6/10kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ATB CableA7HC10KV1035YW3+3n/a35mm²6/10kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ATB CableA7HC10KV1050YW3+3n/a50mm²6/10kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ATB CableA7HC10KV1070YW3+3n/a70mm²6/10kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ATB CableA7HC10KV1095YW3+3n/a95mm²6/10kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ATB CableA7HC10KV1120YW3+3n/a120mm²6/10kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ATB CableA7HC10KV1150YW3+3n/a150mm²6/10kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ATB CableA7HC10KV1185YW3+3n/a185mm²6/10kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ATB CableA7HC15KV1025YW3+3n/a25mm²8.7/15kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ATB CableA7HC15KV1035YW3+3n/a35mm²8.7/15kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ATB CableA7HC15KV1050YW3+3n/a50mm²8.7/15kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ATB CableA7HC15KV1070YW3+3n/a70mm²8.7/15kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ATB CableA7HC15KV1095YW3+3n/a95mm²8.7/15kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ATB CableA7HC15KV1120YW3+3n/a120mm²8.7/15kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ATB CableA7HC15KV1150YW3+3n/a150mm²8.7/15kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ATB CableA7HC20KV1025YW3+3n/a25mm²12/20kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ATB CableA7HC20KV1035YW3+3n/a35mm²12/20kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ATB CableA7HC20KV1050YW3+3n/a50mm²12/20kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ATB CableA7HC20KV1070YW3+3n/a70mm²12/20kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ATB CableA7HC20KV1095YW3+3n/a95mm²12/20kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ATB CableA7HC20KV1120YW3+3n/a120mm²12/20kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ZH CableA7HX06KV1025YW3+3n/a25mm²3.6/6kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ZH CableA7HX06KV1035YW3+3n/a35mm²3.6/6kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ZH CableA7HX06KV1050YW3+3n/a50mm²3.6/6kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ZH CableA7HX06KV1070YW3+3n/a70mm²3.6/6kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ZH CableA7HX06KV1095YW3+3n/a95mm²3.6/6kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ZH CableA7HX06KV1120YW3+3n/a120mm²3.6/6kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ZH CableA7HX06KV1150YW3+3n/a150mm²3.6/6kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ZH CableA7HX06KV1185YW3+3n/a185mm²3.6/6kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ZH CableA7HX10KV1025YW3+3n/a25mm²6/10kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ZH CableA7HX10KV1035YW3+3n/a35mm²6/10kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ZH CableA7HX10KV1050YW3+3n/a50mm²6/10kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ZH CableA7HX10KV1070YW3+3n/a70mm²6/10kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ZH CableA7HX10KV1095YW3+3n/a95mm²6/10kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ZH CableA7HX10KV1120YW3+3n/a120mm²6/10kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ZH CableA7HX10KV1150YW3+3n/a150mm²6/10kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ZH CableA7HX10KV1185YW3+3n/a185mm²6/10kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ZH CableA7HX15KV1025YW3+3n/a25mm²8.7/15kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ZH CableA7HX15KV1035YW3+3n/a35mm²8.7/15kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ZH CableA7HX15KV1050YW3+3n/a50mm²8.7/15kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ZH CableA7HX15KV1070YW3+3n/a70mm²8.7/15kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ZH CableA7HX15KV1095YW3+3n/a95mm²8.7/15kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ZH CableA7HX15KV1120YW3+3n/a120mm²8.7/15kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ZH CableA7HX15KV1150YW3+3n/a150mm²8.7/15kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ZH CableA7HX15KV1185YW3+3n/a185mm²8.7/15kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ZH CableA7HX20KV1025YW3+3n/a25mm²12/20kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ZH CableA7HX20KV1035YW3+3n/a35mm²12/20kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ZH CableA7HX20KV1050YW3+3n/a50mm²12/20kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ZH CableA7HX20KV1070YW3+3n/a70mm²12/20kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ZH CableA7HX20KV1095YW3+3n/a95mm²12/20kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ZH CableA7HX20KV1120YW3+3n/a120mm²12/20kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ZH CableA7HX20KV1150YW3+3n/a150mm²12/20kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ZH CableA7HX20KV1185YW3+3n/a185mm²12/20kVYellow
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV Submersible CableA7HR06KV1025BK3+3n/a25mm²3.6/6kVBlack
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV Submersible CableA7HR06KV1035BK3+3n/a35mm²3.6/6kVBlack
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV Submersible CableA7HR06KV1050BK3+3n/a50mm²3.6/6kVBlack
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV Submersible CableA7HR06KV1070BK3+3n/a70mm²3.6/6kVBlack
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV Submersible CableA7HR06KV1095BK3+3n/a95mm²3.6/6kVBlack
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV Submersible CableA7HR06KV1120BK3+3n/a120mm²3.6/6kVBlack
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV Submersible CableA7HR06KV1150BK3+3n/a150mm²3.6/6kVBlack
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV Submersible CableA7HR06KV1185BK3+3n/a185mm²3.6/6kVBlack
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV Submersible CableA7HR10KV1025BK3+3n/a25mm²6/10kVBlack
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV Submersible CableA7HR10KV1035BK3+3n/a35mm²6/10kVBlack
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV Submersible CableA7HR10KV1050BK3+3n/a50mm²6/10kVBlack
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV Submersible CableA7HR10KV1070BK3+3n/a70mm²6/10kVBlack
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV Submersible CableA7HR10KV1095BK3+3n/a95mm²6/10kVBlack
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV Submersible CableA7HR10KV1120BK3+3n/a120mm²6/10kVBlack
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV Submersible CableA7HR10KV1150BK3+3n/a150mm²6/10kVBlack
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV Submersible CableA7HR10KV1185BK3+3n/a185mm²6/10kVBlack
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV Submersible CableA7HR15KV1025BK3+3n/a25mm²8.7/15kVBlack
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV Submersible CableA7HR15KV1035BK3+3n/a35mm²8.7/15kVBlack
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV Submersible CableA7HR15KV1050BK3+3n/a50mm²8.7/15kVBlack
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV Submersible CableA7HR15KV1070BK3+3n/a70mm²8.7/15kVBlack
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV Submersible CableA7HR15KV1095BK3+3n/a95mm²8.7/15kVBlack
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV Submersible CableA7HR15KV1120BK3+3n/a120mm²8.7/15kVBlack
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV Submersible CableA7HR15KV1150BK3+3n/a150mm²8.7/15kVBlack
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV Submersible CableA7HR15KV1185BK3+3n/a185mm²8.7/15kVBlack
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV Submersible CableA7HR20KV1025BK3+3n/a25mm²12/20kVBlack
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV Submersible CableA7HR20KV1035BK3+3n/a35mm²12/20kVBlack
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV Submersible CableA7HR20KV1050BK3+3n/a50mm²12/20kVBlack
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV Submersible CableA7HR20KV1070BK3+3n/a70mm²12/20kVBlack
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV Submersible CableA7HR20KV1095BK3+3n/a95mm²12/20kVBlack
(N)TSCGEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV Submersible CableA7HR20KV1120BK3+3n/a120mm²12/20kVBlack