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YSLTOE-J 300/500V Cable

As a control cable, the YSLTOE-J is designed specifically to be integrated with high-speed container cranes using gravity-feed collector buckets. It is also referred to as a spreader cable, and works to control the locking mechanisms of the buckets. It has a rated voltage of 300/500V.

YSLTOE Cable Specification

These container cranes are commonly used in opencast mining but variations also operate in ship-to-shore marine loading where they may be more commonly referred to as gantry cranes. As a control cable, it regulates the operation and transmits signal.

The YSLTOE is sheathed with Halogen-free Polyurethane (PUR) to offer robust protection from environmental elements, whilst the construction sees central support fillers of Kevlar and lead rope. It should be noted that whilst the YSLTOE emits no toxic gases in the event of a fire, the PUR remains a flammable material and any use within buildings should be considered.

The control cable can operate under a maximum tensile load of 13000 Newtons per mm2 of the conductor cross-sectional area, and a maximum working speed of 160m per minute.

YSLTOE Cable Sizes

The cable is configured as 6 cores bundles laid up with central lead ball rope, stranded around the central support. As a multicore cable, it is provided in 30G up to 48G cores, in core sizes of 2.5mm2. A 48 core variant is also available in 1mm2 core size.

The YSLTOE is just one of the portfolio of crane cables capable of working under heavy mechanical stresses. This control cable may be used in conjunction with NSHTOU drum reeling cable to provide power and control to dynamic static equipment.

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Construction Table

  YSLTOE-J Cable CS YSLTOE-J 300/500V Cable



Lead Balls Ropes Stranded Around, Kevlar® Supports


Class 5 Flexible Stranded Copper


Thermoplastic Compound


Halogen-Free PUR (Polyurethane)

YSLTOE-J 300/500V Cable

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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
YSLTOE-J 300/500V CableA7R30G0025BK302.5mm²Black
YSLTOE-J 300/500V CableA7R36G0025BK362.5mm²Black
YSLTOE-J 300/500V CableA7R42G0025BK422.5mm²Black
YSLTOE-J 300/500V CableA7R48G0025BK482.5mm²Black
YSLTOE-J 300/500V CableA7R48G0010BK481.0mm²Black