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The (N)TSCGECEWÖU range  is designed for monospiral drum reeling and trailing operations and will withstand the rigours of the environmental and mechanical operations associated with the Mining industry.

(N)TSCGECEWÖU Cable Specification

The (N)TSCGECEWÖU cable is designed to offer additional flexibility compared to the (N)TSCGEWÖU cables as well as having a Protective Earth Conductor of individual copper wire braid for added safety. 

The (N)TSCGECEWÖU cables are suitable for opencast mining and sub-surface mining applications.

They are available in voltages ranging from 3.6/6kV through to 18/30kV, in cable sizes from 25mm2 to 150mm2, and with additional variants with fibre optic, anti-torsion braids and suitable for permanent submersion, depending on the specific application.

(N)TSCGECEWÖU Cable Applications

(N)TSCGECEWÖU Flexible cable for fixed energy distribution in mines and alongside material handling equipment.
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - ATB Flexible cable for providing energy supply to heavy mobile equipment during trailing operations in opencast mines. Applications include drag lines, shovels, dredges and drills performing under extreme mechanical stresses and abrasion.
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - ATB (Ground conductor) The ATB cable with Ground Check Conductor has additional Earth Protective Conductors over and above the Protective Earth Conductor of individual copper braid. The cable benefits from 2x copper earth conductors and 1x copper checking earth wiring conductor.
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - Submersible Suitable for depths up to 300m and for permanent use in salty or brackish water, these flexible supply cables are used for applications such as pumps, dredges and floating docks, as well as trailing operations of opencast mining equipment.


(N)TSCGECEWÖU Cable Technical Support

The choice of (N)TSCGECEWÖU cables with robust rubber sheathed cables for trailing operations may require additional information and support. Where the information on our attached technical datasheets does not provide the data required, please speak to our technical experts can provide guidance and recommendations to assist with specification. Please contact our technical hotline on +44 20 7241 8500 or email technical@elandcables.com for more information.

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Construction Table


3.6/6kV, 6/10kV
8.7/15kV, 12/20kV

1.8/3kV, 3.6/6kV, 6/10kV
8.7/15kV, 12/20kV

3.6/6kV, 6/10kV
8.7/15kV, 12/20kV


Class 5 Flexible Stranded Tinned Copper


Rubber Compound


Semi-Conductive Tape over the Conductor and Inner and Outer Semi-Conductive Rubber Layer on the Insulation


Individual Copper Wire Screen

Individual Copper Wire Braid

Individual Copper Braid
2 x Copper Earth Conductors
1 x Copper Checking Earth Wiring Conductor

Individual Copper Wire Braid


Rubber Compound on a Textile Polyester Support


Rubber Compound

Abrasion Resistant Rubber Compound

EPR Rubber Compound with Water Proofing



Polyester Braid between the Inner and Outer Sheath



Abrasion Resistant Rubber Compound

CM Rubber Compound Water Proofing


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Product name Part No Cores Phase Conductor Size Voltage Rating Sheath colour Length (m)  
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV CableA7HN06KV1025RD3+325mm²3.6/6kVRed
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV CableA7HN06KV1035RD3+335mm²3.6/6kVRed
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV CableA7HN06KV1050RD3+350mm²3.6/6kVRed
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV CableA7HN06KV1070RD3+370mm²3.6/6kVRed
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV CableA7HN06KV1095RD3+395mm²3.6/6kVRed
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV CableA7HN06KV1120RD3+3120mm²3.6/6kVRed
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV CableA7HN06KV1150RD3+3150mm²3.6/6kVRed
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV CableA7HN06KV1185RD3+3185mm²3.6/6kVRed
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV CableA7HN10KV1025RD3+325mm²6/10kVRed
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV CableA7HN10KV1035RD3+335mm²6/10kVRed
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV CableA7HN10KV1050RD3+350mm²6/10kVRed
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV CableA7HN10KV1070RD3+370mm²6/10kVRed
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV CableA7HN10KV1095RD3+395mm²6/10kVRed
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV CableA7HN10KV1120RD3+3120mm²6/10kVRed
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV CableA7HN10KV1150RD3+3150mm²6/10kVRed
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV CableA7HN10KV1185RD3+3185mm²6/10kVRed
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV CableA7HN15KV1025RD3+325mm²8.7/15kVRed
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV CableA7HN15KV1035RD3+335mm²8.7/15kVRed
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV CableA7HN15KV1050RD3+350mm²8.7/15kVRed
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV CableA7HN15KV1070RD3+370mm²8.7/15kVRed
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV CableA7HN15KV1095RD3+395mm²8.7/15kVRed
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV CableA7HN15KV1120RD3+3120mm²8.7/15kVRed
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV CableA7HN15KV1150RD3+3150mm²8.7/15kVRed
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV CableA7HN20KV1025RD3+325mm²12/20kVRed
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV CableA7HN20KV1035RD3+335mm²12/20kVRed
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV CableA7HN20KV1050RD3+350mm²12/20kVRed
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV CableA7HN20KV1070RD3+370mm²12/20kVRed
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV CableA7HN20KV1095RD3+395mm²12/20kVRed
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV CableA7HN20KV1120RD3+3120mm²12/20kVRed
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ATB CableA7HA06KV1025YW3+325mm²3.6/6kVYellow
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ATB CableA7HA06KV1035YW3+335mm²3.6/6kVYellow
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ATB CableA7HA06KV1050YW3+350mm²3.6/6kVYellow
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ATB CableA7HA06KV1070YW3+370mm²3.6/6kVYellow
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ATB CableA7HA06KV1095YW3+395mm²3.6/6kVYellow
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ATB CableA7HA06KV1120YW3+3120mm²3.6/6kVYellow
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ATB CableA7HA06KV1150YW3+3150mm²3.6/6kVYellow
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ATB CableA7HA10KV1025YW3+325mm²6/10kVYellow
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ATB CableA7HA10KV1035YW3+335mm²6/10kVYellow
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ATB CableA7HA10KV1050YW3+350mm²6/10kVYellow
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ATB CableA7HA10KV1070YW3+370mm²6/10kVYellow
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ATB CableA7HA10KV1095YW3+395mm²6/10kVYellow
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ATB CableA7HA10KV1120YW3+3120mm²6/10kVYellow
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ATB CableA7HA10KV1150YW3+3150mm²6/10kVYellow
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ATB CableA7HA15KV1025YW3+325mm²8.7/15kVYellow
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ATB CableA7HA15KV1035YW3+335mm²8.7/15kVYellow
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ATB CableA7HA15KV1050YW3+350mm²8.7/15kVYellow
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ATB CableA7HA15KV1070YW3+370mm²8.7/15kVYellow
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ATB CableA7HA15KV1095YW3+395mm²8.7/15kVYellow
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ATB CableA7HA15KV1120YW3+3120mm²8.7/15kVYellow
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ATB CableA7HA20KV1025YW3+325mm²12/20kVYellow
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ATB CableA7HA20KV1035YW3+335mm²12/20kVYellow
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ATB CableA7HA20KV1050YW3+350mm²12/20kVYellow
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ATB CableA7HA20KV1070YW3+370mm²12/20kVYellow
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ATB CableA7HA20KV1095YW3+395mm²12/20kVYellow
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 1.8/3kV, 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ATB Cable (Ground Check Conductor)A7HG15KV025YW3+2+125mm²8.7/15kVYellow
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 1.8/3kV, 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ATB Cable (Ground Check Conductor)A7HG15KV035YW3+2+135mm²8.7/15kVYellow
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 1.8/3kV, 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ATB Cable (Ground Check Conductor)A7HG15KV050YW3+2+150mm²8.7/15kVYellow
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 1.8/3kV, 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ATB Cable (Ground Check Conductor)A7HG15KV070YW3+2+170mm²8.7/15kVYellow
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 1.8/3kV, 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ATB Cable (Ground Check Conductor)A7HG15KV095YW3+2+195mm²8.7/15kVYellow
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 1.8/3kV, 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ATB Cable (Ground Check Conductor)A7HG20KV025YW3+2+125mm²12/20kVYellow
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 1.8/3kV, 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ATB Cable (Ground Check Conductor)A7HG20KV035YW3+2+135mm²12/20kVYellow
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 1.8/3kV, 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ATB Cable (Ground Check Conductor)A7HG20KV050YW3+2+150mm²12/20kVYellow
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 1.8/3kV, 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV ATB Cable (Ground Check Conductor)A7HG20KV070YW3+2+170mm²12/20kVYellow
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ATB Cable (Ground Check Conductor)A7HG03KV025YW3+2+125mm²1.8/3kVYellow
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ATB Cable (Ground Check Conductor)A7HG03KV035YW3+2+135mm²1.8/3kVYellow
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ATB Cable (Ground Check Conductor)A7HG03KV050YW3+2+150mm²1.8/3kVYellow
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ATB Cable (Ground Check Conductor)A7HG03KV070YW3+2+170mm²1.8/3kVYellow
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ATB Cable (Ground Check Conductor)A7HG03KV095YW3+2+195mm²1.8/3kVYellow
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ATB Cable (Ground Check Conductor)A7HG03KV120YW3+2+1120mm²1.8/3kVYellow
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ATB Cable (Ground Check Conductor)A7HG03KV150YW3+2+1150mm²1.8/3kVYellow
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ATB Cable (Ground Check Conductor)A7HG03KV185YW3+2+1185mm²1.8/3kVYellow
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ATB Cable (Ground Check Conductor)A7HG06KV025YW3+2+125mm²3.6/6kVYellow
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ATB Cable (Ground Check Conductor)A7HG06KV035YW3+2+135mm²3.6/6kVYellow
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ATB Cable (Ground Check Conductor)A7HG06KV050YW3+2+150mm²3.6/6kVYellow
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ATB Cable (Ground Check Conductor)A7HG06KV070YW3+2+170mm²3.6/6kVYellow
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ATB Cable (Ground Check Conductor)A7HG06KV095YW3+2+195mm²3.6/6kVYellow
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ATB Cable (Ground Check Conductor)A7HG06KV120YW3+2+1120mm²3.6/6kVYellow
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ATB Cable (Ground Check Conductor)A7HG06KV150YW3+2+1150mm²3.6/6kVYellow
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ATB Cable (Ground Check Conductor)A7HG10KV025YW3+2+125mm²6/10kVYellow
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ATB Cable (Ground Check Conductor)A7HG10KV035YW3+2+135mm²6/10kVYellow
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ATB Cable (Ground Check Conductor)A7HG10KV050YW3+2+150mm²6/10kVYellow
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ATB Cable (Ground Check Conductor)A7HG10KV070YW3+2+170mm²6/10kVYellow
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ATB Cable (Ground Check Conductor)A7HG10KV095YW3+2+195mm²6/10kVYellow
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV ATB Cable (Ground Check Conductor)A7HG10KV120YW3+2+1120mm²6/10kVYellow
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV Submersible CableA7HS06KV1025BK3+325mm²3.6/6kVBlack
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV Submersible CableA7HS06KV1035BK3+335mm²3.6/6kVBlack
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV Submersible CableA7HS06KV1050BK3+350mm²3.6/6kVBlack
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV Submersible CableA7HS06KV1070BK3+370mm²3.6/6kVBlack
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV Submersible CableA7HS06KV1095BK3+395mm²3.6/6kVBlack
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV Submersible CableA7HS06KV1120BK3+3120mm²3.6/6kVBlack
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV Submersible CableA7HS06KV1150BK3+3150mm²3.6/6kVBlack
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV Submersible CableA7HS06KV1185BK3+3185mm²3.6/6kVBlack
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV Submersible CableA7HS10KV1025BK3+325mm²6/10kVBlack
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV Submersible CableA7HS10KV1035BK3+335mm²6/10kVBlack
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV Submersible CableA7HS10KV1050BK3+350mm²6/10kVBlack
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV Submersible CableA7HS10KV1070BK3+370mm²6/10kVBlack
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV Submersible CableA7HS10KV1090BK3+395mm²6/10kVBlack
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV Submersible CableA7HS10KV1120BK3+3120mm²6/10kVBlack
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV Submersible CableA7HS10KV1150BK3+3150mm²6/10kVBlack
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 3.6/6kV and 6/10kV Submersible CableA7HS10KV1185BK3+3185mm²6/10kVBlack
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV Submersible CableA7HS15KV1025BK3+325mm²8.7/15kVBlack
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV Submersible CableA7HS15KV1035BK3+335mm²8.7/15kVBlack
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV Submersible CableA7HS15KV1050BK3+350mm²8.7/15kVBlack
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV Submersible CableA7HS15KV1070BK3+370mm²8.7/15kVBlack
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV Submersible CableA7HS15KV1095BK3+395mm²8.7/15kVBlack
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV Submersible CableA7HS15KV1120BK3+3120mm²8.7/15kVBlack
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV Submersible CableA7HS20KV1025BK3+325mm²12/20kVBlack
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV Submersible CableA7HS20KV1035BK3+335mm²12/20kVBlack
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV Submersible CableA7HS20KV1050BK3+350mm²12/20kVBlack
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV Submersible CableA7HS20KV1070BK3+370mm²12/20kVBlack
(N)TSCGECEWÖU - 8.7/15kV and 12/20kV Submersible CableA7HS20KV1095BK3+395mm²12/20kVBlack