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Heat Resistance Testing for Textile Braid Cables

Heat Resistance testing on textile braided cables is conducted in accordance with IEC 60245-1 clause and IEC 60245-2 clause 6. to determine if it will withstand relatively brief exposure to elevated temperatures.

The equipment required for the test is a heated oven with natural airflow, an aluminium block, and a steel base plate with guide rods designed so that the aluminium block can slide between the guide rods without impediment avoiding any lateral tilting.

The Heat Resistance testing itself sees a sample of the completed cable, approximately 300mm in length, straightened and placed in the middle of the aluminium block as close as possible to the mean longitudinal axis of the steel base plate.

Textile braid cable

The aluminium block with the textile braid cable is placed in the pre-heated oven at a temperature of 260°C ± 5°C for a period of at least 4 hours. After this time, the aluminium block is removed from the oven and immediately placed on the test sample for 60 seconds  before being removed from the sample.

The test is regarded as successful if the braid, or any component of the braid, does not show any melting or charring.


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About Eland Cables

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