MV Testing Facility

Specialist MV Test Facility

for Power Cables

Our specialist MV testing facility, also located on our Denaby distribution site, is an extension of The Cable Lab. It exclusively focuses on power cables of medium and high voltage ranging from 3.8/6.6kV to 25/44kV. These large cross-sectional size cables are wound onto wooden cable drums that can surpass 2m in height and so a standalone site was required to deliver effective testing at scale.

Medium Voltage cables require the same Quality and Compliance testing as other cables, including dimensional measurements and insulation tensile and elongation measurement tests, but additionally benefit from VLF testing on the completed cable drum to demonstrate insulation integrity. This testing can now be done under strictly controlled conditions to provide the assurances of a high performance MV cable.

VLF testing in Eland Cables' MV test facility

Eland Cables' MV testing facility

MV Testing for Network Rail Cables

We also offer Medium Voltage cable testing specific to Network Rail approved cables including Oversheath Continuity testing on Graphite coated cables. The graphite coating is applied to trackside power NR/PS/ELP/00008 cables with a voltage rating of 19/33kV and 25/44kV and checks there are no defects - holes or fractures - in the cables' sheathing material. Such defects are usually too small to be seen by visual examination. 

By undertaking oversheath continuity testing we provide assurances to Network Rail's contractors and engineers that the graphite-coated MV cable sourced from us is of the required standard at the point of supply, before a further onsite test to ensure no defects have been introduced during the installation process. This is a standard Network Rail requirement.

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