Static Flexibility Testing for Cables

The test for static flexibility applies to arc welding electrode cables and lift cables and is designed to demonstrate that the cables will not become deformed when flexed in a static position. The test and apparatus used is designed to comply with the standards IEC 60245-1 clause and IEC 60245-2 clause 3.2. 

A cable sample with a length of 3m ± 0.05 m is tested in an apparatus similar to that shown in the diagram below:

Equipment for Static Flexibility testing for cables

Two clamps, A and B, are located at a height of at least 1.5 m above ground level. Clamp A is fixed, and clamp B can move horizontally at the level of clamp A. The ends of the sample are clamped vertically and remain vertical throughout the test.

With one end fixed and static in Clamp A and the other in the movable Clamp B, there is roughly a distance of 0.20 m between them. The cable takes roughly the shape indicated by the dotted lines.

Once the Static Flexibility test begins, the movable Clamp B is moved away from the fixed clamp A until the loop formed by the cable takes the shape, indicated by the heavy outline, of the U. It remains enclosed wholly between two plumb lines through the clamps and set up tangentially to the external generatrix of the cable. The test is conducted twice with the cable being turned through 180° in the clamp after the first test.

The mean of the two values is measured between the two plumb lines. For the cable to meet the requirements of the static flexibility test, thee mean of the two values shall not exceed the values specified in the below tables for arc-welding electrode cables and for lift cables.

Values for Static Flexibility testing for cables

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