Oil Immersion Testing for Cables

IEC 60811 Part 404 specifies the method for a mineral oil immersion test, which typically applies to cross-linked compounds used for sheathing materials. The purpose of the oil immersion test is to determine whether the material can be classified as oil resistant.

IEC60811-404 dictates that this test must be carried out a minimum of 16hrs after the extrusion or any cross-linking process applied to the sheathing material compounds. As such, it is suitable for testing in our laboratory.

The test methodology states that five test pieces shall be prepared in accordance with the procedures described in BS EN/IEC 60811-501, the test for cable tensile and elongation measurement. The test pieces are immersed in an oil bath which has been previously heated to the specified test temperature, and then the samples are maintained in the oil at temperature for the specified time. The mineral oil to be used shall be oil no. 2 (IRM 902) as described in ISO 1817.

At the end of the specific duration, the test pieces are removed from the oil, blotted lightly to remove excess oil, and suspended in air at ambient temperature for at least 16hrs but not more than 24hrs. At the end of this period, any further excess oil shall be removed by lightly blotting the test pieces.

The test pieces are then subjected to tensile and elongation measurement in accordance with BS EN/IEC 60811-501. The difference between the median value obtained on the five test pieces immersed in oil and the median value obtained for comparison untreated test pieces (expressed as a percentage of the latter), shall not exceed the percentage specified in the standard for the type of cable.

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