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Eland Cables is a specialist power cable supplier supporting hyperscale and enterprise data centre builds, refurbishments and maintenance projects around the world.

With an ever-growing demand for data and critical services that must maintain operation all day, every day, 365 days of the year, the power network supporting the servers, switches and climate control functions has to be robust and resilient. Scheduled downtime must be kept to a minimum.

Data centre power cable requirements run from the energy grids all the way into server rooms, connecting sub-stations with MV cables to generators and transformers stepping down to LV power when it enters the building to power HVAC, fire suppression systems and the data centre servers themselves. Increasingly, data centre operators look for eco-friendly, carbon-neutral solutions to the power-intensive demands of the building, so solar, natural cool-air, and wind-powered renewables are a common part of the data centre set-up.


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Data Centre Power Cable Solutions

Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cables

Our portfolio of LSZH cables for data centres are used to distribute power throughout the facility. Choosing a LSZH sheathing and insulation compound (including flexible rubber materials) ensures that in the event of fire the cables do not burn and emit the toxic fumes and dense smoke that could cause damage to sensitive equipment. Cables include the N2XH and H07ZZ-F cables available in multiple core sizes.

Geo-Specific European Cables

Our portfolio includes cables manufactured specifically for use variously in the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland and Belgium. These cables have British, European and international standard and hold relevant approvals for data centre projects in these countries, including NEN-1010 and KEMA approval for LV fixed installation Dutch cables. These cables are manufactured against national standards in configurations and core sizes as required by the precise project.

Medium Voltage Cables

Armoured 11kV and 33kV cables to British standards BS6622 and BS7835, UK DNO-approved cables including UKPN Triplex cable, and European standard unarmoured MV cables up to 30kV are used when connecting grid networks to power data centres. Cables for solar panel installations and wind turbine cables are also available to support self-sufficient energy production.

Customised cables

There are times when a customised cable design can deliver efficiencies to a project. From something as relatively straightforward as changing the sheathing material to better adapt to the installation environment, to looking at the challenges onsite and designing a cable that is easier to strip and joint or is more flexible so that it simplifies installation, our technical experts can help design, approve, prototype and manufacture a cable that works for the specific application.

LV power into data centre

Data Centre Project Solutions

CPR-compliant solutions

European data centre construction must be compliant with the Construction Products Regulations (CPR). A number of countries have set minimum CPR requirements based on risk assessments, including Sweden, Finland and Benelux region. We understand how to navigate this legislation to ensure the cables meet both performance and compliance needs.

Project Distribution Hubs

The sheer number of cable drums and weight of cable needed to interconnect a data centre can create challenges for contractors in terms of secure on-site storage. Project-specific distribution hubs can mitigate this, allowing for local just-in-time deliveries and ad-hoc requests can be met, holding buffer stock fed from our main UK stockholding to support any requirements. Eland Cables currently has project hubs in operation in Ireland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden.

Our team - making the difference

Having a cable team that understands the industry can make a tangible difference to the smooth running of your project. Our technical experts work with you to define the specification and provide evidence of compliance testing, whilst our project managers collaborate with you to deliver a smooth service, from project inception through to delivery. Working in tandem with the nominated electrical contractor and main project contractors, we can partner and support the project builds from start to finish across multiple phased work plans.

MV Power for data centres

LV Data Centre power cable preparation

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