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N1XV-R Cable

Eland Cables’ N1XV cable is part of our Swedish low voltage power portfolio, manufactured in accordance with SS 424 14 18. It is a versatile power cable with common applications including local mains connections, switchgear and industrial plant power. It can be used for external fixed installations owing to its UV-resistant outer sheath. Installation in cable ducts is also permitted where not subject to flooding as permitted by local building regulations. Unlike the N1XE and N1XE-AR PE cables, the Flame retardant N1XV PVC cable can also be installed internally. This cable is CPR compliant.

The N1XV cable has copper conductors – an aluminium version N1XV-AR is available upon request, as are additional multicore cable sizes. Cables are supplied as Class 1 solid, Class 2 round stranded and Class 2 sectorial stranded conductors. We supply N1XV-R as standard – with colour-coded cores – but the N1XV-U is also available upon request.

As would be expected for power installations designed for the Swedish market, the N1XV has a wide temperature range, operating between -30oC and +90oC. It should not be installed in temperatures below -5oC though.

Our commercial teams have extensive experience working on Swedish and Scandinavian power projects, including data centre industry builds, and can provide specification guidance and support for the N1XV as well as other Swedish standard LV cables such as the AXQJ and FXQJ.

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Construction Table

  N1XV-U N1XV-R Cable CS N1XV-R Cable



Class 1 solid or Class 2 stranded (round or sectorial shaped) Copper


XLPE (Cross-linked Polyethylene)


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) UV Resistant

N1XV-R Cable

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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
N1XV-R Cable B2Y01010BK 1 10 Black
N1XV-R Cable B2Y01016BK 1 16 Black
N1XV-R Cable B2Y01025BK 1 25 Black
N1XV-R Cable B2Y01035BK 1 35 Black
N1XV-R Cable B2Y01050BK 1 50 Black
N1XV-R Cable B2Y01070BK 1 70 Black
N1XV-R Cable B2Y01095BK 1 95 Black
N1XV-R Cable B2Y01120BK 1 120 Black
N1XV-R Cable B2Y01150BK 1 150 Black
N1XV-R Cable B2Y01185BK 1 185 Black
N1XV-R Cable B2Y01240BK 1 240 Black
N1XV-R Cable B2Y01300BK 1 300 Black
N1XV-R Cable B2Y04016BK 4 16 Black
N1XV-R Cable B2Y04025BK 4 25 Black
N1XV-R Cable B2Y04035BK 4 35 Black
N1XV-R Cable B2Y04050BK 4 50 Black
N1XV-R Cable B2Y04070BK 4 70 Black
N1XV-R Cable B2Y04095BK 4 95 Black
N1XV-R Cable B2Y04120BK 4 120 Black
N1XV-R Cable B2Y04150BK 4 150 Black
N1XV-R Cable B2Y04185BK 4 185 Black
N1XV-R Cable B2Y04240BK 4 240 Black