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XVB-F2 Cables

XVB-F2 are fire retardant (F2) power cables for Belgian domestic and industrial applications with a voltage rating of 1kV. This product range is suitable for use indoor and outdoor, protected by ducts and trays for mechanical and UV protection.

Please see our XGB-F2 for a low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) equivalent suitable for use in environment that would be sensitive to gas and corrosive gases in the event of fire.

XVB-F2 Cable Standard

Conductor NBN HD 604 Part 4/Section G 
Fire retardant NBN C 30-004-F2
Impact resistance IEC 30364-5-51

XVB-F2 Cable Technical Support

Please contact our technical engineers to discuss your specific requirements and for technical support for the selection of the optimal cable in the XVB-F2 product range, or to discuss the wider cable needs to support your project.

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Construction Table

  XVB Cable CS XVB-F2 Cables



Class 1 Solid Copper
Class 2 Stranded Copper


XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene)


Filling Compound or Tape


Fire-Retardant PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

XVB-F2 Cables

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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y01016116Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y01025125Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y01035135Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y01050150Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y01070170Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y01095195Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y011201120Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y011501150Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y011851185Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y012401240Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y013001300Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y02001521.5Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y02002522.5Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y02004024Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y02006026Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y02010210Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y02016216Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y02025225Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y03001531.5Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y03002532.5Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y03004034Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y03006036Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y03010310Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y03016316Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y03025325Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y03035335Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y03050350Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y03070370Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y03095395Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y031203120Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y031503150Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y031853185Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y032403240Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y04001541.5Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y04002542.5Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y04004044Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y04006046Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y04010410Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y04016416Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y04025425Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y04035435Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y04050450Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y04070470Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y04095495Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y041204120Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y041504150Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y041854185Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y042404240Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y05001551.5Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y05002552.5Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y05004054Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y05006056Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y05010510Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y05016516Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y05025525Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y05035535Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y07001571.5Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y07002572.5Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y09001591.5Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y09002592.5Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y100015101.5Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y100025102.5Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y120015121.5Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y120025122.5Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y140015141.5Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y140025142.5Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y190015191.5Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y190025192.5Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y210015211.5Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y240015241.5Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y240025242.5Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y300015301.5Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y300025302.5Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y370015371.5Grey
XVB-F2 1kV CableB1Y400015401.5Grey