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H07ZZ-F Cable

The H07ZZ-F cable is a Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) often considered an alternative to the H07RN-F Rubber Flexible cable - offering the same flexible power distribution solution but suited to where fire, smoke emission and toxic fumes create a potential threat to life and equipment. 


H07ZZ-F Cable Voltage & Applications

Our H07ZZ-F halogen free flexible multi-core power cable is designed for applications with a voltage rating of 450/750V that are subjected to medium mechanical stresses such as supplying mobile power units, UPS installations, stage lighting and audio visual equipment. The temperature rating of the H07ZZ-F is -5oC to +50oC when flexed and -20oC to +90oC when fixed.

H07ZZ-F Cable Specification 

The H07ZZ-F cable is used across a broad range of applications across almost all industry sectors including Airports, Automation & Process Control, Communications & Telecommunication, Marine & Offshore, Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals, Renewable Energy, and Water Treatment. With its Low Smoke Zero Halogen insulation and oversheath, it is suited to installation in buildings or industrial plants with a high density of people. The H07ZZ-F cable is suited to installation both indoors and outdoors. 

H07ZZ-F Cable Datasheet PDF

The H07ZZ-F cable is available as a single core cable or in in 2-core, 3-core, 4-core, 5-core and up to 37 cores as standard. Please refer to the below H07ZZ-F datasheet PDF for further information. 

Identifying the H07ZZ-F cable is only part of the specification process - its also necessary to select the appropriate cable size and verifying suitability against system design, installation parameters, and the wider geographic and environmental conditions. Our technical datasheets provide electrical characteristics and performance parameters but where additional information is required, our technical team and the industry specialists can provide support and guidance for project installations. 


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Construction Table

  H07ZZ-F Cable CS H07ZZ-F Cable



Class 5 Flexible Stranded Copper


LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) Cross-Linked Compound


LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen)

H07ZZ-F Cable

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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z1001511.5mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z1002512.5mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z1004014mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z1006016mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z1010110mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z1016116mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z1025125mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z1035135mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z1050150mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z1070170mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z1095195mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z11201120mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z11501150mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z11851185mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z12401240mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z13001300mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z14001400mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z15001500mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z2001021mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z2001521.5mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z2002522.5mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z2004024mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z2006026mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z2010210mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z2016216mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z2025225mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z3001031mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z3001531.5mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z3002532.5mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z3004034mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z3006036mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z3010310mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z3016316mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z3025325mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z4001041mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z4001541.5mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z4002542.5mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z4004044mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z4006046mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z4010410mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z4016416mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z4025425mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z4035435mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z4050450mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z4070470mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z4095495mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z41204120mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z41504150mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z41854185mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z42404240mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z5001051mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z5001551.5mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z5002552.5mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z5004054mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z5006056mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z5010510mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z5016516mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z5025525mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z5035535mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z5050550mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z7001571.5mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z12015121.5mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z19015191.5mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z27015271.5mm²Black
H07ZZ-F CableA6Z37015371.5mm²Black