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MCMK Cable

MCMK cables are low voltage (0.6/1kV) flame retardant power cables. These PVC sheathed cables are widely used across the Finnish construction market being suitable for use in both fixed indoor and outdoor installations. They are also suitable for installation underground and in building structures, including directly into concrete. MCMK cables are not suitable for use in installations subject to severe electrical interference - in these instances a cable with EMC properties such as MCCMK (with additional tinned copper wire braid) would be better suited. 

MCMK Cable Selection

Our technical engineers have a wealth of experience providing technical support on project requiring the selection of cables from this product range. Please contact us to discuss your specific project requirements. Our low voltage power cable portfolio is CPR compliant and suitable for installations in Finland. MCMK equivalent are also available as XCMK-HF, which form part of our comprehensive low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) product range.

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Construction Table

  FXQJ EMC 1KV Cable CS MCMK Cable



Up to 6 mm2: Class 1 Solid Copper
Up to 10 mm2: Class 2 Stranded Copper
Above 25mm2: Class 2 Stranded Sector Shaped Copper


PVC Compound (Polyvinyl Chloride)


Plastic Tape


Copper Wires and Tape


UV Resistant PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

MCMK Cable

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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
MCMK Cable B1Q020015/1.5 2 1.5/1.5 Black
MCMK Cable B1Q020025/2.5 2 2.5/2.5 Black
MCMK Cable B1Q020060/6 2 6/6 Black
MCMK Cable B1Q02010/10 2 10/10 Black
MCMK Cable B1Q030015/1.5 3 1.5/1.5 Black
MCMK Cable B1Q030025/2.5 3 2.5/2.5 Black
MCMK Cable B1Q030060/6 3 6/6 Black
MCMK Cable B1Q03010/10 3 10/10 Black
MCMK Cable B1Q03016/10 3 16/16 Black
MCMK Cable B1Q03025/16 3 25/16 Black
MCMK Cable B1Q03035/16 3 35/16 Black
MCMK Cable B1Q03050/25 3 50/25 Black
MCMK Cable B1Q03070/35 3 70/35 Black
MCMK Cable B1Q03095/50 3 95/50 Black
MCMK Cable B1Q03120/70 3 120/70 Black
MCMK Cable B1Q03150/70 3 150/70 Black
MCMK Cable B1Q03185/95 3 185/95 Black
MCMK Cable B1Q03240/12 3 240/120 Black
MCMK Cable B1Q040015/1.5 4 1.5/1.5 Black
MCMK Cable B1Q040025/2.5 4 2.5/2.5 Black
MCMK Cable B1Q040060/6 4 6/6 Black
MCMK Cable B1Q04010/10 4 10/10 Black
MCMK Cable B1Q04016/10 4 16/16 Black
MCMK Cable B1Q04025/16 4 25/16 Black
MCMK Cable B1Q04035/16 4 35/16 Black
MCMK Cable B1Q04050/25 4 50/25 Black
MCMK Cable B1Q04070/35 4 70/35 Black