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AXQJ Cables

Our range of AXQJ 1kV cables offer low voltage power to applications requiring compliance with Swedish wiring regulations and standard SS 424 14 18.

AXQJ 1kV Cable Specification

With two variants, the AXQJ 1kV cable is an aluminium conductor, Halogen-free flame retardant with copper wire screen whilst the AXQJ EMC (full screen) has copper wires and screen that provide 100% to provide electromagnetic compatibility where interference may be an issue. 

The AXQJ cables (and their FXQJ copper equivalents) are commonly specified in industrial and local distribution projects, both internal and externally, and in open air and in ground. They have been manufactured with the environmental conditions in mind, offering a wide temperature range at installation, and during operation between -30oC up to a maximum of +90oc. Additionally, the HFFR outer sheathing provides protection in for people and sensitive equipment in the event of fire, emitting none of the toxic halogen gases and provided a degree of flame retardancy to self-extinguish if set alight.

To maintain compliance with standard HD 603 S1/5P, for low voltage plastic sheathed power cables, the bend radius is a more conservative x12 for the AXQJ EMC, whilst for the AXQJ it is x8 for fixed and x12 for flexed applications.

The AXQJ and AQXJ-EMC cables are both CPR compliant for use in building and construction projects of a medium risk assessment. 

AXQJ 1kV Cable Sizes and Datasheets

The AXQJ cables are commonly requested as 3-core or 4-core cables in sizes up to 300mm2 - these are the configurations provided on the attached datasheets. 

Both these cables form part of Eland Cables' wider portfolio of Swedish LV and MV cables, including the FXLJ-F  & AXLJ-F 12/20kV and AXQJ-F 12/20kV cables. Our Technical Projects team can assist with queries on the suitability of these cables for your installation. Please get in touch for more information, and for additional cross-sectional sizes and electrical characteristics information.

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Construction Table

  AXQJ 1kV Cable CS AXQJ 1kV Cable AXQJ 1kV Cable CS (1) AXQJ EMC 1kV Cable



Class 2 sectorial shaped Aluminium


XLPE (Cross-linked Polyethylene)


HFFR (Halogen free Flame retardant)

HFFR (Halogen-free flame retardant) compound


Copper wires in an opposite open helix of copper tape

Copper wires with opposite open helix of copper tape


HFFR (Halogen-free flame retardant) compound

AXQJ Cables

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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
AXQJ 1kV CableB1I03050BK350mm²Black
AXQJ 1kV CableB1I03070BK370mm²Black
AXQJ 1kV CableB1I03095BK395mm²Black
AXQJ 1kV CableB1I03120BK3120mm²Black
AXQJ 1kV CableB1I03150BK3150mm²Black
AXQJ 1kV CableB1I03185BK3185mm²Black
AXQJ 1kV CableB1I03240BK3240mm²Black
AXQJ 1kV CableB1I03300BK3300mm²Black
AXQJ 1kV CableB1I04050BK450mm²Black
AXQJ 1kV CableB1I04070BK470mm²Black
AXQJ 1kV CableB1I04095BK495mm²Black
AXQJ 1kV CableB1I04120BK4120mm²Black
AXQJ 1kV CableB1I04150BK4150mm²Black
AXQJ 1kV CableB1I04185BK4185mm²Black
AXQJ 1kV CableB1I04240BK4240mm²Black
AXQJ 1kV CableB1I04300BK4300mm²Black
AXQJ EMC 1kV CableB1K04050BK450mm²Black
AXQJ EMC 1kV CableB1K04095BK495mm²Black
AXQJ EMC 1kV CableB1K04150BK4150mm²Black
AXQJ EMC 1kV CableB1K04240BK4240mm²Black