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H07RN-F Cable

The H07RN-F rubber trailing cable is a heavy-duty flexible power cable commonly specified for industrial applications across Europe, offering a temperature rating of -30oC to +60oC for fixed installations (rising to +85oC for fixed protected installations) and from -15oC to +60oC when flexed.

H07RN-F Cable Applications

The H07RN-F trailing duty cable has with a low voltage rating of 450/750V designed to withstand chemical, mechanical and thermal stresses. It is suitable for applications such as handling equipment, mobile power supplies, worksites, stage and audio visual equipment, port areas and dams. As part of Eland Cables' portfolio of rubber flexible cables, the tough rubber sheath also makes this cable suitable for use in drainage and water treatment, cold or refrigerated environments, and severe industrial and agricultural environments.


Where applications require smaller conductor sizes at a 300/500V voltage rating it is referred to by the harmonised designation H05RN-F, available in core sizes 0.75mm and 1.0mm. 

H07RN-F AD8 datasheet

Full technical details and support for specification is available in the PDF H07RN-F datasheet and from our team. The H07RN-F power and control cable is flame retardant according to IEC/EN 60332-1-2 and water resistant according to AD8 standards. For a flexible rubber sheathed cable suitable for submersion in fresh water up to 10m, see our H07RN-8-F cables. For assistance with selecting the most appropriate rubber sheathed cable please speak to our technical experts.

Note: This cable is sometimes misspelt as HO7RN-F, using the letter O instead of a zero. 

Compatible A2 brass and A2PL plastic cable glands are also available.

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Construction Table

  H07RN-F Cable CS H07RN-F Cable



Class 5 Flexible Stranded Copper


EPR (Ethylene Propylene Rubber)


PCP (Polychloroprene)

H07RN-F Cable

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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
H07RN-F CableA6G1001511.5mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA6G1002512.5mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA6G100414mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA6G100616mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA6G1010110mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA6G1016116mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA6G1025125mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA6G1035135mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA6G1050150mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA6G1070170mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA6G1095195mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA6G11201120mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA6G11501150mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA6G11851185mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA6G12401240mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA6G13001300mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA6G14001400mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA6G15001500mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA6G16301630mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA5G0201021mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA5G0201521.5mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA5G0202522.5mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA5G0204024mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA5G0206026mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA5G0210210mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA5G0216216mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA5G0225225mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA5G0301031mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA5G0301531.5mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA5G0302532.5mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA5G0304034mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA5G0306036mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA5G0310310mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA5G0316316mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA5G0325325mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA5G0335335mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA5G0350350mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA5G0370370mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA5G0395395mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA5G0401041mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA5G0401541.5mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA5G0402542.5mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA5G0404044mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA5G0406046mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA5G0410410mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA5G0416416mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA5G0425425mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA5G0435435mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA5G0450450mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA5G0470470mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA5G0495495mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA5G0501551.5mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA5G0502552.5mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA5G0504054mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA5G0506056mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA5G0510510mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA5G0516516mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA5G0525525mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA5G0535535mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA5G0550550mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA5G0570570mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA5G0595595mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA5G0701571.5mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA5G0702572.5mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA5G1215126mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA5G12251210mm²Black
H07RN-F CableA5G1915191.5mm²Black