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MMJ-HF & MMO-HF Cables

MMJ-HF and MMO-HF are fire retardant cables widely used across large scale building projects in Finland. MMJ-HF are fixed installation power cables and MMO-HF are control cables, both of which are suitable for use in indoor and outdoor fixed installations. These cables are not suitable to be laid in the ground nor directly cast in concrete. They can be used in wet conditions and laid in conduits, canals and hollow constructions in accordance with the relevant national standards.

MMJ-HF and MMO-HF cables form part of our comprehensive low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) product range manufactured to various national standards. These cables are designed to perform in environments sensitive to smoke and corrosive gases in the event of fire.

MMJ-HF & MMO-HF Cable standards

Flame retardant EN 60332-3-23
Halogen free EN 60754-2
Low smoke EN 61034-2


MMJ-HF & MMO-HF Cable Selection and Datasheets

Please contact our technical engineers to discuss your specific project requirements and for technical support with the selection of the optimal cables from this product range. The attached technical datasheets cover the dimensional sizes and electrical characteristics of these cables, but should alternate sizes be required, our team is ready to support with supplemental information.

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Construction Table

  MMJ Cable CS MMJ-HF & MMO-HF Cables



Circular Solid Copper


Halogen Free Polyolefine


Halogen-Free Compound


Halogen Free Polyolefin, UV Resistant

MMJ-HF & MMO-HF Cables

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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
MMJ-HF & MMO-HF CablesB1U070015WH71.5mm²White
MMJ-HF & MMO-HF CablesB1U070025WH72.5mm²White
MMJ-HF & MMO-HF CablesB1U120015WH121.5mm²White
MMJ-HF & MMO-HF CablesB1U120025WH122.5mm²White
MMJ-HF & MMO-HF CablesB1U190015WH191.5mm²White
MMJ-HF & MMO-HF CablesB1U190025WH192.5mm²White
MMJ-HF & MMO-HF CablesB1U270015WH271.5mm²White
MMJ-HF & MMO-HF CablesB1U270025WH272.5mm²White
MMJ-HF & MMO-HF CablesB1U030015WH31.5mm²White
MMJ-HF & MMO-HF CablesB1U030025WH32.5mm²White
MMJ-HF & MMO-HF CablesB1U030060WH36mm²White
MMJ-HF & MMO-HF CablesB1U03010WH310mm²White
MMJ-HF & MMO-HF CablesB1U050015WH51.5mm²White
MMJ-HF & MMO-HF CablesB1U050025WH52.5mm²White
MMJ-HF & MMO-HF CablesB1U050060WH56mm²White
MMJ-HF & MMO-HF CablesB1U05010WH510mm²White
MMJ-HF & MMO-HF CablesB1U05016WH516mm²White
MMJ-HF & MMO-HF CablesB1U020015WH21.5mm²White
MMJ-HF & MMO-HF CablesB1U020025WH22.5mm²White
MMJ-HF & MMO-HF CablesB1U030040WH34mm²White
MMJ-HF & MMO-HF CablesB1U040060WH46mm²White
MMJ-HF & MMO-HF CablesB1U04010WH410mm²White
MMJ-HF & MMO-HF CablesB1U04016WH416mm²White
MMJ-HF & MMO-HF CablesB1U050040WH54mm²White