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Z1G-YMz1Kas mbzh & Z10-YMz1Kas mbzh (LSZH) Cables

Our Z1G-YMz1Kas mbzh and Z10-YMz1Kas mbzh are low smoke zero halogen cables (LSZH) for applications requiring compliance with Dutch national standard NEN1010 and some form of mechanical protection.

Z1G-YMz1Kas mbzh & Z10-YMz1Kas mbzh cable specification

This range is widely used in low voltage (0.6/1kV) installations in public buildings. It is also suitable for installation in environments sensitive to smoke and corrosive gas emission in the event of fire.

The Z1G-YMz1Kas mbzh cable offers greater mechanical protection, with armour from galvanised flat wires and copper wires, with an open spiral of steel tape. This armour has an impact on the flexibility of this cable, so where it is prized over protection, the Z10-YMz1Kas mbzh has a galvanised steel wire braid instead.

For application requiring a greater level of flexibility, please see our YMz1K mbzh for non-armoured and non-braided versions of this product range. We also supply VG-YMvKas mb (armoured) and VO-YMvKas mbzh (braided) for applications requiring a PVC sheathed cable.

Our Z1G-YMz1Kas mbzh and Z10-YMz1Kas mbzh are tested and accredited by KEMA Laboratories in The Netherlands to KEMA K42C-1-5.

MBZH stands Moeilijk Brandbaar Zonder Halogenen, Dutch for low smoke zero halogen.

Z1G-YMz1Kas mbzh & Z10-YMz1Kas mbzh cable datasheets

Z1G-YMz1Kas and Z10-YMz1Kas mbzh cable datasheets provide key dimensional data and electrical characteristics to support cable selection. Supplemental support and information is provided on request.

The cables form part of comprehensive range of low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) manufactured to various European national standards. Contact us for technical support and advice on cable specification and selection for your specific project.

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Construction Table

  Z1G-YMz1Kas Cable CS Z1G-YMz1Kas mbzh cable Z1G-YMz1Kas Cable CS (1) Z10-YMz1Kas mbzh cable



Class 1 Solid Copper
Class 2 Stranded Copper


XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene)


HFFR (Halogen Free Flame Retardant)


HFFR (Halogen Free Flame Retardant)



GSWB (Galvanized Steel Wire Braid)


Galvanised Flat steel Wires and Flat Bare Copper Wires covered with an Open Counter Spiral of Galvanised Steel Tape




Tinned Copper


HFFR (Halogen Free Flame Retardant)

Z1G-YMz1Kas mbzh & Z10-YMz1Kas mbzh (LSZH) Cables

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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
Z1G-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1A020015/1.5GR21.5/1.5mm²Grey
Z1G-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1A020025/2.5GR22.5/2.5mm²Grey
Z1G-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1A020040/4GR24/4mm²Grey
Z1G-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1A020060/6GR26/6mm²Grey
Z1G-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1A02010/10GR210/10mm²Grey
Z1G-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1A02016/10GR216/16mm²Grey
Z1G-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1A02025/16GR225/16mm²Grey
Z1G-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1A02035/16GR235/16mm²Grey
Z1G-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1A02050/25GR250/25mm²Grey
Z1G-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1A02070/35GR270/35mm²Grey
Z1G-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1A02095/50GR295/50mm²Grey
Z1G-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1A030015/1.5GR31.5/1.5mm²Grey
Z1G-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1A030025/2.5GR32.5/2.5mm²Grey
Z1G-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1A030040/4GR34/4mm²Grey
Z1G-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1A030060/6GR36/6mm²Grey
Z1G-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1A03010/10GR310/10mm²Grey
Z1G-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1A03016/10GR316/16mm²Grey
Z1G-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1A03025/16GR325/16mm²Grey
Z1G-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1A03035/16GR335/16mm²Grey
Z1G-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1A03050/25GR350/25mm²Grey
Z1G-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1A03070/35GR370/35mm²Grey
Z1G-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1A03095/50GR395/50mm²Grey
Z1G-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1A03120/70GR3120/70mm²Grey
Z1G-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1A03150/70GR3150/70mm²Grey
Z1G-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1A040015/1.5GR41.5/1.5mm²Grey
Z1G-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1A040025/2.5GR42.5/2.5mm²Grey
Z1G-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1A040040/4GR44/4mm²Grey
Z1G-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1A040060/6GR46/6mm²Grey
Z1G-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1A04010/10GR410/10mm²Grey
Z1G-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1A04016/10GR416/16mm²Grey
Z1G-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1A04025/16GR425/16mm²Grey
Z1G-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1A04035/16GR435/16mm²Grey
Z1G-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1A04050/25GR450/25mm²Grey
Z1G-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1A04070/35GR470/35mm²Grey
Z1G-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1A04095/50GR495/50mm²Grey
Z1G-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1A04120/70GR4120/70mm²Grey
Z1G-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1A04150/70GR4150/70mm²Grey
Z1G-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1A050015/1.5GR51.5/1.5mm²Grey
Z1G-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1A050025/2.5GR52.5/2.5mm²Grey
Z1G-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1A050040/4GR54/4mm²Grey
Z1G-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1A050060/6GR56/6mm²Grey
Z1G-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1A05010/10GR510/10mm²Grey
Z1G-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1A05016/10GR516/16mm²Grey
Z1G-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1A05025/16GR525/16mm²Grey
Z1G-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1A05035/16GR535/16mm²Grey
Z10-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1B010015/1.5GR11.5/1.5mm²Grey
Z10-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1B010025/2.5GR12.5/2.5mm²Grey
Z10-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1B010040/4GR14/4mm²Grey
Z10-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1B010060/6GR16/6mm²Grey
Z10-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1B01010/10GR110/10mm²Grey
Z10-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1B01016/10GR116/16mm²Grey
Z10-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1B01025/16GR125/16mm²Grey
Z10-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1B01035/16GR135/16mm²Grey
Z10-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1B020015/1.5GR21.5/1.5mm²Grey
Z10-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1B020025/2.5GR22.5/2.5mm²Grey
Z10-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1B020040/4GR24/4mm²Grey
Z10-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1B020060/6GR26/6mm²Grey
Z10-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1B02010/10GR210/10mm²Grey
Z10-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1B02016/10GR216/16mm²Grey
Z10-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1B02025/16GR225/16mm²Grey
Z10-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1B02035/16GR235/16mm²Grey
Z10-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1B030015/1.5GR31.5/1.5mm²Grey
Z10-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1B030025/2.5GR32.5/2.5mm²Grey
Z10-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1B030040/4GR34/4mm²Grey
Z10-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1B030060/6GR36/6mm²Grey
Z10-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1B03010/10GR310/10mm²Grey
Z10-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1B03016/10GR316/16mm²Grey
Z10-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1B03025/16GR325/16mm²Grey
Z10-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1B03035/16GR335/16mm²Grey
Z10-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1B040015/1.5GR41.5/1.5mm²Grey
Z10-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1B040025/2.5GR42.5/2.5mm²Grey
Z10-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1B040040/4GR44/4mm²Grey
Z10-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1B040060/6GR46/6mm²Grey
Z10-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1B04010/10GR410/10mm²Grey
Z10-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1B04016/10GR416/16mm²Grey
Z10-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1B04025/16GR425/16mm²Grey
Z10-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1B04035/16GR435/16mm²Grey
Z10-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1B050015/1.5GR51.5/1.5mm²Grey
Z10-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1B050025/2.5GR52.5/2.5mm²Grey
Z10-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1B050040/4GR54/4mm²Grey
Z10-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1B050060/6GR56/6mm²Grey
Z10-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1B05010/10GR510/10mm²Grey
Z10-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1B05016/10GR516/16mm²Grey
Z10-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1B05025/16GR525/16mm²Grey
Z10-YMz1Kas mbzh cableB1B05035/16GR535/16mm²Grey