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AXMK 1kV Cables

AXMK cables are designed for the Finnish construction industry to provide low voltage power to installations and applications. They have a voltage rating of 0.6/1kV and meet the requirements of SFS 4879, HD 603 SD and HD 308 s2.

AXMK Cable Specification

Commonly specified for indoor power stations, local mains distribution, industrial installations and switchgears, the range of AXMK cables covers the breadth of installation environments: the AXMK 1kV cable being sheathed in PVC, the AXMK-Plus being a halogen-free polyolefin material, and the AXMK-PE being Polyethylene sheathed. This supports internal installation (LSZH) and direct burial including water-logged ground (PE).

The AXMK, AXMK-PE and AXMK-Plus cables all have an upper operating temperature of +90oC as a result of their XLPE insulation. The minimum installation temperatures and operating temperatures are specified on the respective datasheets

They are designed for applications not requiring electro-magnetic compatibility (EMC) – where this is required the AXCMK-HF cable (or copper equivalent XCMK-HF) with its copper wire and tape screen can provide the required protection.

AXMK Cable Sizes and Datasheets

The AXMK Cables in PVC, LSZH and PE sheathing are available in 3-core and 4-core configurations for the most commonly requested sizes, with other configurations available on request. Cables are supplied with  Green/Yellow core identification. Cable sizes range from 16mm2 to 300mm2 - again, other sizes on request.

The technical datasheets attached will provide information to support cable selections but our team are on hand to provide further guidance if necessary. 

These aluminium cables are also available with Copper conductors where they are referenced as XMK, XMK Plus and XMK PE. Together they form part of our wider range of Scandinavian low and medium voltage power cables, with Finnish MV including the AXCMK 12/20kV range.

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Construction Table

  AXMK 1kV Cable CS AXMK 1kV Cable AXMK PE Cable CS AXMK PE 1kV Cable AXMK Plus 1kV Cable CS A/XMK Plus 1kV Cable



RE: Class 1 round solid aluminium

RM: Class 2 round stranded aluminium

SM: Class 2 sectorial shaped aluminium

RM : Class 2 round stranded aluminium

SM: Class 2 sectorial shaped aluminium

AXMK-Plus - RM: Class 2 round stranded aluminium

XMK-Plus - RM: Class 2 round stranded copper


XLPE (Cross-linked Polyethylene)


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

PE (Polyethylene)

Halogen-free Polyolefin - UV resistant


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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
AXMK 1kV CableB2U01016BK116mm²Black
AXMK 1kV CableB2U01025BK125mm²Black
AXMK 1kV CableB2U01035BK135mm²Black
AXMK 1kV CableB2U01050BK150mm²Black
AXMK 1kV CableB2U01070BK170mm²Black
AXMK 1kV CableB2U01095BK195mm²Black
AXMK 1kV CableB2U01120BK1120mm²Black
AXMK 1kV CableB2U01150BK1150mm²Black
AXMK 1kV CableB2U01185BK1185mm²Black
AXMK 1kV CableB2U01240BK1240mm²Black
AXMK 1kV CableB2U01300BK1300mm²Black
AXMK 1kV CableB2U01400BK1400mm²Black
AXMK 1kV CableB2U01500BK1500mm²Black
AXMK 1kV CableB2U01630BK1630mm²Black
AXMK 1kV CableB2U01800BK1800mm²Black
AXMK 1kV CableB2U011000BK11000mm²Black
AXMK 1kV CableB2U04016BK416mm²Black
AXMK 1kV CableB2U04025BK425mm²Black
AXMK 1kV CableB2U04035BK435mm²Black
AXMK 1kV CableB2U04050BK450mm²Black
AXMK 1kV CableB2U04070BK470mm²Black
AXMK 1kV CableB2U04095BK495mm²Black
AXMK 1kV CableB2U04120BK4120mm²Black
AXMK 1kV CableB2U04150BK4150mm²Black
AXMK 1kV CableB2U04185BK4185mm²Black
AXMK 1kV CableB2U04240BK4240mm²Black
AXMK 1kV CableB2U04300BK4300mm²Black
AXMK 1kV CableB2U05010BK510mm²Black
AXMK 1kV CableB2U05016BK516mm²Black
AXMK 1kV CableB2U05025BK525mm²Black
AXMK 1kV CableB2U05035BK535mm²Black
AXMK 1kV CableB2U05050BK550mm²Black
AXMK 1kV CableB2U05070BK570mm²Black
AXMK 1kV CableB2U05095BK595mm²Black
AXMK 1kV CableB2U05120BK5120mm²Black
AXMK 1kV CableB2U05150BK5150mm²Black
AXMK 1kV CableB2U05185BK5185mm²Black
AXMK 1kV CableB2U05240BK5240mm²Black
AXMK PE 1kV CableB2W04025BK425mm²Black
AXMK PE 1kV CableB2W04035BK435mm²Black
AXMK PE 1kV CableB2W04050BK450mm²Black
AXMK PE 1kV CableB2W04070BK470mm²Black
AXMK PE 1kV CableB2W04095BK495mm²Black
AXMK PE 1kV CableB2W04120BK4120mm²Black
AXMK PE 1kV CableB2W04150BK4150mm²Black
AXMK PE 1kV CableB2W04185BK4185mm²Black
AXMK PE 1kV CableB2W04240BK4240mm²Black
A/XMK Plus 1kV CableB2PA013001300mm²Black
A/XMK Plus 1kV CableB2PA015001500mm²Black
A/XMK Plus 1kV CableB2PA018001800mm²Black