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N1XE Cables

The Swedish standard N1XE cables – often referred to as SE-N1XE and SE-N1XE-AR, are for fixed installation low voltage power installations. Available with Class 1 solid or Class 2 stranded copper or aluminium conductors, and with black numbered cores (N1XE-U) or colour-coded cores (N1XE-R), they are frequently specified in power stations and other heavy industry plant environments. For these highly regulated installations, they are available with a yellow or black outer sheath.

With a robust Polyethylene (PE) outer sheath the N1XE cables can withstand harsh environmental conditions including operating between a temperature range of -50oC to +90oC. The PE sheathing also offers a degree of water and abrasion resistance.

The N1XE and N1XE-AR cables, manufactured in accordance with SS 424 14 18, are designed to external installations. The UV resistant sheathing allows for above-ground applications but it is also suitable for installation in buried cable ducts. Polyethylene is not best suited to internal applications and where compliance with CPR regulations is required it should be noted that these cables are classified as Fca. The PVC sheathed N1XV-R/U is included within Eland Cables’ Swedish LV cable portfolio, and LSZH insulated and sheathed alternatives are also available – please speak to one of the team for specification support.

For both the Copper SE-N1XE and Aluminium SE-N1XE-AR, additional sizes are available upon request over-and-above the 4 core and 5 core sizes of 10mm2 and 16mm2. For support in specifying this or any of our wider Swedish LV portfolio including AXQJ and FXQJ cables, please contact our sales team for additional information.

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Construction Table




Class 1 Solid or Class 2 stranded Copper

Class 2 stranded Aluminium


XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene)


PE (Polyethylene) UV-resistant

N1XE Cables

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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
SE-N1XE B2Z04010BK 4 10 Black
SE-N1XE B2Z04016BK 4 16 Black
SE-N1XE B2Z05010BK 5 10 Black
SE-N1XE B2Z05016BK 5 16 Black
SE-N1XE B2Z04010YW 4 25 Yellow
SE-N1XE B2Z04016YW 4 50 Yellow
SE-N1XE B2Z05010YW 5 16 Yellow
SE-N1XE B2Z05016YW 5 25 Yellow
SE-N1XE-AR B2ZA04016BK 4 16 Black
SE-N1XE-AR B2ZA04025BK 4 25 Black
SE-N1XE-AR B2ZA04050BK 4 50 Black
SE-N1XE-AR B2ZA05016BK 5 16 Black
SE-N1XE-AR B2ZA05025BK 5 25 Black
SE-N1XE-AR B2ZA04016YW 4 16 Yellow
SE-N1XE-AR B2ZA04025YW 4 25 Yellow
SE-N1XE-AR B2ZA04050YW 4 50 Yellow
SE-N1XE-AR B2ZA05016YW 5 16 Yellow
SE-N1XE-AR B2ZA05025YW 5 25 Yellow