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BASEC Approved Cable

Eland Cables supplies a wide range of British standard cables accredited by BASEC.

BASEC-Approved Cable

BASEC, the British Approvals Service for Cables, is an independent, non-profit certification body and a leading authority for electrical cables. It provides product certification services for a wide range of cables and cable accessories including building wire, steel wire armour cables, control and instrumentation cables, industrial cables and fire performance cables. As part of its certification process, it ensures that all BASEC-approved cables and their manufacturers are subjected to comprehensive product testing and a manufacturing process audit to ensure product compliance.

BASEC's certification programmes currently extend to product certification and BASEC marking assessed design, process capability, and HAR scheme approval. Upon approving a specific cable range against the relevant standards, BASEC issues a product certification schedule and listing. This provides confirmation that the product complies with the standards.

The BASEC mark of approval represents an endorsement of safety and quality by one of the largest accreditation bodies in Europe. It complements the testing programme of our own in-house testing laboratory, The Cable Lab®, and forms part of our commitment to supplying quality cables which have been tested to the highest standards.


Cable Type Relevant Standards
Fixed installation cables (building wire) BS6004 - PVC cables and wires used in buildings' final circuits, including twin & earth and meter tails
  BS7211 – LSZH variants of the cables and wires covered under BS6004
Low voltage power distribution cables BS5467 – XLPE or EPR insulated and PVC sheathed low voltage armoured cable typically used in building and industrial applications
  BS6724 – LSZH variants of the armoured cables covered under BS5467
  BS7846 – LSZH and fire performance power cables
  BS6346 – PVC insulated and PVC sheathing armoured power cables
  BS7889 – non-armoured PVC insulated and PVC sheathed power cables
  IEC60502-1 – armoured and non-armoured power cables of various construction and properties
Control and instrumentation cables BS6231 – single core panel wire commercially known as tri-rated when UL and CSA-approved
Flexible cables BS6007 – rubber and silicone elastomeric heat resisting cables for internal wiring
  BS6500 – wide range of flexible cables, many of which are harmonised under the European HAR scheme
  BS7919 – industrial flexible cables
  BS EN 50525 and HD 21 / HD 22 – Harmonised flexible cables and certain single core conduit wiring
Medium and high voltage cables BS6622 – armoured medium voltage cables with XLPE or EPR insulation and PVC sheathing – 6.6kV to 33kV
  BS7835 – LSZH variants of the cables covered under BS6622
  IEC60502-2 – armoured and non-armoured medium voltage power cables of various constructions and properties – 6kV to 30kV
Data and telecom cables Covering various industry standards including IEC 11801, BS EN 50173 and TIA/EIA 568
Fire performance BS7629-1 – Specification for 300/500V fire resistant screened cables having low emission of smoke and corrosive gases when affected by fire. Multicore and multipair cables
  BS EN 50200 – Method of test for resistance to fire of unprotected small cables for use in emergency circuits
  BS 8434-2 – Method of test for assessment of the fire integrity of electric cables. Test for unprotected small cables for use in emergency circuits. BS EN 50200 with a 930° flame with water spray
  BS EN 60702-1 (IEC 60702-1) – Harmonised mineral insulated cables with high fire performance typically used in emergency systems
  BS7846 – LSZH fire performance power cables with XLPE or EPR insulation
  BS5839-1 – Fire detection and fire alarm systems for buildings. Code of practice for design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of systems in non-domestic premises, incorporating Standard (PH30) and Enhanced (PH120) fire performance cables manufactured in accordance with BS7629-1, BS EN 50200, BS 8436-2, BS7846 and BS EN 60702-1
Cable accessories Covering wide range of BASEC approved cable accessories including cable lugs, cable glands and joints

Eland Cables is one of the leading suppliers of BASEC approved cables in the industry. Our technical team would be delighted to discuss the benefits of using cables carrying the BASEC approval mark with you. 

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