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BS5839-1 Cable

Fire detection and fire alarm systems for buildings according to British Standard BS5839 Part 1


BS5839 cable is designed to meet the comprehensive British Standard BS5839-1 detailing a code of practice for the design, commissioning, installation and maintenance of fire detection and fire alarm systems in non-domestic buildings. These range from single manual call points to complex networked systems with numerous automatic fire detection and communicating control panels. The Standard covers the operation of fire protection systems such as smoke control, emergency lighting, automatic door release, fire alarm systems, voice alarm systems, fire extinguishing systems, and any associated safety measures such as elevator grounding, valve closing, or air handling shutdowns.

BS5839-1 cable product specification - standard / enhanced

All cables are designed to ensure that the interconnections between fire alarm systems operate correctly for an appropriate length of time in the event of an evacuation. However the BS5389 cable standard refers to ‘Standard’ and to ‘Enhanced’ grade cables, which determines the level of fire resistance that the cables offer. The ‘Enhanced’ grade  are designed for use where the fire detection and fire alarm systems need to support evacuation for a greater duration than that offered by the general use ‘Standard’ grade fire proof cables during a fire situation.

In addition to complying with the specification set out in BS5839-1, when tested in accordance with EN 50200, Standard fire performance cables must achieve a class of at least PH30. They must also maintain circuit integrity for at least 30 minutes when exposed to a sequence of flame, mechanical shock and water spray. The requirement for Enhanced fire resistant cables is 120 minutes.

Enhanced fire resistant cables are also recommended for the following applications:

in unsprinklered buildings (or areas) in which the fire strategy involves evacuation of occupants in four or more phases
In unsprinklered buildings of greater than 30m in height
In unsprinklered premises and sites in which a fire in one area could affect cables of critical signal path associated with areas remote from fire, in which it is envisaged people will remain in occupation during the course of the fire
In any setting where, on the basis of a fire risk assessment, the designer, specifier or regulatory authority considers that use of Enhanced fire resisting cables is required.

The different parts of this Standard cover the variations in practice for domestic and non-domestic usage as well as other applications and should be referred to directly when commissioning and designing any project.

Other Standards referred to within BS5839-1

This Standard makes references to a number of other relevant standards in relation to electrical cables including BS7629 and BS7846 for armoured fire-resistant cables with thermosetting insulation and low emission of smoke and corrosive gases when affected by fire. Cables are tested to BS EN 60754 (Acid Gas) and BS EN 61034 (Smoke Emission).

Alarm, systems & cable products covered within BS5839-1

The list of products, other than cables, covered under this standard include:

Control and indicating equipment including voice alarm and power supplies
Wireless, flame, beam, aspirating, smoke, heat and multi-sensor detectors
Manual call points
Line units including input and output devices
Alarm warning devices including visual alarms, loudspeakers and sounders
Alarm transmission equipment
Signalling systems

BS5389 cable products

We supply a comprehensive range of fire performance cables (also known as fire survival cables and fire alarm cable) manufactured to meet the requirements of fire performance cables as determined by BS5839-1, including BASEC-approved and LPCB-approved cables. Please contact our technical engineers for advice on system design and cable selection or for more information on testing BS5389-1 cables in our cable testing laboratory.
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