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British Standard Cables

British Standards are published by the British Standards Institute (BSi), the world's longest serving national standards setting body.

British Standard Cables

Originally set up in 1901 with the objective of reducing the number of sizes of tramway rails manufactured and supplied to the rail network, it now maintains approximately 37,000 current British Standards. In addition to setting new and maintaining existing standards, the BSi is one of the largest independent certification bodies issuing Kitemarks™ such as the BSi RoHS Trusted Kitemark awarded to Eland Cables.

Although BSi is not a regulatory body, British Standards are often referred to within the body of laws and regulations issued in the United Kingdom and internationally. Whilst compliance with the Standards can be voluntary, unless specified by the supplier or the customer, adherence helps mitigate potential issues. For instance, BS7671 (current 18th Edition) provides technical and practical guidance for the design, build and verification of low voltage fixed wiring electrical installations - guidance which electrical engineers would generally not risk ignoring.

British Standards are documents outlining minimum or maximum constructional requirements, technical specifications and criteria to be used as guidelines and to provide definitions. They establish benchmarks for the manufacturing and supply of goods and services.

British Standard cables (also known as BS cables) are electrical cables manufactured in accordance with and compliant to a specific British Standard. Electrical cable manufacturers demonstrate they have followed the steps to fulfil British Standard requirements by putting a BS mark on their cables' sheath.

British Standard Cable Portfolio

Eland Cables supplies cables manufactured in accordance with a wide range of British Standards (BS) and European Standards (EN). These include:

BS5308 - Instrumentation cables
BS5467 - Thermosetting insulated armoured cables 600/1000V
BS7211 - Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) cables 450/750V for power and lighting
BS7629-1 - Fire resistant LSZH cables 300/500V
BS7835 - Thermosetting insulated armoured LSZH cables 3.8/6.6kV to 19/33kV
BS7846 - Thermosetting insulated armoured LSZH cables 600/1000V
BS7870 - Low Voltage (LV) and Medium Voltage (MV) polymeric insulated cables
BS7917 - Elastomer insulated fire resistant cables for fixed wiring
BS7919 - Flexible industrial cables 450/750V for equipment and appliances
BS8436 - LSZH multi-core 300/500V cables for wall partitions
BS EN 50288 - multi-element metallic cables for analogue and digital communication
BS EN 50525 - LV cables 450/750V

As a leading UK-based cable supplier, Eland Cables has one of the most comprehensive ranges of cables manufactured to British Standards.

The Cable Lab®, our in-house specialist cable testing laboratory, ensures the compliance of our cables with the relevant British Standards and our technical team has vast experience in advising on the specification and selection of British Standard Cables.

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