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6181B Cable

6181B is a double insulated single core cable suitable for meter tails applications requiring a Low Smoke Zero Halogen properties. Available in cross sectional area sizes ranging from 1.5mm2 up to 300mm2 it has a voltage rating of 450/750V and is manufactured in accordance with BS7211.

6181B Cable Specification

The double insulation of the 6181B provides light protection against mechanical damage for light industrial and domestic fixed wiring installations. The 6181B can be fixed in wall, on cable tray, clipped to a surface, or suspended in free air, and can be situated in dry or damp conditions without risk of damage to the cable conductors. The cable's white outer sheath makes it unobtrusive when used in plain sight. This cable is BASEC approved.

6181B Cable Datasheet

The dimensional data and electrical characteristics linked to the 6181B cable are outlined on the technical datasheet attached. Should additional information be required for cable selection, our team can assist - the decision as to whether the LSZH 6181B or the PVC equivalent cable 6181Y can be contingent on the precise installation environment, whilst the electrical circuit and precise application will determine the size and current carrying capacity of the cable.

For support in selecting the correct cable for your application and installation, please contact our technical hotline on +44 20 7241 8500 or by emails on technical@elandcables.com where one of our team of experts will be happy to advise.

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Construction Table

  6181B Cable CS 6181B Cable



Class 1 Solid Copper
Class 2 Stranded Copper


XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene)


LSZH (Low-Smoke Zero Halogen)

6181B Cable

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Product name Part No ID code Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
6181B CableB2N010015WH/BLBlue11.5White
6181B CableB2N010025WH/BLBlue12.5White
6181B CableB2N010040WH/BLBlue14White
6181B CableB2N010060WH/BLBlue16White
6181B CableB2N01010WH/BLBlue110White
6181B CableB2N01016WH/BLBlue116White
6181B CableB2N01025WH/BLBlue125White
6181B CableB2N01035WH/BLBlue135White
6181B CableB2N01050WH/BLBlue150White
6181B CableB2N01070WH/BLBlue170White
6181B CableB2N01095WH/BLBlue195White
6181B CableB2N01120WH/BLBlue1120White
6181B CableB2N01150WH/BLBlue1150White
6181B CableB2N01185WH/BLBlue1185White
6181B CableB2N01240WH/BLBlue1240White
6181B CableB2N01300WH/BLBlue1300White
6181B CableB2N010015WH/BRBrown11.5White
6181B CableB2N010025WH/BRBrown12.5White
6181B CableB2N010040WH/BRBrown14White
6181B CableB2N010060WH/BRBrown16White
6181B CableB2N01010WH/BRBrown110White
6181B CableB2N01016WH/BRBrown116White
6181B CableB2N01025WH/BRBrown125White
6181B CableB2N01035WH/BRBrown135White
6181B CableB2N01050WH/BRBrown150White
6181B CableB2N01070WH/BRBrown170White
6181B CableB2N01095WH/BRBrown195White
6181B CableB2N01120WH/BRBrown1120White
6181B CableB2N01150WH/BRBrown1150White
6181B CableB2N01185WH/BRBrown1185White
6181B CableB2N01240WH/BRBrown1240White
6181B CableB2N01300WH/BRBrown1300White