Control Cable

Control Cable

Control cables encompass a large family of cables manufactured to various British, European and international Standards.

Control Flexible Cable

These include the widely used CY cable, SY cable, YY cable, and LiYCY & LiYY cables designed for a wide range of industrial process automation applications, including signal transmission, measurement, control and regulation. These control cables are often referred to by the application, such as machinery supply cable, motor cable and robotics cable. They are also known as multi-core cables, control flex and control flexible cables.

Depending on their construction properties, these flexible cables can be suitable for use under light, medium or high mechanical stresses. They also offer various degrees of protection against electrical interference and resistance to caustic substances and oils. 

Control cables - VDE standards

Eland Cables supplies the full portfolio of flexible control cables manufactured in accordance with VDE0250 standards, which includes:

YY cable (YSLY / HSLH)  Versatile unscreened or unshielded cable suitable for most situations where there is only light mechanical stress
CY cable (YSLCY / HSLCH) Multicore screened flexible cable with Polyethylene Terephthalate (PETP) for electromagnetic interference free-transmission
SY cable (YSLYSY / HSLHSH) Flexible shielded cable with galvanised steel wire braid for additional mechanical protection
LiYCY cable Screened and shielded cable for applications where moderate mechanical stress and electromagnetic screening is required
LiYY cable Unscreened and unshielded cable for light duty in dry and humid environments
LiHH cable Unscreened LSZH low capacitance control
LiHCH cable Screened LSZH data transmission cable

As a leading control cable supplier, we have vast experience of advising on control cable selection. Our technical team is available to discuss your application and to help you meet the specific requirements.

Control cables for specialist applications

In addition to the more standard control cables, we also supply a range for specialist applications such as the variable frequency drive control cable for mining equipment, and geo-specific cables such as the GVCSTV-LSHL-C1 cable for French markets. Talk to our team about the specifics of your application and installation.

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