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BS5467 Cable

Low Voltage XLPE thermosetting insulated armoured cables - 600/1000V - manufactured in accordance with British Standard BS5467

BS5467 SWA PVC cable

British Standard BS5467 cable specification covers the requirements for low voltage armoured cables - both galvanised steel wire armoured (multi-core) and non-magnetic aluminium wire armoured (single core) - with thermosetting insulation of rated voltages 600/1000V for use in fixed installation in industrial wiring, mains distribution, auxiliary control and similar applications, where there is risk of mechanical damage and some form of protection is required.

BS5467 specifies the number of cores (single-core / two-core / three-core / four-core / five-core and up to 48 cores for auxiliary cables) and the type of conductor, which can be plain annealed stranded copper (Cu) or solid aluminium (Al). The Standard allows colour-coded or number-coded core identification. These low voltage cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) insulated and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sheathed armoured cables are designed to specifications that ensure the insulation and other components are suitable for sustained operations at a maximum conductor temperature of 90oC, and at a maximum short-circuit conductor temperature of 250oC.

BS5467 cables are widely used power cables both in the UK and prevalent in international projects specified to British standards. They are hard-wearing and suitable for indoor, underground (direct burial in free draining soil or embedded in concrete) and outdoors without additional protection due to the mechanical protection afforded by their armour and the UV stable and water resistant nature of their sheathing. For applications requiring Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) sheathing, please refer to our British Standard BS6724 for an LSZH equivalent to BS5467.

BS5467 Cable Specification for Construction

  BS5467 single core BS5467 multicore
Voltage Rating 0.6/1kV 0.6/1kV
Conductor Copper (Cu) (Class 2), Aluminium (Al) (Class 1) 2 core to 48 core: Cu (Class 2), Al (Class 1)
Insulation Cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) XLPE
Bedding Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) PVC
Armour Aluminium wire armour (AWA) Steel wire armour (SWA)
Sheath PVC PVC

BS5467 cables can be referred to in international markets by their construction - XLPE/PVC/SWA/PVC for multicore cables.

BS5467 Cable Standard Core Colours

Single: Brown or blue
2 core: Brown and blue
3 core: Brown, black and grey
4 core: Brown, black, grey and blue
5 core: Brown, black, grey, blue and green/yellow
7 to 48 cores: white with printed numbers

These types of cable can also be supplied in different colour combinations on request.

Eland Cables is a leading BS5467 cable supplier offering a comprehensive range of BASEC-approved armoured cables of all sizes. These also comply with the requirements set out by the International Electrotechnical Commission standard IEC 60502.
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