Cable Glands

Cable Glands

Cable Glands

We supply a comprehensive range of industrial and hazardous area cable glands (also known as cable fittings) for the smooth interconnection of cables and equipment.

This covers the full spectrum of cable, with applications from general industrial types through to safety, deluge, flameproof and explosion proof cable glands.

Our cable glands are designed to provide optimal systems integrity when used alongside our cables and form an integral part of our cable solutions. Depending on the application, we offer brass cable glands as well as stainless steel, aluminium, nylon, nickel, plastic and other materials. Our cable glands are generally supplied with other cable gland accessories including locknuts, O-rings, sealing washers, earthing washers, earth tags, shrouds, clamping modules, adaptors, reducers, and blanking plugs. These are available in both metric and PG threads, as well as for armoured and non-armoured cable applications.

Our cable glands adhere to the strictest national and international specifications including NEC, CEC, ATEX and IECEx.

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Cable Glands Portfolio

Some of our most popular cable glands include:

Brass Gland A2 A2 brass cable glands are suitable for use with unarmoured cables. Their outer seal grips the sheath of the cable to achieve a weatherproof seal, hence their IP68 rating.
BW AWA and SWA cable requires armoured cable glands. BW brass cable glands are suitable for use with steel wire armoured cables on indoor applications. These SWA cable glands have no loose parts in their construction which allow for easy installation.
CX CX brass cable glands are suitable for use with braided cables providing electrical continuity for the cables’ wire braid.
CXT CXT brass cable glands are suitable for use with all types of screened flexible wire braid and wire braid armoured cables. These glands provide mechanical cable retention and electrical continuity
CW CW brass cable glands are suitable for use with steel wire armoured cables on outdoor applications. Their outer seal grips the cable sheath to achieve weatherproof seal. A separate armour lock ring ensures armour clamping.
Nickel plated glands MS A standard grade nickel-plated brass gland which is IP68 rated. This waterproof cable gland's seal prevents ingress of dust and water, suitable for immersion. The MS Gland is suitable for use in environments demanding high levels of chemical and mechanical stability including measurement and control applications.
EMC Nickel plated EMC glands are ideal for watertight applications. Their high quality finish makes them suitable for plant machinery and control equipment. These are known as SY cable glands and CY cable glands, and should only be used for applications with these control cables.
Nylon glands PA A standard grade polyamide metric gland (plastic cable gland) manufactured with IP68 watertight and dust-tight rating. They are supplied with a neoprene seal to reduce the gland diameter where applied to smaller size cables.

For more information on cables for specific applications or industries, such as rail cable glands, contact our technical team.  

Cable Glands PG Size Conversion Table

Nominal thread size Outer diameter Threads per inch (TPI) Pitch Inner diameter Cable diameter
PG7 12.5mm / 0.492in 20 1.270mm / 0.05in 11.28mm / 0.444in 3- 6.5mm / 0.118 - 0.256in
PG9 15.5mm / 0.610in 18 1.4112mm / 0.05556in 13.86mm / 0.546in 4 - 8mm / 0.157 - 0.315in
PG11 18.6mm / 0.732in 18 1.4112mm / 0.05556in 17.26mm / 0.680in 5 - 10mm / 0.197 - 0.394in
PG13.5 20.4mm / 0.803in 18 1.4112mm / 0.05556in 19.06mm / 0.750in 6 - 12mm / 0.236 - 0.472in
PG16 22.5mm / 0.886in 18 1.4112mm / 0.05556in 21.16mm / 0.833in 10 - 14mm / 0.394 - 0.551in
PG21 28.3mm / 1.114in 16 1.5875mm / 0.0625in 26.78mm / 1.054in 13 - 18mm / 0.512 - 0.709in
PG29 37.0mm / 1.457in 16 1.5875mm / 0.0625in 35.48mm / 1.397in 18 - 25mm / 0.709 - 0.984in
PG36 47.0mm / 1.850in 16 1.5875mm / 0.0625in 45.48mm / 1.791in 22 - 32mm / 0.866 - 1.26in
PG42 54.0mm / 2.126in 16 1.5875mm / 0.0625in 52.48mm / 2.066in 30 - 38mm / 1.18 - 1.50in
PG48 59.3mm / 2.335in 16 1.5875mm / 0.0625in 57.78mm / 2.275in 34 - 44mm / 1.34 - 1.73in

Cable glands selection

As cable experts, Eland Cables' technical team is ideally positioned to provide technical support with the selection of the ideal gland solution to use alongside our cables. Our cable solutions include one of the most comprehensive selections of cable accessories in the industry, including custom designed glands on large-scale projects.

Product name Part No Type Sheath colour Gland Size Pack Quantity Quantity  
Hummel PA Nylon GlandHUMGECM16MNLBK0n/aBlackM1610
Hummel PA Nylon GlandHUMGECM16MNLGR0n/aGreyM1610
Hummel PA Nylon GlandHUMGECM16SNLBK0n/aBlackM16S10
Hummel PA Nylon GlandHUMGECM16SNLGR0n/aGreyM16S10
Hummel PA Nylon GlandHUMGECM20MNLBK0n/aBlackM2010
Hummel PA Nylon GlandHUMGECM20MNLGR0n/aGreyM2010
Hummel PA Nylon GlandHUMGECM20SNLBK0n/aBlackM20S10
Hummel PA Nylon GlandHUMGECM20SNLGR0n/aGreyM20S10
Hummel PA Nylon GlandHUMGECM25MNLBK0n/aBlackM2510
Hummel PA Nylon GlandHUMGECM25MNLGR0n/aGreyM2510
Hummel PA Nylon GlandHUMGECM32MNLBK0n/aBlackM3210
Hummel PA Nylon GlandHUMGECM32MNLGR0n/aGreyM3210
Hummel PA Nylon GlandHUMGECM40MNLBK0n/aBlackM402
Hummel PA Nylon GlandHUMGECM40MNLGR0n/aGreyM402
Hummel PA Nylon GlandHUMGECM50MNLBK0n/aBlackM502
Hummel PA Nylon GlandHUMGECM50MNLGR0n/aGreyM502
Hummel PA Nylon GlandHUMGECM63MNLBK0n/aBlackM632
Hummel PA Nylon GlandHUMGECM63MNLGR0n/aGreyM632
Hummel PA Nylon GlandHUMGECM12MNLBK0n/aBlackM1210
Hummel PA Nylon GlandHUMGECM12MNLGR0n/aGreyM1210
PA Nylon GlandFCGA216PLGRn/aGreyM161
PA Nylon GlandFCGA220SPLGRn/aGreyM20S1
PA Nylon GlandFCGA220PLGRn/aGreyM201
PA Nylon GlandFCGA220LPLGRn/aGreyM20L1
PA Nylon GlandFCGA232PLGRn/aGreyM321
PA Nylon GlandFCGA240PLGRn/aGreyM401
PA Nylon GlandFCGA250PLGRn/aGreyM501
PA Nylon GlandFCGA263PLGRn/aGreyM631
PA Nylon GlandFCGA216PLBKn/aBlackM161
PA Nylon GlandFCGA220SPLBKn/aBlackM20S1
PA Nylon GlandFCGA220PLBKn/aBlackM201
PA Nylon GlandFCGA220LPLBKn/aBlackM20L1
PA Nylon GlandFCGA232PLBKn/aBlackM321
PA Nylon GlandFCGA240PLBKn/aBlackM401
PA Nylon GlandFCGA250PLBKn/aBlackM501
PA Nylon GlandFCGA263PLBKn/aBlackM631
PA Nylon GlandFCGA216PLRDn/aRedM161
PA Nylon GlandFCGA220SPLRDn/aRedM20S1
PA Nylon GlandFCGA220PLRDn/aRedM201
PA Nylon GlandFCGA220LPLRDn/aRedM20L1
PA Nylon GlandFCGA216PLWHn/aWhiteM161
PA Nylon GlandFCGA220SPLWHn/aWhiteM20S1
PA Nylon GlandFCGA220PLWHn/aWhiteM201
PA Nylon GlandFCGA220LPLWHn/aWhiteM20L1
Hummel MS Brass GlandHUMGECM12MNP000n/an/aM1210
Hummel MS Brass GlandHUMGECM16MNP000n/an/aM1610
Hummel MS Brass GlandHUMGECM20MNP000n/an/aM2010
Hummel MS Brass GlandHUMGECM25MNP000n/an/aM2510
Hummel MS Brass GlandHUMGECM32MNP000n/an/aM3210
Hummel MS Brass GlandHUMGECM40MNP000n/an/aM402
Hummel MS Brass GlandHUMGECM50MNP000n/an/aM502
Hummel MS Brass GlandHUMGECM63MNP000n/an/aM632
Cable Gland CXFCGCX20/16Brassn/a20/162
Cable Gland CXFCGCX20SBrassn/a20s2
Cable Gland CXFCGCX20Brassn/a202
Cable Gland CXFCGCX25Brassn/a252
Cable Gland CXFCGCX32Brassn/a322
Cable Gland CXFCGCX40Brassn/a402
Cable Gland CXFCGCX50SBrassn/a50s2
Cable Gland CXFCGCX50Brassn/a502
Cable Gland CXFCGCX63SBrassn/a63s2
Cable Gland CXFCGCX63Brassn/a632
Cable Gland CXFCGCX75SBrassn/a75s2
Cable Gland CXFCGCX75Brassn/a752
Cable Gland CXFCGCX90Brassn/a902
Cable Gland CXTFCGCXT20/16Brassn/a20ss2
Cable Gland CXTFCGCXT20SBrassn/a20s2
Cable Gland CXTFCGCXT20Brassn/a202
Cable Gland CXTFCGCXT25Brassn/a252
Cable Gland CXTFCGCXT32Brassn/a322
Cable Gland CXTFCGCXT40Brassn/a402
Cable Gland CXTFCGCXT50SBrassn/a50s2
Cable Gland CXTFCGCXT50Brassn/a502
Cable Gland BWFCGBW20SBrassn/a20s2
Cable Gland BWFCGBW20Brassn/a202
Cable Gland BWFCGBW25Brassn/a252
Cable Gland BWFCGBW32Brassn/a322
Cable Gland BWFCGBW40Brassn/a402
Cable Gland BWFCGBW50SBrassn/a50s1
Cable Gland BWFCGBW50Brassn/a501
Cable Gland BWFCGBW63SBrassn/a63s1
Cable Gland BWFCGBW60Brassn/a601
Cable Gland BWFCGBW75SBrassn/a75s1
Cable Gland BWFCGBW75Brassn/a751
Cable Gland CWFCGCW16n/aGreyM162
Cable Gland CWFCGCW20Sn/aGreyM20S2
Cable Gland CWFCGCW20n/aGreyM202
Cable Gland CWFCGCW25Sn/aGreyM25S2
Cable Gland CWFCGCW25n/aGreyM252
Cable Gland CWFCGCW32n/aGreyM322
Cable Gland CWFCGCW40Sn/aGreyM40S1
Cable Gland CWFCGCW40n/aGreyM401
Cable Gland CWFCGCW50Sn/aBlackM50S1
Cable Gland CWFCGCW50n/aBlackM501
Cable Gland CWFCGCW63Sn/aBlackM63S1
Cable Gland CWFCGCW63n/aBlackM631
Cable Gland CWFCGCW75Sn/aBlackM75S1
Cable Gland CWFCGCW75n/aBlackM751
Cable Gland CWFCGCW90n/aBlackM901
Cable Gland A2FCGA220SBrassn/a20s2
Cable Gland A2FCGA220Brassn/a202
Cable Gland A2FCGA225Brassn/a252
Cable Gland A2FCGA232Brassn/a322
Cable Gland A2FCGA240Brassn/a402
Cable Gland A2FCGA250SBrassn/a50s2
Cable Gland A2FCGA250Brassn/a502
Cable Gland A2FCGA263SBrassn/a63s2
Cable Gland A2FCGA263Brassn/a632
Cable Gland A2FCGA275SBrassn/a75s2
Cable Gland A2FCGA275Brassn/a752
GM-FS Nylon LocknutHUMLECM12MNLBK0n/aBlackM1210
GM-FS Nylon LocknutHUMLECM12MNLGR0n/aGreyM1210
GM-FS Nylon LocknutHUMLECM16MNLBK0n/aBlackM1610
GM-FS Nylon LocknutHUMLECM16MNLGR0n/aGreyM1610
GM-FS Nylon LocknutHUMLECM20MNLBK0n/aBlackM2010
GM-FS Nylon LocknutHUMLECM20MNLGR0n/aGreyM2010
GM-FS Nylon LocknutHUMLECM25MNLBK0n/aBlackM2510
GM-FS Nylon LocknutHUMLECM25MNLGR0n/aGreyM2510
GM-FS Nylon LocknutHUMLECM32MNLBK0n/aBlackM3210
GM-FS Nylon LocknutHUMLECM32MNLGR0n/aGreyM3210
GM-FS Nylon LocknutHUMLECM40MNLBK0n/aBlackM402
GM-FS Nylon LocknutHUMLECM40MNLGR0n/aGreyM402
GM-FS Nylon LocknutHUMLECM50MNLBK0n/aBlackM502
GM-FS Nylon LocknutHUMLECM50MNLGR0n/aGreyM502
GM-FS Nylon LocknutHUMLECM63MNLBK0n/aBlackM632
GM-FS Nylon LocknutHUMLECM63MNLGR0n/aGreyM632
GM-EMV Earthing LocknutHUMLECM12MNP000n/an/aM1210
GM-EMV Earthing LocknutHUMLECM16MNP000n/an/aM1610
GM-EMV Earthing LocknutHUMLECM20MNP000n/an/aM2010
GM-EMV Earthing LocknutHUMLECM25MNP000n/an/aM2510
GM-EMV Earthing LocknutHUMLECM32MNP000n/an/aM3210
GM-EMV Earthing LocknutHUMLECM40MNP000n/an/aM402
GM-EMV Earthing LocknutHUMLECM50MNP000n/an/aM502
GM-EMV Earthing LocknutHUMLECM63MNP000n/an/aM632
GM-Ms Brass LocknutHUMLEMM12MNP000n/an/aM1210
GM-Ms Brass LocknutHUMLEMM16MNP000n/an/aM1610
GM-Ms Brass LocknutHUMLEMM20MNP000n/an/aM2010
GM-Ms Brass LocknutHUMLEMM25MNP000n/an/aM2510
GM-Ms Brass LocknutHUMLEMM32MNP000n/an/aM3210
GM-Ms Brass LocknutHUMLEMM40MNP000n/an/aM402
GM-Ms Brass LocknutHUMLEMM50MNP000n/an/aM502
GM-Ms Brass LocknutHUMLEMM63MNP000n/an/aM632