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YY Cable

Veriflex YY cables are versatile multi-core power and signal control cables suitable for a wide variety of industrial applications. They are commonly known by their constructional reference: YSLY cables. These include use as an interconnecting cable in manufacturing plants and other automated production facilities for measuring, controlling or regulating equipment including assembly and production lines, conveyors and computer units. These unshielded control cables are highly flexible for easy installation both outdoors, when protected against direct sunlight, and indoors in dry or moist conditions. The tough outer sheathing protects against the effects of light mechanical and environmental stresses.

Our low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) YY cables are particularly suitable for installation where smoke emission and toxic fumes would create a potential threat to life or equipment in the event of fire.


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YSLY & HSLH JZ-OZ-JB-OB : YY PVC & YY LSZH cable specification

European references for these cables indicate the core configurations within the sheathing
Veriflex YY LSZH cable Veriflex YY PVC cable
HSLH-OZ LSZH sheathed cable with black numbered cores YSLY-OZ PVC sheathed cable with black numbered cores
HSLH-JZ LSZH sheathed cable with black numbered cores and G/Y earth YSLY-JZ PVC sheathed cable with black numbered cores and G/Y earth
HSLH-OB LSZH sheathed cable with coloured cores YSLY-OB PVC sheathed cable with coloured cores
HSLH-JB LSZH sheathed cable with coloured cores including G/Y earth YSLY-JB PVC sheathed cable with coloured cores including G/Y earth

As standard, Eland Cables supplies insulated black cores with white numbering for 2 core cables and with a green/yellow core included for 3 cores and above. Coloured cores, with and without green/yellow are available upon request.

YY Voltage Rating

The voltage rating of these unscreened flexible cables is 300/500V, with the exception of the YSLY-JZ 0.6/1kV cable. 

Veriflex YY cable PDF datasheet

YY cables are available in a large range of core multiples and sizes. Our technical team would be delighted to discuss your application and to recommend the most appropriate variant along with compatible YY cable glands and accessories. YY cable datasheets are available on this page for download, with dimensional and electrical characteristics.

The wider control cable range includes CY cable with tinned copper wire braiding for electromagnetic screening, SY cable with galvanised steel wire braid for mechanical protection, and a range of LiYY cable, LiHH cable and VFD cables and a full range of calibrated cable accessories.

Construction Table

  Veriflex YY LSZH HSlH Cable CS Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control Cable Veriflex YY PVC YSLY Cable CS Veriflex YY PVC (YSLY) Control Cable Veriflex YSLY Cable CS YSLY 0.6/1kV Black Cable




Class 5 Flexible Stranded Copper


LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen)

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)


LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen)

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)


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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1102001GR00020.5mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1102011GR00020.75mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1102021GR00021mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1102031GR00021.5mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1102041GR00022.5mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1103001GR00030.5mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1103011GR00030.75mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1103021GR00031mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1103031GR00031.5mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1103041GR00032.5mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1103051GR00034mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1103061GR00036mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1103071GR000310mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1103081GR000316mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1104001GR00040.5mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1104011GR00040.75mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1104021GR00041mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1104031GR00041.5mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1104041GR00042.5mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1104051GR00044mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1104061GR00046mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1104071GR000410mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1104081GR000416mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1104091GR000425mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1104101GR000435mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1105001GR00050.5mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1105011GR00050.75mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1105021GR00051mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1105031GR00051.5mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1105041GR00052.5mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1105051GR00054mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1105061GR00056mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1105071GR000510mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1105081GR000516mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1105091GR000525mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1107001GR00070.5mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1107011GR00070.75mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1107021GR00071mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1107031GR00071.5mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1107041GR00072.5mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1107051GR00074mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1107061GR00076mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1108001GR00080.5mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1108021GR00081mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1108031GR00081.5mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1112001GR00000120.5mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1112011GR00000120.75mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1112021GR00000121mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1112031GR00000121.5mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1118001GR00000180.5mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1118011GR00000180.75mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1118021GR00000181mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1118031GR00000181.5mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1118041GR00000182.5mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1125001GR00000250.5mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1125011GR00000250.75mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1125021GR00000251mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1125031GR00000251.5mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1125041GR00000252.5mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1134011GR00000340.75mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1134021GR00000341mm²Grey
Veriflex YY LSZH (HSLH) Control CableV1134031GR00000341.5mm²Grey
Veriflex YY PVC (YSLY) Control CableV0118001GR00000180.5mm²Grey
Veriflex YY PVC (YSLY) Control CableV0118011GR00000180.75mm²Grey
Veriflex YY PVC (YSLY) Control CableV0118021GR00000181mm²Grey
Veriflex YY PVC (YSLY) Control CableV0118031GR00000181.5mm²Grey
Veriflex YY PVC (YSLY) Control CableV0118041GR000182.5mm²Grey
Veriflex YY PVC (YSLY) Control CableV0125001GR000250.5mm²Grey
Veriflex YY PVC (YSLY) Control CableV0125011GR000250.75mm²Grey
Veriflex YY PVC (YSLY) Control CableV0125021GR000251mm²Grey
Veriflex YY PVC (YSLY) Control CableV0125031GR000251.5mm²Grey
Veriflex YY PVC (YSLY) Control CableV0125041GR000252.5mm²Grey
Veriflex YY PVC (YSLY) Control CableV0134011GR000340.75mm²Grey
Veriflex YY PVC (YSLY) Control CableV0134021GR000341mm²Grey
Veriflex YY PVC (YSLY) Control CableV0134031GR000341.5mm²Grey
Veriflex YY PVC (YSLY) Control CableV0134041GR000342.5mm²Grey
Veriflex YY PVC (YSLY) Control CableV0150021GR000501mm²Grey
Veriflex YY PVC (YSLY) Control CableV0150031GR000501.5mm²Grey
Veriflex YY PVC (YSLY) Control CableV0150041GR000502.5mm²Grey
Veriflex YY PVC (YSLY) Control CableV0161021GR000611mm²Grey
YSLY 0.6/1kV Black CableV4203011BK00030.75Black
YSLY 0.6/1kV Black CableV4203021BK00031Black
YSLY 0.6/1kV Black CableV4203031BK00031.5Black
YSLY 0.6/1kV Black CableV4203041BK00032.5Black
YSLY 0.6/1kV Black CableV4203051BK00034Black
YSLY 0.6/1kV Black CableV4204011BK00040.75Black
YSLY 0.6/1kV Black CableV4204021BK00041Black
YSLY 0.6/1kV Black CableV4204031BK00041.5Black
YSLY 0.6/1kV Black CableV4204041BK00042.5Black
YSLY 0.6/1kV Black CableV4204051BK00044Black
YSLY 0.6/1kV Black CableV4204061BK00046Black
YSLY 0.6/1kV Black CableV4204071BK000410Black
YSLY 0.6/1kV Black CableV4204081BK000416Black
YSLY 0.6/1kV Black CableV4204091BK000425Black
YSLY 0.6/1kV Black CableV4204101BK000435Black
YSLY 0.6/1kV Black CableV4204111BK000450Black
YSLY 0.6/1kV Black CableV4204121BK000470Black
YSLY 0.6/1kV Black CableV4205011BK00050.75Black
YSLY 0.6/1kV Black CableV4205021BK00051Black
YSLY 0.6/1kV Black CableV4205031BK00051.5Black
YSLY 0.6/1kV Black CableV4205041BK00052.5Black
YSLY 0.6/1kV Black CableV4205051BK00054Black
YSLY 0.6/1kV Black CableV4205061BK00056Black
YSLY 0.6/1kV Black CableV4205071BK000510Black
YSLY 0.6/1kV Black CableV4205081BK000516Black
YSLY 0.6/1kV Black CableV4205091BK000525Black
YSLY 0.6/1kV Black CableV4205101BK000535Black
YSLY 0.6/1kV Black CableV4207011BK00070.75Black
YSLY 0.6/1kV Black CableV4207021BK00071Black
YSLY 0.6/1kV Black CableV4207031BK00071.5Black
YSLY 0.6/1kV Black CableV4207041BK00072.5Black
YSLY 0.6/1kV Black CableV4207051BK00074Black
YSLY 0.6/1kV Black CableV4207061BK00076Black
YSLY 0.6/1kV Black CableV4210011BK000120.75Black
YSLY 0.6/1kV Black CableV4210021BK000121Black
YSLY 0.6/1kV Black CableV4210031BK000121.5Black
YSLY 0.6/1kV Black CableV4210041BK000122.5Black
YSLY 0.6/1kV Black CableV4214011BK000180.75Black
YSLY 0.6/1kV Black CableV4214021BK000181Black
YSLY 0.6/1kV Black CableV4214031BK000181.5Black
YSLY 0.6/1kV Black CableV4214041BK000182.5Black
YSLY 0.6/1kV Black CableV4218011BK000250.75Black
YSLY 0.6/1kV Black CableV4218021BK000251Black
YSLY 0.6/1kV Black CableV4218031BK000251.5Black
YSLY 0.6/1kV Black CableV4222011BK000340.75Black
YSLY 0.6/1kV Black CableV4222021BK000341Black
YSLY 0.6/1kV Black CableV4222031BK000341.5Black
YSLY 0.6/1kV Black CableV4224011BK000420.75Black
YSLY 0.6/1kV Black CableV4224021BK000421Black
YSLY 0.6/1kV Black CableV4224031BK000421.5Black
YSLY 0.6/1kV Black CableV4225011BK000500.75Black
YSLY 0.6/1kV Black CableV4225021BK000501Black
YSLY 0.6/1kV Black CableV4225031BK000501.5Black
YSLY 0.6/1kV Black CableV4226011BK000610.75Black
YSLY 0.6/1kV Black CableV4226031BK000611.5Black