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H05VV5-F Cable

H05VV5-F Cable for flexible connection to process and control equipment, including conveyors and production lines, with voltage rating 300/500V.

H05VV5-F Cable Specification

Used in industrial automation application and machine tool equipment, this European harmonised multicore cable has PVC insulated copper conductors sized up to 1.5mm2 and an oil-resistant PVC sheath. It is also referred to as NYSLYÖ-JZ, with the -JZ indicating that the insulated cores are black with white numbers and a green/yellow core. 

The grey PVC sheath with its enhanced oil-resistant properties can be used in dry and damp internal environments and under low and medium mechanical stress. It is not designed for external use unless provided with additional protection. It provides a maximum operating temperature of +70oC in both fixed and flexible applications. For applications requiring EMC protection, the H05VVC4V5-K cable may be more appropriate.

In addition to being an industrial cable, the H05VV-F cable is also commonly specified in the renewable industry for connecting motor and control equipment in wind turbines. 

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Construction Table

  Veriflex Cables H05VV5-F Cable Construction



Class 5 fine stranded flexible copper


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) - Oil resistant

H05VV5-F Cable

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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
H05VV5-F CableV4403011GR00030.75mm²Grey
H05VV5-F CableV4403021GR00031mm²Grey
H05VV5-F CableV4403031GR00031.5mm²Grey
H05VV5-F CableV4403041GR00032.5mm²Grey
H05VV5-F CableV4404011GR00040.75mm²Grey
H05VV5-F CableV4404021GR00041mm²Grey
H05VV5-F CableV4404031GR00041.5mm²Grey
H05VV5-F CableV4404041GR00042.5mm²Grey
H05VV5-F CableV4405011GR00050.75mm²Grey
H05VV5-F CableV4405021GR00051mm²Grey
H05VV5-F CableV4405031GR00051.5mm²Grey
H05VV5-F CableV4405041GR00052.5mm²Grey
H05VV5-F CableV4407011GR00070.75mm²Grey
H05VV5-F CableV4407021GR00071mm²Grey
H05VV5-F CableV4407031GR00071.5mm²Grey
H05VV5-F CableV4407041GR00072.5mm²Grey
H05VV5-F CableV4410011GR000120.75mm²Grey
H05VV5-F CableV4410021GR000121mm²Grey
H05VV5-F CableV4410031GR000121.5mm²Grey
H05VV5-F CableV4410041GR000122.5mm²Grey
H05VV5-F CableV4414011GR000180.75mm²Grey
H05VV5-F CableV4414021GR000181mm²Grey
H05VV5-F CableV4414031GR000181.5mm²Grey
H05VV5-F CableV4414041GR000182.5mm²Grey
H05VV5-F CableV4418011GR000250.75mm²Grey
H05VV5-F CableV4418021GR000251mm²Grey
H05VV5-F CableV4418031GR000251.5mm²Grey
H05VV5-F CableV4418041GR000252.5mm²Grey
H05VV5-F CableV4422011GR000340.75mm²Grey
H05VV5-F CableV4422021GR000341mm²Grey
H05VV5-F CableV4422031GR000341.5mm²Grey