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Polyurethane Control Cables

Control cable applications are in a range of industrial installations and face a battery of chemicals, oils and greases as part of their everyday operation. Many of these applications are under frequent or constant flexing to protect the Class 5 flexible conductors, and in some cases Class 6 extra flexible conductors, at their centre.

Polyurethane Control Cable Specification

For automation and process control applications in installation environments that are required to maintain strict hygiene regimes such as food and bottling plants, or are regularly hosed down to maintain cleanliness such as abbatoirs, a PVC cable would not be suitable as the insulation and sheathing material is permeable. Instead, polyurethane, abbreviated as PUR, is a much more appropriate material, being robust and resistant to tears and rips.

Veriflex PUR cable datasheet

The Verifex cable portfolio includes a PUR-JZ cable, a low voltage control cable with black numbered cores and a green-yellow earth core. This 300/500V low voltage cable is available in variations from 2-core, 3-core, 4-core and up to 25-core as standard, all held in stock for next-day UK delivery. As with all Veriflex cables, the cable is BSI Kitemark approved having been extensively tested in our ISO17025 cable laboratory.

BSI Kitemark testing for cables

Screened Polyurethane Cable datasheet

For installations on equipment where power or other control cables are in the vicinity or close contact, it may be more necessary to use  screened cable to avoid issues of cross-talk. Our screened polyurethane cables have a tinned copper wire braid. This is of similar construction to the LiYCY cable with PVC sheathing and LiHCH cable with low smoke zero halogen sheathing. They all operate at 300/500V.

Technical support for PUR control cables

Whether specifying a PUR control cable from the Veriflex range including the Profinet PUR Type A for fieldbus applications or the Industrial Ethernet PUR Cat7, or one from our wider portfolio including the Powerchain PUR, our technical experts can provide support as to the properties, dimensional measurements, and overall suitability for your specific installation. For more information, speak to one of our team or contact our Technical Hotline by phone or email.

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Construction Table

  PUR-JZ Control Cable CS Veriflex Control PUR-JZ Cable Veriflex Screened PUR Cable CS Screened Polyurethane Cable



Class 5 Flexible Stranded Copper


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)


Non-Woven Polyester Tape



TCWB (Tinned Copper Wire Braid)


PUR (Polyurethane)

Polyurethane Control Cables

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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
Veriflex Control PUR-JZ CableV0502001GR00020.5mm²Grey
Veriflex Control PUR-JZ CableV0502011GR00020.75mm²Grey
Veriflex Control PUR-JZ CableV0502021GR00021mm²Grey
Veriflex Control PUR-JZ CableV0502031GR00021.5mm²Grey
Veriflex Control PUR-JZ CableV0503011GR00030.75mm²Grey
Veriflex Control PUR-JZ CableV0503021GR00031mm²Grey
Veriflex Control PUR-JZ CableV0503031GR00031.5mm²Grey
Veriflex Control PUR-JZ CableV0503041GR00032.5mm²Grey
Veriflex Control PUR-JZ CableV0504011GR00040.75mm²Grey
Veriflex Control PUR-JZ CableV0504021GR00041mm²Grey
Veriflex Control PUR-JZ CableV0504031GR00041.5mm²Grey
Veriflex Control PUR-JZ CableV0504041GR00042.5mm²Grey
Veriflex Control PUR-JZ CableV0504051GR000410mm²Grey
Veriflex Control PUR-JZ CableV0504061GR000416mm²Grey
Veriflex Control PUR-JZ CableV0504071GR000425mm²Grey
Veriflex Control PUR-JZ CableV0504081GR000435mm²Grey
Veriflex Control PUR-JZ CableV0505011GR00050.75mm²Grey
Veriflex Control PUR-JZ CableV0505021GR00051mm²Grey
Veriflex Control PUR-JZ CableV0505031GR00051.5mm²Grey
Veriflex Control PUR-JZ CableV0505041GR00052.5mm²Grey
Veriflex Control PUR-JZ CableV0505051GR00054mm²Grey
Veriflex Control PUR-JZ CableV0505061GR00056mm²Grey
Veriflex Control PUR-JZ CableV0507011GR00070.75mm²Grey
Veriflex Control PUR-JZ CableV0507021GR00071mm²Grey
Veriflex Control PUR-JZ CableV0507031GR00071.5mm²Grey
Veriflex Control PUR-JZ CableV0512011GR00000120.75mm²Grey
Veriflex Control PUR-JZ CableV0512021GR00000121mm²Grey
Veriflex Control PUR-JZ CableV0512031GR00000121.5mm²Grey
Veriflex Control PUR-JZ CableV0518011GR00000180.75mm²Grey
Veriflex Control PUR-JZ CableV0518021GR00000181mm²Grey
Veriflex Control PUR-JZ CableV0518031GR00000181.5mm²Grey
Veriflex Control PUR-JZ CableV0525011GR00000250.75mm²Grey
Veriflex Control PUR-JZ CableV0525021GR00000251mm²Grey
Veriflex Control PUR-JZ CableV0525031GR00000251.5mm²Grey
Screened Polyurethane CableV4102021GY00021mm²Grey
Screened Polyurethane CableV4102031GY00021.5mm²Grey
Screened Polyurethane CableV4103021GY00031mm²Grey
Screened Polyurethane CableV4103031GY00031.5mm²Grey
Screened Polyurethane CableV4103041GY00032.5mm²Grey
Screened Polyurethane CableV4104021GY00041mm²Grey
Screened Polyurethane CableV4104031GY00041.5mm²Grey
Screened Polyurethane CableV4104041GY00042.5mm²Grey
Screened Polyurethane CableV4104051GY00044mm²Grey
Screened Polyurethane CableV4104061GY00046mm²Grey
Screened Polyurethane CableV4105021GY00051mm²Grey
Screened Polyurethane CableV4105031GY00051.5mm²Grey
Screened Polyurethane CableV4105041GY00052.5mm²Grey
Screened Polyurethane CableV4105051GY00054mm²Grey
Screened Polyurethane CableV4105061GY00056mm²Grey
Screened Polyurethane CableV4107021GY00071mm²Grey
Screened Polyurethane CableV4107031GY00071.5mm²Grey
Screened Polyurethane CableV4107041GY00072.5mm²Grey
Screened Polyurethane CableV4110021GY000121mm²Grey
Screened Polyurethane CableV4110031GY000121.5mm²Grey
Screened Polyurethane CableV4110041GY000122.5mm²Grey
Screened Polyurethane CableV4114021GY000181mm²Grey
Screened Polyurethane CableV4114031GY000181.5mm²Grey
Screened Polyurethane CableV4114041GY000182.5mm²Grey
Screened Polyurethane CableV4116021GY000211mm²Grey
Screened Polyurethane CableV4118021GY000251mm²Grey
Screened Polyurethane CableV4118031GY000251.5mm²Grey
Screened Polyurethane CableV4118041GY000252.5mm²Grey