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H05VVC4V5-K Cable

As part of our European industrial automation product portfolio, our H05VVC4V5-K cable is a harmonised control cable providing EMC protection and resistance against chemicals, oils and greases. It is a screened variant of the H05VV5-F cable.

H05VVC4V5-K Cable Specification

As a flexible screened control cable, the H05VVC4V5-K cable is suitable for dry, damp and wet environments in internal installations. The cable is designed for fixed installations under medium mechanical load conditions - the cable can be subject to occasional, non-continuous flexing without tensile load. The copper wire braid provides for protection against electromagnetic interference from proximate power cables or competing signals. It is commonly specified in machine tooling, packaging plant equipment and bottling lines, and other industrial equipment with a maximum operating temperature of +70oC.

H05VVC4V5-K Cable Sizes

Like most control cables, the H05VVC4V5-K cable is a multicore cable, available as standard as H05VVC4V-K-JZ (black numbered cores with Green/Yellow) from 3 core 0.74mm2 up to 34 cores in size 1.5mm2. Where alternate core identification is required, -OZ (without green-Yellow) as are coloured cores up to a certain core number, this can be requested from our team and should be specified at initial quotation stage. 

Our H05VVC4V5-K cables are QA checked and laboratory tested for quality and compliance in our ISO/IEC 17025 testing facility. For support with specification of these cables and the suitability for your installation, please talk to our team.


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Construction Table

  CY PVC YSLCY Control Cable CS H05VVC4V5-K Cable



Class 5 flexible stranded Copper


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)


TCWB (Tinned Copper Wire Braid)


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

H05VVC4V5-K Cable

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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
H05VVC4V5-K CableV4503011GR00030.75mm²Grey
H05VVC4V5-K CableV4503021GR00031mm²Grey
H05VVC4V5-K CableV4503031GR00031.5mm²Grey
H05VVC4V5-K CableV4503041GR00032.5mm²Grey
H05VVC4V5-K CableV4504011GR00040.75mm²Grey
H05VVC4V5-K CableV4504021GR00041mm²Grey
H05VVC4V5-K CableV4504031GR00041.5mm²Grey
H05VVC4V5-K CableV4504041GR00042.5mm²Grey
H05VVC4V5-K CableV4505011GR00050.75mm²Grey
H05VVC4V5-K CableV4505021GR00051mm²Grey
H05VVC4V5-K CableV4505031GR00051.5mm²Grey
H05VVC4V5-K CableV4505041GR00052.5mm²Grey
H05VVC4V5-K CableV4507011GR00070.75mm²Grey
H05VVC4V5-K CableV4507021GR00071mm²Grey
H05VVC4V5-K CableV4507031GR00071.5mm²Grey
H05VVC4V5-K CableV4507041GR00072.5mm²Grey
H05VVC4V5-K CableV4512011GR000120.75mm²Grey
H05VVC4V5-K CableV4512021GR000121mm²Grey
H05VVC4V5-K CableV4512031GR000121.5mm²Grey
H05VVC4V5-K CableV4512041GR000122.5mm²Grey
H05VVC4V5-K CableV4518011GR000180.75mm²Grey
H05VVC4V5-K CableV4518021GR000181mm²Grey
H05VVC4V5-K CableV4518031GR000181.5mm²Grey
H05VVC4V5-K CableV4518041GR000182.5mm²Grey
H05VVC4V5-K CableV4525011GR000250.75mm²Grey
H05VVC4V5-K CableV4525021GR000251mm²Grey
H05VVC4V5-K CableV4525031GR000251.5mm²Grey
H05VVC4V5-K CableV4525041GR000252.5mm²Grey
H05VVC4V5-K CableV4534031GR000341.5mm²Grey