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LiHH Cable

LiHH are multicore low smoke zero halogen and flame retardant unscreened flexible data transmission control cables. They are rated voltage 250/250V.

LiHH Cable Specification

They are used in indoor industrial applications, including data transmission and signal transfer, in measuring, and in control equipment. The LSZH sheathing makes them suited to being located in areas where the emission of toxic fumes could pose a risk to human life or equipment in the event of a fire. 

LiHH cables can be used in flexible (operating temperature range of 5oC to 70oC) and fixed installations (operating temperature range of -40oC to +70oC) under low mechanical and tensile stress.

Cables designated as LiHH are flame retardant in accordance with VDE 0482-266-2-4 / IEC 60332-3-24. They also comply with IEC 61304 and IEC 60754 in relation to smoke density and halogen emissions respectively.

LiHH Cable Sizes

Their small cross-sectional area sizes of the conductors make them ideal for applications such as electronic control in computers and audio systems. These multicore variants from 2 core to 25 core, are supplied in sizes from 0.14mm2 through to 1mm2. Core identification is provided through coloured cores in all sizes and configurations.

LiHH cable datasheets

Eland Cables supplies a wide range of control and data transmission cables, including low capacitance LiHH cables, the dimensional details and electrical characteristics of which are detailed in the attached technical datasheet. Should support with cable selection be required, our team are on hand to assist.

Where alternative cables are sought, we also offer a screened low smoke LiHCH cable, and the PVC equivalents LiYY and LiYCY cable. There is also our full range of CY cable, SY cable and YY cable in both PVC and LSZH variants. Our technical team is on hand to support you with the selection of the right cable for your project's specific requirements.

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Construction Table

  LIHH Cable CS LiHH Cable



Class 5 Flexible Stranded Copper


PE (Polyethylene)


FRNC Compound (Flame Retardant Non-Corrosive)

LiHH Cable

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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
LiHH CableA5LH20001420.14mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH20002520.25mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH20003420.34mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH20005020.5mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH2007520.75mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH201021mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH201521.5mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH30001430.14mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH30002530.25mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH30003430.34mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH30005030.5mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH3007530.75mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH301031mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH301531.5mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH40001440.14mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH40002540.25mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH40003440.34mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH40005040.5mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH4007540.75mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH401041mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH401541.5mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH50001450.14mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH50002550.25mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH50003450.34mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH50005050.5mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH5007550.75mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH501051mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH60001460.14mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH60002560.25mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH70001470.14mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH70002570.25mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH70003470.34mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH70005070.5mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH7007570.75mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH80001480.14mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH80002580.25mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH80003480.34mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH10014100.14mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH10025100.25mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH10034100.34mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH10050100.5mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH10075100.75mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH12014120.14mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH12025120.25mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH12034120.34mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH12050120.5mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH12075120.75mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH15014150.14mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH15025150.25mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH15034150.34mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH15050150.5mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH16025160.25mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH18014180.14mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH18025180.25mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH18034180.34mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH18050180.5mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH20014200.14mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH21014210.14mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH21025210.25mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH21034210.34mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH21050210.5mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH25014250.14mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH25025250.25mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH25034250.34mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH25050250.5mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH30014300.14mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH30050300.5mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH34014340.14mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH34025340.25mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH34034340.34mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH34050340.5mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH40014400.14mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH40025400.25mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH40034400.34mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH40050400.5mm²Grey
LiHH CableA5LH50014500.14mm²Grey