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Veriflex CY Cable - YSLCY PVC & HSLCH LSZH

CY cables, also known as screened flexible cables or by their European designation YSLCY (PVC sheathed) and HSLCH (LSZH sheathed), are used as interconnecting cables for measurement, control or regulation in control equipment for assembly and production lines, conveyors, and computer units. They form part of Eland Cables' Veriflex portfolio.

They are typically used in applications requiring interference-free transmission due to their multi-core flex, tinned copper wire braid (TCWB), and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) separator, which protect it from external electromagnetic influences which could degrade accurate signal transmission. The CY cable's TCWB and PET also provide protection against light mechanical stress.

These cables are suitable for flexible use when temporarily moved without tensile stress. CY cables can be used outdoors when protected against direct sunlight, and in dry or moist conditions (including oil-water mixtures) indoors.


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Veriflex CY cable specification - CY PVC cable & CY LSZH cable

Whilst both of the PVC sheathed CY cables are widely used, the UL and CSA approved version tends to be more widely used for export-orientated machinery destined for the North-American market. 2 core CY cables are available as standard with black numbered cores (YSLCY-OZ cable) with 3 cores and above being black numbered cores with green/yellow (YSLCY-JZ). Coloured cores with green/yellow (YSLCY-JB) and without green/yellow (YSLCY-OB) are also available upon request.

Veriflex CY cable voltages

These screened flexible multi-core control cables have a voltage rating of 300/500V unless specified otherwise.

For applications requiring power and control there is the YSLYCY cable, a CY construction cable with additional inner sheath, designed with a voltage rating of 0.6/1kV. 

YSLCY cable & HSLCH cable selection 

In addition to the various types of construction, CY control cables are available in a wide range of sizes. Eland Cables' technical team is available to discuss your specific application and to assist you with the selection of the right cable. Calibrated CY cable glands and other cable accessories are also available.

European references for these cables indicate the core configurations within the sheathing

Veriflex CY LSZH cable Veriflex CY PVC cable
HSLCH-OZ LSZH sheathed cable with black numbered cores YSLCY-OZ PVC sheathed cable with black numbered cores
HSLCH-JZ LSZH sheathed cable with black numbered cores and G/Y earth YSLCY-JZ PVC sheathed cable with black numbered cores and G/Y earth
HSLCH-OB LSZH sheathed cable with coloured cores YSLCY-OB PVC sheathed cable with coloured cores
HSLCH-JB LSZH sheathed cable with coloured cores including G/Y earth YSLCY-JB PVC sheathed cable with coloured cores including G/Y earth

As standard, Eland Cables supplies from stock the YSLCY-OZ for 2 core cables and YSLCY-JZ for three core and above - with the same configuration for the low smoke zero halogen cables: HSLCY-OZ and HSLCY-JZ. Colour coded insulated cores, designated YSLCY-OB and YSLCY-JB (PVC) are available on request.

Larger core sizes and cross-sectional sizes are also available. The part numbers and specifications for the Veriflex CY LSZH cable may be different and you should refer to the datasheet for full information. CY cable with UL/CSA approval is also available upon request.

Our wider range of flexible control cables includes the unscreened YY cable for light mechanical stress applications and the SY cable with galvanised steel wire braid providing mechanical protection for medium tensile stresses. LiYY cable and the screened LiYCY cable are also available as are LSZH equivalents and a range of variable frequency drive VFD cables. Where geo-specific cable standards are required, such as the GVCSTV cable for NF C32-013 and NFC32070 C1 applications, we can also support your application with appropriate cables.

Construction Table

  Veriflex CY PVC YSLCY Control Cable CS Veriflex CY PVC (YSLCY) Control Cable Veriflex Screened Bedded Control LSZH Cable CS Veriflex Screened Bedded LSZH (HSLHCH) Cable Veriflex CY LSZH HSLCH Control Cable CS Veriflex CY LSZH (HSLCH) Control Cable Veriflex YSLYCY Cable CS Veriflex YSLYCY 1kV Black Cable




Class 5 Flexible Stranded Copper


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen)

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)


PET (Polyester Tape)


PET (Polyester Tape)



LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen)




PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)


TCWB (Tinned Copper Wire Braid)


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen)

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)


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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
Veriflex CY PVC (YSLCY) Control CableV0302001GR00020.5mm²Grey
Veriflex CY PVC (YSLCY) Control CableV0302011GR00020.75mm²Grey
Veriflex CY PVC (YSLCY) Control CableV0302021GR00021mm²Grey
Veriflex CY PVC (YSLCY) Control CableV0302031GR00021.5mm²Grey
Veriflex CY PVC (YSLCY) Control CableV0303001GR00030.5mm²Grey
Veriflex CY PVC (YSLCY) Control CableV0303011GR00030.75mm²Grey
Veriflex CY PVC (YSLCY) Control CableV0303021GR00031mm²Grey
Veriflex CY PVC (YSLCY) Control CableV0303031GR00031.5mm²Grey
Veriflex CY PVC (YSLCY) Control CableV0303041GR00032.5mm²Grey
Veriflex CY PVC (YSLCY) Control CableV0304001GR00040.5mm²Grey
Veriflex CY PVC (YSLCY) Control CableV0304011GR00040.75mm²Grey
Veriflex CY PVC (YSLCY) Control CableV0304021GR00041mm²Grey
Veriflex CY PVC (YSLCY) Control CableV0304031GR00041.5mm²Grey
Veriflex CY PVC (YSLCY) Control CableV0304041GR00042.5mm²Grey
Veriflex CY PVC (YSLCY) Control CableV0304051GR00044mm²Grey
Veriflex CY PVC (YSLCY) Control CableV0304061GR00046mm²Grey
Veriflex CY PVC (YSLCY) Control CableV0304071GR000410mm²Grey
Veriflex CY PVC (YSLCY) Control CableV0304081GR000416mm²Grey
Veriflex CY PVC (YSLCY) Control CableV0304091GR000425mm²Grey
Veriflex CY PVC (YSLCY) Control CableV0304101GR000435mm²Grey
Veriflex CY PVC (YSLCY) Control CableV0305001GR00050.5mm²Grey
Veriflex CY PVC (YSLCY) Control CableV0305011GR00050.75mm²Grey
Veriflex CY PVC (YSLCY) Control CableV0305021GR00051mm²Grey
Veriflex CY PVC (YSLCY) Control CableV0305031GR00051.5mm²Grey
Veriflex CY PVC (YSLCY) Control CableV0305041GR00052.5mm²Grey
Veriflex CY PVC (YSLCY) Control CableV0305051GR00054mm²Grey
Veriflex CY PVC (YSLCY) Control CableV0305061GR00056mm²Grey
Veriflex CY PVC (YSLCY) Control CableV0305071GR000510mm²Grey
Veriflex CY PVC (YSLCY) Control CableV0305081GR000516mm²Grey
Veriflex CY PVC (YSLCY) Control CableV0305091GR000525mm²Grey
Veriflex CY PVC (YSLCY) Control CableV0307001GR00070.5mm²Grey
Veriflex CY PVC (YSLCY) Control CableV0307011GR00070.75mm²Grey
Veriflex CY PVC (YSLCY) Control CableV0307021GR00071mm²Grey
Veriflex CY PVC (YSLCY) Control CableV0307031GR00071.5mm²Grey
Veriflex CY PVC (YSLCY) Control CableV0307041GR00072.5mm²Grey
Veriflex CY PVC (YSLCY) Control CableV0312001GR00000120.5mm²Grey
Veriflex CY PVC (YSLCY) Control CableV0312011GR00000120.75mm²Grey
Veriflex CY PVC (YSLCY) Control CableV0312021GR00000121mm²Grey
Veriflex CY PVC (YSLCY) Control CableV0312031GR00000121.5mm²Grey
Veriflex CY PVC (YSLCY) Control CableV0318011GR000180.75mm²Grey
Veriflex CY PVC (YSLCY) Control CableV0318021GR000181mm²Grey
Veriflex CY PVC (YSLCY) Control CableV0318031GR000181.5mm²Grey
Veriflex CY PVC (YSLCY) Control CableV0325011GR000250.75mm²Grey
Veriflex CY PVC (YSLCY) Control CableV0325021GR000251mm²Grey
Veriflex CY PVC (YSLCY) Control CableV0325031GR000251.5mm²Grey
Veriflex Screened Bedded LSZH (HSLHCH) CableV3302001GR00020.5mm²Grey
Veriflex Screened Bedded LSZH (HSLHCH) CableV3302011GR00020.75mm²Grey
Veriflex Screened Bedded LSZH (HSLHCH) CableV3302021GR00021mm²Grey
Veriflex Screened Bedded LSZH (HSLHCH) CableV3302031GR00021.5mm²Grey
Veriflex Screened Bedded LSZH (HSLHCH) CableV3303001GR00030.5mm²Grey
Veriflex Screened Bedded LSZH (HSLHCH) CableV3303011GR00030.75mm²Grey
Veriflex Screened Bedded LSZH (HSLHCH) CableV3303021GR00031mm²Grey
Veriflex Screened Bedded LSZH (HSLHCH) CableV3303031GR00031.5mm²Grey
Veriflex Screened Bedded LSZH (HSLHCH) CableV3303041GR00032.5mm²Grey
Veriflex Screened Bedded LSZH (HSLHCH) CableV3304001GR00040.5mm²Grey
Veriflex Screened Bedded LSZH (HSLHCH) CableV3304011GR00040.75mm²Grey
Veriflex Screened Bedded LSZH (HSLHCH) CableV3304021GR00041mm²Grey
Veriflex Screened Bedded LSZH (HSLHCH) CableV3304031GR00041.5mm²Grey
Veriflex Screened Bedded LSZH (HSLHCH) CableV3304041GR00042.5mm²Grey
Veriflex Screened Bedded LSZH (HSLHCH) CableV3304051GR00044mm²Grey
Veriflex Screened Bedded LSZH (HSLHCH) CableV3304061GR00046mm²Grey
Veriflex Screened Bedded LSZH (HSLHCH) CableV3304071GR000410mm²Grey
Veriflex Screened Bedded LSZH (HSLHCH) CableV3304081GR000416mm²Grey
Veriflex Screened Bedded LSZH (HSLHCH) CableV3304091GR000425mm²Grey
Veriflex Screened Bedded LSZH (HSLHCH) CableV3304101GR000435mm²Grey
Veriflex Screened Bedded LSZH (HSLHCH) CableV3305001GR00050.5mm²Grey
Veriflex Screened Bedded LSZH (HSLHCH) CableV3305011GR00050.75mm²Grey
Veriflex Screened Bedded LSZH (HSLHCH) CableV3305021GR00051mm²Grey
Veriflex Screened Bedded LSZH (HSLHCH) CableV3305031GR00051.5mm²Grey
Veriflex Screened Bedded LSZH (HSLHCH) CableV3305041GR00052.5mm²Grey
Veriflex Screened Bedded LSZH (HSLHCH) CableV3305051GR00054mm²Grey
Veriflex Screened Bedded LSZH (HSLHCH) CableV3305061GR00056mm²Grey
Veriflex Screened Bedded LSZH (HSLHCH) CableV3305071GR000510mm²Grey
Veriflex Screened Bedded LSZH (HSLHCH) CableV3305081GR000516mm²Grey
Veriflex Screened Bedded LSZH (HSLHCH) CableV3307001GR00070.5mm²Grey
Veriflex Screened Bedded LSZH (HSLHCH) CableV3307011GR00070.75mm²Grey
Veriflex Screened Bedded LSZH (HSLHCH) CableV3307021GR00071mm²Grey
Veriflex Screened Bedded LSZH (HSLHCH) CableV3307031GR00071.5mm²Grey
Veriflex Screened Bedded LSZH (HSLHCH) CableV3307041GR00072.5mm²Grey
Veriflex Screened Bedded LSZH (HSLHCH) CableV3307051GR00074mm²Grey
Veriflex Screened Bedded LSZH (HSLHCH) CableV3307061GR00076mm²Grey
Veriflex Screened Bedded LSZH (HSLHCH) CableV3312001GR000120.5mm²Grey
Veriflex Screened Bedded LSZH (HSLHCH) CableV3312011GR000120.75mm²Grey
Veriflex Screened Bedded LSZH (HSLHCH) CableV3312021GR000121mm²Grey
Veriflex Screened Bedded LSZH (HSLHCH) CableV3312031GR000121.5mm²Grey
Veriflex Screened Bedded LSZH (HSLHCH) CableV3318011GR000180.75mm²Grey
Veriflex Screened Bedded LSZH (HSLHCH) CableV3318021GR000181mm²Grey
Veriflex Screened Bedded LSZH (HSLHCH) CableV3318031GR000181.5mm²Grey
Veriflex Screened Bedded LSZH (HSLHCH) CableV3318011GR000250.75mm²Grey
Veriflex Screened Bedded LSZH (HSLHCH) CableV3318021GR000251mm²Grey
Veriflex Screened Bedded LSZH (HSLHCH) CableV3318031GR000251.5mm²Grey
Veriflex CY LSZH (HSLCH) Control CableV1302001GR00020.5mm²Grey
Veriflex CY LSZH (HSLCH) Control CableV1302011GR00020.75mm²Grey
Veriflex CY LSZH (HSLCH) Control CableV1302021GR00021mm²Grey
Veriflex CY LSZH (HSLCH) Control CableV1302031GR00021.5mm²Grey
Veriflex CY LSZH (HSLCH) Control CableV1303001GR00030.5mm²Grey
Veriflex CY LSZH (HSLCH) Control CableV1303011GR00030.75mm²Grey
Veriflex CY LSZH (HSLCH) Control CableV1303021GR00031mm²Grey
Veriflex CY LSZH (HSLCH) Control CableV1303031GR00031.5mm²Grey
Veriflex CY LSZH (HSLCH) Control CableV1303041GR00032.5mm²Grey
Veriflex CY LSZH (HSLCH) Control CableV1304001GR00040.5mm²Grey
Veriflex CY LSZH (HSLCH) Control CableV1304011GR00040.75mm²Grey
Veriflex CY LSZH (HSLCH) Control CableV1304021GR00041mm²Grey
Veriflex CY LSZH (HSLCH) Control CableV1304031GR00041.5mm²Grey
Veriflex CY LSZH (HSLCH) Control CableV1304041GR00042.5mm²Grey
Veriflex CY LSZH (HSLCH) Control CableV1304051GR00044mm²Grey
Veriflex CY LSZH (HSLCH) Control CableV1304061GR00046mm²Grey
Veriflex CY LSZH (HSLCH) Control CableV1304071GR000410mm²Grey
Veriflex CY LSZH (HSLCH) Control CableV1304081GR000416mm²Grey
Veriflex CY LSZH (HSLCH) Control CableV1304091GR000425mm²Grey
Veriflex CY LSZH (HSLCH) Control CableV1304101GR000435mm²Grey
Veriflex CY LSZH (HSLCH) Control CableV1305001GR00050.5mm²Grey
Veriflex CY LSZH (HSLCH) Control CableV1305011GR00050.75mm²Grey
Veriflex CY LSZH (HSLCH) Control CableV1305021GR00051mm²Grey
Veriflex CY LSZH (HSLCH) Control CableV1305031GR00051.5mm²Grey
Veriflex CY LSZH (HSLCH) Control CableV1305041GR00052.5mm²Grey
Veriflex CY LSZH (HSLCH) Control CableV1305051GR00054mm²Grey
Veriflex CY LSZH (HSLCH) Control CableV1305061GR00056mm²Grey
Veriflex CY LSZH (HSLCH) Control CableV1305071GR000510mm²Grey
Veriflex CY LSZH (HSLCH) Control CableV1305081GR000516mm²Grey
Veriflex CY LSZH (HSLCH) Control CableV1305091GR000525mm²Grey
Veriflex CY LSZH (HSLCH) Control CableV1307001GR00070.5mm²Grey
Veriflex CY LSZH (HSLCH) Control CableV1307011GR00070.75mm²Grey
Veriflex CY LSZH (HSLCH) Control CableV1307021GR00071mm²Grey
Veriflex CY LSZH (HSLCH) Control CableV1307031GR00071.5mm²Grey
Veriflex CY LSZH (HSLCH) Control CableV1307041GR00072.5mm²Grey
Veriflex CY LSZH (HSLCH) Control CableV1312001GR000120.5mm²Grey
Veriflex CY LSZH (HSLCH) Control CableV1312011GR0000120.75mm²Grey
Veriflex CY LSZH (HSLCH) Control CableV1312021GR000121mm²Grey
Veriflex CY LSZH (HSLCH) Control CableV1312031GR000121.5mm²Grey
Veriflex CY LSZH (HSLCH) Control CableV1318011GR000180.75mm²Grey
Veriflex CY LSZH (HSLCH) Control CableV1318021GR000181mm²Grey
Veriflex CY LSZH (HSLCH) Control CableV1318031GR000181.5mm²Grey
Veriflex CY LSZH (HSLCH) Control CableV1325011GR000250.75mm²Grey
Veriflex CY LSZH (HSLCH) Control CableV1325021GR000251mm²Grey
Veriflex CY LSZH (HSLCH) Control CableV1325031GR000251.5mm²Grey
Veriflex YSLYCY 1kV Black CableV4303011BK00030.75mm²Black
Veriflex YSLYCY 1kV Black CableV4303021BK00031mm²Black
Veriflex YSLYCY 1kV Black CableV4303031BK00031.5mm²Black
Veriflex YSLYCY 1kV Black CableV4303041BK00032.5mm²Black
Veriflex YSLYCY 1kV Black CableV4303051BK00034mm²Black
Veriflex YSLYCY 1kV Black CableV4304011BK00040.75mm²Black
Veriflex YSLYCY 1kV Black CableV4304021BK00041mm²Black
Veriflex YSLYCY 1kV Black CableV4304031BK00041.5mm²Black
Veriflex YSLYCY 1kV Black CableV4304041BK00042.5mm²Black
Veriflex YSLYCY 1kV Black CableV4304051BK00044mm²Black
Veriflex YSLYCY 1kV Black CableV4304061BK00046mm²Black
Veriflex YSLYCY 1kV Black CableV4304071BK000410mm²Black
Veriflex YSLYCY 1kV Black CableV4304081BK000416mm²Black
Veriflex YSLYCY 1kV Black CableV4304091BK000425mm²Black
Veriflex YSLYCY 1kV Black CableV4304101BK000435mm²Black
Veriflex YSLYCY 1kV Black CableV4304111BK000450mm²Black
Veriflex YSLYCY 1kV Black CableV4304121BK000470mm²Black
Veriflex YSLYCY 1kV Black CableV4304131BK000495mm²Black
Veriflex YSLYCY 1kV Black CableV4305011BK00050.75mm²Black
Veriflex YSLYCY 1kV Black CableV4305021BK00051mm²Black
Veriflex YSLYCY 1kV Black CableV4305031BK00051.5mm²Black
Veriflex YSLYCY 1kV Black CableV4305041BK00052.5mm²Black
Veriflex YSLYCY 1kV Black CableV4305051BK00054mm²Black
Veriflex YSLYCY 1kV Black CableV4305061BK00056mm²Black
Veriflex YSLYCY 1kV Black CableV4305071BK000510mm²Black
Veriflex YSLYCY 1kV Black CableV4305081BK000516mm²Black
Veriflex YSLYCY 1kV Black CableV4305091BK000525mm²Black
Veriflex YSLYCY 1kV Black CableV4307011BK00070.75mm²Black
Veriflex YSLYCY 1kV Black CableV4307021BK00071mm²Black
Veriflex YSLYCY 1kV Black CableV4307031BK00071.5mm²Black
Veriflex YSLYCY 1kV Black CableV4307041BK00072.5mm²Black
Veriflex YSLYCY 1kV Black CableV4310011BK000120.75mm²Black
Veriflex YSLYCY 1kV Black CableV4310021BK000121mm²Black
Veriflex YSLYCY 1kV Black CableV4310031BK000121.5mm²Black
Veriflex YSLYCY 1kV Black CableV4310041BK000122.5mm²Black
Veriflex YSLYCY 1kV Black CableV4314011BK000180.75mm²Black
Veriflex YSLYCY 1kV Black CableV4314021BK000181mm²Black
Veriflex YSLYCY 1kV Black CableV4314031BK000181.5mm²Black
Veriflex YSLYCY 1kV Black CableV4314041BK000182.5mm²Black
Veriflex YSLYCY 1kV Black CableV4318011BK000250.75mm²Black
Veriflex YSLYCY 1kV Black CableV4318021BK000251mm²Black
Veriflex YSLYCY 1kV Black CableV4318031BK000251.5mm²Black
Veriflex YSLYCY 1kV Black CableV4318041BK000252.5mm²Black